How Much Does Gucci Purse Cost?

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Gucci is a very popular luxury brand worldwide, and true fashionistas are always looking for Gucci limited editions every season. Gucci makes its products with high-quality material and elegance. The brand pays close attention to the small details. The gorgeous craftsmanship and rich heritage make the brand famous among many people. Gucci was founded in the 1920s in Florence and produces quality leather purses, briefcases, and bags. Gucci purses range at different prices, with the most expensive purse costing $34000. 

Others go for as low as $695. Your budget will determine the type of Gucci purse to buy.

How Much Does A Gucci Purse Cost?

How Much Does A Gucci Purse Cost

Like all other brands, every Gucci purse has its price. Some sell at low prices, while others go for hundreds of dollars. A Gucci Ophidia Gigi Mini Bag sells at $695, the lowest price you can get for a Gucci purse. Currently, the costliest purse costs $34,000, and it’s known as the Sylvie Medium Crocodile Top Handbag. 

Gucci offers various handbag categories, including shoulder bags, cross body bags, totes, top handle bags, mini bags, clutch bags, precious handbags, backpacks, and travel bags. In 2021 Gucci came up with the “Gucci Beloved” collection, which made quite an impression. The selection includes four different styles, namely:

1. GG Marmont, 

2. Jackie 1961

3. Dionysus, 

4. Horsebit 1955

Why Gucci Purses Are Great

Luxury purses cost a lot of money. Therefore, before buying one, you must first think twice about whether you are making the right decision. Not everyone gets to splurge by buying expensive items, but you should make the best out of the moment if you have the opportunity. 

If you need a luxury purse, you should consider getting a Gucci one. Below are some of the reasons why Gucci purses are the best.

They Are Versatile

Buying from Gucci means that you can choose from various designs, sizes, or colors. The purses include clutches, mini purses, handbags, totes, and belt bags. Shopping from Gucci means that you will find a style matching your preferred wardrobe.

The Purses Are Top Quality

Gucci uses the finest leather available worldwide to make its purses. The high-quality material is extremely soft and rather durable. Moreover, Gucci does not make all its purses using machines. The brand ensures that all seams are closely stitched, ensuring no flaws on the surfaces by using hand. Every year the brand manufactures limited purses at very high prices.

The Brand Has A Rich History

Gucci is well known for making quality purses and has quite a history. A Gucci purse that costs hundreds of dollars today could go for thousands of dollars in the future if you want to sell yours. Therefore, Gucci’s purses are a great investment.


Gucci includes certain trademarks in the purses to ensure that consumers are not duped into buying counterfeit purses. Every Gucci collection of purses offers uniqueness setting the brand apart from the rest.

Gucci Purses Price List

The price list of Gucci purses mentioned below is just for references. The actual prices are subject to change at any time, and the cost may depend on the retailer you are buying the purse from.

Beloved Collection

Purse Price ($)
GG Marmont Small Matelassé Shoulder Bag        2,250
GG Marmont Mini Matelassé Shoulder Bag          1,980
GG Marmont Small Shoulder Bag             1,390
GG Marmont Matelassé Mini Bag   1,100
GG Marmont Matelassé Leather Super Mini Bag 990
GG Marmont Matelassé Mini Round Shoulder Bag            1,390
GG Marmont Mini Bag  830
GG Marmont Mini Top Handle Bag          2,100
GG Marmont Mini Bucket Bag   980
GG Marmont Matelassé Mini Bag             1,450
GG Marmont Small Python Shoulder Bag              4,000
GG Marmont Anaconda Small Shoulder Bag        4,000
GG Marmont Mini Python Top Handle Bag           3,700
GG Marmont Python Super Mini Bag      1,700
GG Marmont Small Shoulder Bag             2,250
GG Marmont Small Shoulder Bag            1,390
GG Marmont Small Shoulder Bag            1,490
GG Marmont Small Shoulder Bag             1,980
GG Marmont Medium Matelassé Shoulder Bag  2,690
GG Marmont Medium Tote Bag 2,490
Broadway Snakeskin Clutch with Double G 2,100

