How Long Do Shaving Cuts Take To Heal? Stopping The From Bleeding And Keeping Them At Bay

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Shaving cuts typically heal in a few days. To stop bleeding, apply pressure with a clean cloth. Keeping them at bay requires using a sharp razor, shaving cream, and proper technique to minimize cuts.

Shaving Cuts Versus Razor Burns And Bumps 

Cuts come about when your razor chips the skin, so blood is involved. On the other side, burns and bumps are not bloody, but they cause:

  • Itching
  • Redness
  • Skin flaking
  • Pain and scarring

In this post, we will help you heal from your razor cuts fast. Then, you will know why bleeding happens so much and whether Vaseline or lotion can help. So, keep reading to learn that and much more.

How To You Heal Shaving Cuts Fast (Stopping The Bleeding)

How To You Heal Shaving Cuts Fast

If you want to take care of those nicks quickly, here are some handy options to try:

1. Use A Clean Piece Of Cloth

This is the most effective way of stopping any bleeding. First, get a dry material that absorbs well, then stick it over the cut and hold gently. That will give enough time for a clot to form and the cut to stop oozing.

Ensure that the cloth is clean to prevent triggering a bacterial infection. Also, the fabric shouldn’t be wet because that way, it can’t absorb any blood. And if there’s no cloth, use your towel or a handkerchief. Whichever you use, ensure that it is absorbent.

2. Use Mineral Astringents (Styptic Pencils)

Also known as styptic pencils, these are particular tools made of titanium dioxide, potassium alum, and aluminum sulfate. Such materials help the blood clot, so your bleeding will stop fast if you stick the astringent into the cut.

3. Use Your Deodorant

If the antiperspirant you use under your arms has aluminum chloride, you have your solution. Although deodorants aren’t meant to work that way, the aluminum helps thicken the blood, thus triggering a clot. So run it gently on the cut and wait a little while. When the blood dries up, rinse off any residue before you step out.

4. Try Using An Alum Block

An alum block works in the same way as a styptic pencil. Because of its aluminum content, it stops bleeding faster. Once you buy it, slightly dip it in water and then rub it on the cut. You should use an alum block if:

1. The razor cut extends over a bigger area on your skin.

2. Or if you want to prevent razor burns.

5. Use A Shaving Nick Roller

It is a better alternative to the pencil we mentioned earlier, simply because it doesn’t leave a residue. To use it, remove the cap and roll it on the cut. Then, let the aluminum in the gel do its thing. It won’t be long before the blood dries up.

6. Splash Cold Water (Classic Solution)

When a cut starts bleeding, cold water will trigger a blood clot by constricting the blood vessels. Although it may take some time, the blood will eventually stop oozing.

MenNStuff 101: The colder the water, the quicker the clot will form. If you can, use ice cubes. Dub and rub them for about 30 seconds, and you will start to heal the cut.

7. Using Lip Balm Or Vaseline

Although balm works on skin hydration, it can help your cut to heal. First, remove its cap, apply a thin layer, and let it sit for about half an hour. Then, wipe off and leave just enough for the wound to nurture.

1. Ensure you use a balm that has not touched your lips. If you do, you risk infecting the cut with bacteria. So, scrape off the balm’s top layer before applying it.

2. Although balm does not have medical approval, the protection it offers is reliable.

8. Apply Eye Drops

Eyes drops have antibacterial elements that constrict blood vessels in the eye. If you work with that logic, they can take care of your razor cuts. Simply let a few drops fall on the cut and let the wound absorb. It should not be long before you see the cut drying up and healing.

9. If It’s Painful, Take Some Meds

Some razor cuts can be devastatingly painful. So, if you use any of the mentioned methods and still feel irritated, grab some OTC pain relievers. Those ought to ease the pain as the wound closes itself.

MenNStuff 101: After picking and going through with your option, give the wound time to heal. Skin cell regeneration is a natural process, and the cut will close up soon. As you wait for the healing, eat many proteins as they help to build your body.

Why Do Razor Cuts Bleed So Much? (Why Do Shaving Cuts Not Stop Bleeding?)

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The present blood vessels.

You just nipped a tiny area, but the bleeding is like crazy; why? Well, you have many capillaries on your face and pubic area. When you nick those places, you interrupt the blood pressure, so it all gushes out faster than you can contain it.

Do Razor Cuts Go Away?

Well, yes, if going away means healing.

It will take about two days before the wound is closer, so wait. Meanwhile, you can always rub some disinfectant or methylated spirit to keep the area free of bacteria.

Can Vaseline Heal Cuts?


It works by forming a protective barrier over the cut. That slows down blood pressure and exacerbates the clotting process.

MenNStuff 101: With cuts and wounds, Vaseline and other petroleum jellies work like Band-Aid.

How Do You Get Rid Of Shaving Cuts Overnight?

1. Wash the cut.

2. Press an absorbent cloth on it.

3. Once the blood has dried off, apply some petroleum jelly.

4. Then, cover yourself and check in the morning.

5. That quick and easy remedy should close the wound before the next day comes.

Does Lotion Help Razor Burn?

Yes, but it needs to be after-shave lotion.

Your lotion works perfectly as a protective barrier, but after-shave products help in healing burns. So, as a fan of personal care, you should buy after-shave lotion.

What Do You Do When Razor Bumps Don’t Go Away?

Give them some time.

They can’t go away in a flash. What you can do is eat foods that help skin regeneration, such as eggs, legumes, and other proteins. Other things you can try include:

  • Moisturizing the bumpy area.
  • Applying a cold compress.
  • Trying a natural remedy like witch hazel or tea tree oil.
  • Using an antibacterial ointment (like hydrocortisone cream)
  • Releasing the ingrown hairs.
  • For more explanation, see what says here.

What Do You Do If You Cut Yourself While Shaving Your Pubes?

For a quick solution, run the cut area with cold water and rub some soap. Once you’ve washed it thoroughly, grab your towel or an absorbent cloth and press on the cut. Then, wait for the bleeding to stop before you continue shaving. If not, dry yourself up and continue with the shaving after three days. At that time, the cut will have completely healed. 


You now have nine of the best ways to take care of a shaving cut until it heals. Using any should work, but you can try multiple options to get the best results. After three days, the cut should have closed, and you will be feeling better. Remember that the best healer is time, so don’t put a lot of pressure on yourself.


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