Does Shaving Make Hair Thicker | Peach Fuzz, What Grows Your Hair & Whether You Should Just Go Bald

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Shaving doesn’t make hair thicker; it’s a common myth. Peach fuzz, body hair, and baldness are determined by genetics and hormones. Shaving only cuts hair at the surface, with no impact on growth or thickness. Going bald is a personal choice unrelated to shaving.

Does Shaving Peach Fuzz Make Hair Grow Thicker?

Does Shaving Peach Fuzz Make Hair Grow Thicker


If you don’t know what peach fuzz is, here’s what:

Peach fuzz: the delicate, light kind of hair, especially the one that grows on a male’s face.

It is biologically impossible for any shaving – even peach fuzz – to make your hair grow. What makes people see their hair as thicker are the blunt tips. They lack the finer taper you see in unshaven hair, thereby giving a false impression.

Is Shaving Hair Good For Hair Growth?

It has no effect.

This is one of the most popular hair myths across the world. Even expert barbers and hairdressers believe that cutting hair has a significant effect on its density. But Nah, there’s no truth there.

In fact, a 2007 study collected this myth (among others) and debunked it. When shaving, the research says, you only remove the dead parts of hair, not the living sections. Since cuts don’t affect anything underneath the skin’s surface, they are unlikely to affect hair growth rate.

MenNStuff 101: Although a clinical trial ruled out this myth in 1929, people still believe it. Almost 100 years later and people shave with their fingers crossed!

Does Shaving Increase Hair Growth Facial?

When it comes to facial hair grooming, one of the most common beliefs is that shaving promotes hair growth. Let’s dive into this topic and explore this concept in detail.

1. The Myth

This theory has been in circulation for many years, becoming almost a common notion. The belief is that shaving stimulates hair follicles, leading to thicker, darker, and faster-growing hair.

2. The Reality

However, numerous scientific studies contradict this belief. Researchers state that shaving one’s facial hair does not affect the density, rate, color, or thickness of the hair growth.

3. The Reason Behind the Myth

The misconception might stem from an observation: when the hair grows back after shaving, it tends to feel more coarse and stubbly. The rationale behind this perception is that shaving blunts the ends of the strand, making it feel thick and stubbly as it grows out.

4. Impact of Genetics and Hormones

The determining factors for the growth and thickness of facial hair are primarily genetics and hormones, not the act of shaving. Testosterone levels play a key role in hair growth. Men with higher testosterone levels tend to grow more facial hair than those with lower levels.

5. Hair Growth Cycle

Hair growth follows a specific cycle, which includes the anagen (growth) phase, catagen (transition) phase, and telogen (resting) phase. Shaving only affects the hair shaft visible above the skin surface and has no influence on the hair growth cycle.

6. Shaving Benefits

While shaving does not increase hair growth, it comes with several skin health benefits. It helps exfoliate the upper layer of the skin, removing dead skin cells, and may reduce the risk of acne.

Why Does Hair Grow Back So Quickly After Shaving?

Why Does Hair Grow Back So Quickly After Shaving

It doesn’t!

The only thing that can affect your hair growth rate is your genetics.

If your hair feels like it grew quicker, it’s probably because the shaving was a light job. For example, someone who takes up a clean Jordan hairstyle spends more time waiting for his hair to grow back. That’s because a bald head is clear of even the slightest strand. On the contrary, short-shaved hair has a long base, and it elongates quickly.

How Long Does It Take Peach Fuzz To Turn Into Real Hair?

From 3 – 12 months.

Peach fuzz is like pre-hair, and it takes up to a year to become thicker and terminal. In the end, your hair moves from light and unseen to dark and visible.

What Actually Grows My Hair?

1. The hair follicle

2. Oxygen and nutrients from the capillaries in the skin

Any strand of hair is the child of the follicle. They all grow from the root under your skin with the help of nutrients and oxygen from the blood. Once the hair pushes up, it passes through an oil gland, making it soft and shiny. 

How Can I Stop My Hair Loss?

Hair loss is a significant issue in the world of beauty, and many people want to stop it however they can. That’s because hair defines looks, and looks accentuate esteem. If someone’s signature look has hair in the picture, thinning or fading won’t be good news. To prevent it, here are the tips:

1. Avoid treating your hair with chemical products

Some treatment chemicals out there can damage your hair follicles, so you need to be careful. If you can’t avoid them, at least limit their use. That also goes for perms, dyes, highlights, and peroxide treatments.

