The History Of Traditional Japanese Menswear

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Traditional Japanese menswear has a strong, long history. The traditional clothing of the samurai was called ‘kimono’. These days, most people wear western clothes and have lost their connection to traditional Japanese fashion. Recently there has been a rise in popularity for traditional Japanese menswear.

The kimono is an amazing garment that can be worn as both formal or casual dress depending on how it is styled and accessorized. Wearing one will help you feel connected to your heritage!

History Of Traditional Japanese Menswear

How Kimono Is Made

The process of creating traditional Japanese menswear is called ‘shibori’. Shibori takes the fabric and folds it into a variety of patterns. The end result is gorgeous patterned fabrics that are then made up into kimono, hakama (a type of skirt), or yukata (casual summer clothes).

Shibori can be done using various methods such as tying knots in the fabric or squeezing with weights until all air bubbles out from under the cloth. This creates an intricate design on top of beautifully textured material.

Traditional Japanese menswear clothing has a long history. Kimonos have always been worn by Samurai warriors before they changed to suit western styles.

List Of Japanese Menswear Styles




Kimono Menswear Features 

– sometimes traditional Japanese menswear can be an all-white wardrobe

– Kimono is the most formal of clothes in Japan and many people wear them on special occasions such as weddings or New Year

– The kimono is made up of two pieces, the top called an ‘Omoi’ and a bottom piece called a ‘Haori’. Traditionally these would have been separate garments with different fabrics. But nowadays they’re often connected to save time dressing oneself

The word Kimono may come from either the Chinese word for “clothes” (kemò) or it could refer to palace dress (ki no mono). However, some believe that this Japanese outfit has strong links to ancient Korean clothing.

Hakama Menswear Features

– A long, split skirt

– Waistband and belt loops on the front of the hakama, which are usually tied in a bow or knot to keep it closed

– Long legs for maximum protection from dirt while working outdoors. It can also be worn as an indoor formal wear piece by unbuttoning the top flap closure up until just below one’s underarm. This is called ‘Hakamashita’

– The pants have eight pleats running from their waistline down to around knee level. They’re held together at four points where they meet with themselves – two pockets that lie flat against each other on either side of the centerline seam between the right-hand pocket and the left leg of pants.

Yukata Menswear Features

1. Yukata is a traditional Japanese garment that is worn during the summer months and at festivals

2. Yukata are made from cotton, silk, or synthetic fibers 

3. The sleeves of yukata can be short or long depending on the season 

4. There are many different styles to choose from when purchasing a yukata 

5. A wide variety of colors and patterns exist for yukatas so you can find one that suits your personality best 

6. You may also want to consider wearing tabi socks with your yukata if it’s not too hot outside since they help keep your feet cool in warmer weather conditions

List Of Popular Japanese Menswear Fashion Brands

– Uniqlo  (affordable price)

– Komono (simple and affordable prices, made in Japan)

– Camoshita (higher quality shoes that are handmade)

– Kottonmouth Kings (high-end designer brand for men’s clothing and accessories). Numerous stores exist all over Japan.

There are some facts about those three brands mentioned above – 

1. The most popular Japanese menswear fashion brands are Uniqlo, Muji, and Comme des Garçons

2. These three brands have a wide range of products for men to choose from

3. They also offer different styles of clothing such as casual wear or formal wear

4. All three brands have stores all over the world which makes it easy to find them in your country

5. If you’re looking for something specific then these are the best places to start shopping at first 

6. You can also shop online on their websites if you don’t want to go out into town

What Japanese Men Like To Wear?

Manner and etiquette are important to the Japanese, so they wear traditional clothes like kimono or yukata. Traditional menswear for formal occasions can be very beautiful with intricate patterns on silk clothing that is worn over a stiff black under-dress called an ikat which requires considerable time and skill to complete.

Traditional Japanese menswear includes different styles such as casual wear (shorts) or formal wear (a suit). Wearing Western-style clothes in Japan will not have any significance because it’s just considered normal fashion here. If you’re looking for something specific then these three brands are the best places to start shopping at first: Uniqlo, Muji, Comme des Garçons. You will find plenty of trendy clothing and menswear at these brands.

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