How Much Is A Full Sleeve Tattoo |Some Tattoo Names And Their Costs

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Getting a sleeve tattoo design is a tremendous promise that requires more planning than a simple part of body art. You can’t randomly choose an image from the internet and stick it in your arm. If you want an excellent looking design that doesn’t like your life choices or makes you think anew, you have to do enough research on the process.

How Much Is A Full Sleeve Tattoo

4 Types Of Sleeve Tattoos

1. Covering half the area from the upper part of the shoulder to the elbow.

2. It will extend from the shoulder to the elbow part. 

3. It will extend from the top of your shoulder to the wrist portion. 

4. It is a Japanese style sleeve tattoo that covers a part of the invisible muscles of the chest and extends to the elbow or wrist.

How Much Do Sleeve Tattoos Cost?

Of course, the total cost of a full sleeve tattoo will depend on how long the designer takes and whether it is a partial or full sleeve. Tattooists charge on an average $100 per hour and the average cost of a whole sleeve ranges from $1,500 to $2,500 because the process is divided into sessions and lasts an average of 10 to 15 hours. This is not a persuasive purchase! Most tattoo artists charge at this moment for their services.

Now Let’s Look At Some Tattoo Names And Their Costs In The Table Below:

Tattoo Names Cost 
Tiny design $1500 to $300
Medium design$250 to $500
Large design$500 to $5000

Full Sleeve

This will take a minimum of 10 to 15 hours. At an average of 100 dollars per hour, it comes to about $500 to $1,500. Of course, if the design of your tattoo needs a lot of color or complexity, then it is customary to provide as much as $4,000: 40 hours work or maybe more than that. 

Half Sleeve And Quarter Sleeve

It will take almost four to eight hours minimum. The average cost will be $500 to $2000.

Why A Full Sleeve So Expensive?

The arm is not just a flat canvas. Speaking of granular tattoo designs, it must be depicted in 3-default four. This process is always affordable and can be tested, and the price is reported.

How To Plan A Full Sleeve Tattoo Design

The hardest part about tattooing is planning the perfect theme, motifs, and designs that will suit you perfectly. Planning is even more critical in the case of sleeves because they are a wide range of artwork that takes a long time to draw. Work closely with your artist to customize the right images as well as colors.

How Long Would The Entire Process Take?

The time need for a full sleeve tattoo is almost 3-15 hours or more than that, but some take 80 hours or maybe more than that. An entire sleeve tattoo process can take weeks or even years. It will depend on how elaborate the design is as well as how long it takes to heal your body during the entire process.

A full sleeve tattoo design can be rather spectacular. Even after so much time as well as effort in detailing the plan, it takes great skill to pull up the sleeve tattoos.


Artists either set an hourly or fixed price for the whole design. Sometimes people do both depending on the tattoo artist. You can settle down with an artist who will give you every hour and estimate; another one will pay you a total flat fee for the work.

How many hours you ask can be a difficult question to answer on the spot, but you will be given enough ideas to get a solid idea of ​​how much a tattoo design will cost. But experienced artists, as well as unique style experts, have spent a lot of time drawing tattoos and they can easily give you a clear indication. 

If you are serious about tattoos, then you will probably consider getting a sleeve tattoo at some point. Multiple similar tattoos mentioned on a sleeve tattoo cover almost the entire area together like an intricate pattern.

Sleeve tattoo styles are the most prominent type of arm tattoos still known. The inspiration behind why they are being marked as sleeve tattoos is that they elaborate on the fact that many people extend the sleeves of their clothes. Sleeve tattoo outlines can be as detailed or basic as you need.

Don’t be cheap. Don’t try to save money by asking for a smaller one. The proportions will look crappy.


Q1: Does Tattooing Really Hurt?

The simple answer is yes. But some people may not believe you, as after a while your body’s natural pain-killers kick in and make things a lot more manageable. 

Q2: Can You Use Any Numbing Cream Or Pain Killers?

You can use mammalian cream, but very few tattoo studios can recommend it for a variety of reasons. First of all, you have to apply it a few hours before sitting on your tattoo session.

Q3: What Should You Do On The Day Of Your Tattoo Session?

There are many interesting things you can do to make your experience easier as well as more enjoyable. First, try and make sure you have something to eat and drink about an hour before your tattoo. 

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