2. Leave high-heat styling tools alone

While heat is an excellent shiner of hair, it can dehydrate your hair follicles, thus killing them. Science says that curling irons, hair straighteners, and dryers can damage your precious strands over time.

3. Stay away from hair-pulling styles

While it may be true that hair is flexible and can take many pulls, that shouldn’t always be the case. So don’t overdo tight braids, ponytails, and cornrows because they’ll trouble the hair-scalp relationship.

4. Soft brushes are the best, so get them

If you wish to improve the oil levels in your hair, use brushes that have natural bristles.

Such brushes won’t stress your hair structure, and their naturalness will condition and smoothen your hair cuticles. That’s too much good news!

Do Celebrities Shave Their Face?

Yes, either at a salon or by themselves.

When most celebrities step out, their faces are usually very smooth. That’s because, for makeup or close-ups, they always need to be free of all peach fuzz and badly sitting hair.

Instead of shaving, others choose to wax their skins.

How Can I Remove Facial Hair Permanently In One Day?

Well, the quickest way is by shaving, and the facial hair will all be down in under a few minutes.

But, if you’re looking for other non-buzzing methods, check these options out:

1. Mixing turmeric and milk

2. Whisking egg white, sugar, and cornflour

3. Microwaving milk, lavender essential oil, and unflavored gelatin

4. Combining honey and lemon juice

Whichever option you go for, apply gently on your upper lip and any other hairy area on your face.

Does Hair Grow Back Faster After Shaving?

No. shaving does not affect hair growth; it is purely a product of genetic arrangement. Also, your environment may play a role.  

How Can I Stop My Hair From Growing Back So Fast?

So, you want to keep hair away and don’t know how? Well, it’s easy.

Some people like to keep their skin smooth, especially in the leg area. Of course, smooth skin is a mark of beauty, so you understand why someone would want to keep their hair at bay. That aside, here are some ways and items that help delay hair growth:

1. Waxing

After your session at the spa, your hair will grow slowly. That’s because, unlike shaving, waxing pulls the stands from under the skin. So, if you’re okay with some bit of pain, book an appointment.

2. Use soy

They say that soy has an element that inhibits testosterone, the hormone responsible for growth. So, you can either:

a. Consume soy-rich foods

b. Or rub soy milk on areas on your skin that you don’t want hair to grow fast

3. Buy Hair-Inhibiting products

If you look online, you’ll find products that reduce hair regrowth.

MenNStuff 101: Don’t expect any of the methods or products to work instantaneously. Instead, give them time, and indeed, you will see the results.

How Do You Stop Leg Hair From Growing Permanently?

If you prefer to keep your legs smooth for extended periods, this is your section. As mentioned, smooth legs are the hallmark of beauty, so you wanting to keep them hairless is just right.

Here are three methods of stopping leg hair from growing permanently:

1. Laser hair removal

With this option, the skincare expert uses heat to damage the hair follicle, thereby inhibiting growth. For it to work best, it needs multiple sessions, about 4 – 6. But don’t rush because they can be expensive, going for about $250 per treatment.

Does laser hair removal have any side effects? The most common ones are redness and skin irritation but expect them to go down after some hours. Also, if you have darker legs, expect the laser effect to cause some pigment change.

2. Waxing by an expert aesthetician

Professionals out there are ready to wax and tweeze your legs if you’re okay. Unlike laser removal, this method has fewer side effects, but the results don’t last long. To put that into perspective, your hair will regrow in around eight weeks after waxing. That’s a shorter period compared to the almost permanent effect of laser hair removal.

3. Using creams

A dermatologist will point you to good prescription creams like Vaniqa (eflornithine). Such a product works by stopping the production of hair-growth enzymes. Unfortunately, for Vaniqa, your hair will not grow for up to eight weeks, needing you to rebuy the cream.

MenNStuff 101: It costs about $150 to get a month’s treatment of Vaniqa.

Should I Just Go Bald?

If your hair is falling out, thinning, or receding, it’s not a bad idea to go bald. But, the best person to answer you is a hairstylist. They’ll bring you in and make an accurate assessment, so trust whatever feedback they give.


Well, the article puts to bed the claim that the man next to you made. If you don’t remember, it’s that shaving makes hair thicker, which is not true. Hair growth is biological, and no blade or scissors can change that.


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