Classic Styles

Dionysus Shoulder Bag  Price ($)
Gucci Ayers Medium Dionysus Shoulder Bag       5,800
Gucci Suede Medium Dionysus Shoulder Bag      2,500
Gucci Python Medium Dionysus Shoulder Bag    4,300
Gucci Arabesque Medium Dionysus Shoulder Bag             3,290
Gucci Blooms Print GG Supreme Medium Dionysus Shoulder Bag           2,400
Gucci Blooms Print Medium Dionysus Shoulder Bag         2,700
Gucci GG Supreme Mini Dionysus Shoulder Bag 1,690
Gucci GG Supreme Medium Dionysus Shoulder Bag         2,250
Gucci Suede Small Dionysus Shoulder Bag            2,400
Gucci Blooms Print Small Dionysus Shoulder Bag 2,490
Gucci Blooms Print GG Supreme Small Dionysus Shoulder Bag     2,300
Gucci GG Supreme Small Dionysus Shoulder Bag 2,100
Gucci Metallic Python Mini Dionysus Shoulder Bag           2,790
Gucci Suede Mini Dionysus Shoulder Bag              1,700
Gucci Blooms Print GG Supreme Mini Dionysus Shoulder Bag       1,650
Gucci GG Supreme Mini Dionysus Shoulder Bag 1,550
GG Marmont Flap Bag  Price ($)
Gucci Shiny Leather GG Marmont Medium Bag  2,490
Gucci Matelassé GG Marmont Medium Flap Bag 2,300
Gucci Matelassé GG Marmont Small Flap Bag      1,890
Gucci Velvet Chevron GG Marmont Medium Flap Bag     1,790
Gucci Leather GG Marmont Small Bag    1,750
Gucci Matelassé GG Marmont Mini Flap Bag       1,590
Gucci Velvet Chevron GG Marmont Small Flap Bag           1,590
Gucci Chevron Velvet GG Marmont Mini Flap 1,290
Cruise  Price($)
Gucci GG Supreme Dionysus Bucket Bag 1,890
Gucci Suede Dragon Embroidered Ophidia Medium Shoulder Bag              2,600
Gucci Guccify Dionysus Small Shoulder Bag          4,890
Gucci Embellished Satin Sylvie Mini Top Handle Bag         3,800
Gucci Floral Embroidered Sylvie Medium Top Handle Bag              3,700
Gucci Embellished Velvet GG Marmont Small Shoulder Bag          2,790
Gucci Snakeskin Osiride Small Top Handle Bag    4,200
Gucci Leather with Butterfly Gucci Totem Medium Top Handle Bag           3,490
Gucci Embroidered Check Fabric Tote Bag            1,690
Gucci Bamboo Top Handle Bag 4,900

Where To Buy Gucci Purses At The Best Prices

Gucci Purses At The Best Prices

Gucci purses are available for purchase at every Gucci store worldwide. However, we cannot overlook the preowned market. If you don’t want to spend the whole amount on a Gucci purse, you can buy a pre-owned one. 

If you need a pre-owned and authenticated Gucci purse, visit myGemma. Here you will find any Gucci purse you need and others from popular luxury stores like Louis Vuitton and Dior at around 80% off the retail price. Other places you can buy authentic Gucci bags include Nordstrom, Saks Fifth Avenue, Matches Fashion, Farfetch, or Ssense. 

Do We Have Fake Gucci Purses?

Yes, there are many fake Gucci purses available. If you buy a Gucci purse from another store apart from the Gucci store, you should protect yourself from scammers by authenticating the purse. 

Every Gucci purse has a high-quality dust bag and authenticity card. A bag from a scammer will have a dust bag imitating Gucci packaging, but they will instead use cheap materials and production. Therefore, you should check the symmetry band spacing of the Gucci label on your dust bag.

Authentic Gucci purses are made from top-quality leather and materials. Although you may find it difficult to differentiate fake leather from a genuine one, you should check on the perfection since synthetic leather looks unnaturally perfect because it’s machine-made. 

Genuine leather usually has imperfections on the surface grain. It also has a natural musty smell. A fake leather purse will have a chemical or plastic smell and feel rubbery rather than smooth or buttery.

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