Male To Female Clothing & Shoe Size Conversion (Charts & Sizes)

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To convert men’s clothing sizes to women’s sizes, subtract 1.5 from the men’s size. For example, a men’s size medium is equivalent to a women’s size large. To convert men’s shoe sizes to women’s shoe sizes, add 1.5 to the men’s size. For example, a men’s shoe size 9 is equivalent to a women’s shoe size 10.5.

Male To Female Clothing Size Conversion

Female to Male Pant Size Chart (For US, UK, and the Other Countries)

Size NameMenWomen
Size 123312
Size 133413
Size 143514
Size 153615
Size 163716
Size 173817
Size 183918

Female to Male Shoe Size Conversion Chart

Size NameMenWomen
Size 667.5
Size 778.5/9
Size 889.5/10
Size 9910.5/11
Size 101011.5/12
Size 111112.5/13

Difference In The Pant Size Of Men And Women

There is a vast difference between male clothing and female clothing. That is why male clothing and female clothing are displayed in different sections of the stores. Women’s clothing sizes depend on the heights, shapes, and sizes of their busts and hips. There are various sizes for different people. Similarly, men’s clothing sizes also depend on height.



Different Kinds of Women’s Clothing Sizes

Women’s clothing size varies depending on height. Here are some measurements of women’s clothing size depending on the height.

1. Misses size: It is the most common category. This category is for women with average height. The average height is 5’4”. The dress size is 36 inches and numbered as 2 to 16.

2. Junior size: This category is for women with reasonably straight bodies. Junior size is numbered as 1 to 15.

3. Women size: This category is for larger women with average height. The number size of this category is 18 up.

4. Misses petite: This category is for larger and shorter women.

5. Junior petite: It is for concise women who have relatively straight bodies with average busts.

6. Tall sizes: It is the category of taller women. The height is usually 5’8” or above.

The Universal Conversion Process For Women Clothing in US

The most important task for the conversion is knowing the measurements of your body. For measuring your body, you will need a measuring tape that measures in inches or centimeters. It would be best if you took measurements of your-

1. Chest

2. Waist

3. Hips

Chest Measurement

You can measure your chest by taking the tape under your arms and above the bra’s cups. It would help if you snugged the measurement tape around your chest to make the appropriate measurement.

Waist Measurement

You should measure the waist at the narrowest part of the core between the top of the hipbone and the lowest part of the rib cage. Healthy people should take their measurements from the broadest part of the abdomen.

Hips Measurement

It would be best if you got this measurement from the largest part of your hips and buttocks. It would be best if you snugged the measuring tape around your hips to get the best fitting.

After finishing the measurements, you can easily convert men’s clothing into your clothing size.

women to men clothing size conversion chart

The Pant Conversion Process Explained

To convert men’s pant size into women’s pant size, you should follow this instruction.

1. Try the pant on as it is. This step will help you to understand whether the pant legs are wide enough at your thighs or not.

2. Detach the waistband because you have to subtract 21 inches from the waist.

3. Unfold the strap and sew where necessary.

4. Re-attach the back, including all the belt loops.

5. Try the pant again and make sure if it fits or not.

6. Adjust the length of the leg. You can re-hem the legs for adjusting the size.

Shirt Conversion Process

This procedure is a bit complicated because women’s shirts are cut differently from men’s shirts. You will need a woman’s sizing chart to find the accurate size. However, some tricks will help you to convert a male shirt into a female shirt successfully.

1. Cut along the seams.

2. Cut and sew the pattern like a regular shirt.

3. Flip the buttons back if you want to refashion the pattern.

4. Try to add some topstitching.

 T-shirt Conversion Process

Women’s t-shirts are entirely different than men’s t-shirts. It would help if you had a t-shirt and a sewing machine to convert a men’s t-shirt into a women’s t-shirt. It will take about 15 minutes or more. The process is given below.

1. Remove the collar of the t-shirt, create an off-shoulder look.

2. Make the hips measurement so that it fits you.

3. Make the arm measurement and sew where needed.

4. Start the sewing from the bottom hem and sew up to the under-arm seam.

5. Cut the excess fabric wherever needed.

By following this process, you can quickly turn a men’s t-shirt into a women’s t-shirt.

Shoe Conversion Process

If you want to convert shoe size, add 1.5 – 2 to the men’s size because a men’s shoe of 8 sizes is equivalent to a women’s shoe of 9.5 sizes. Women’s size is generally 2 inches up from the men’s. You can follow the shoe size chart of men and women. It will help you to understand the size variation and make the proper measurement.

What Sizes of Women’s Clothing is Equivalent to Male?

Conversion of some clothing is easy, but some clothing is problematic to convert because men’s widths are greater than women’s at the same length. So, here are some tips that will help you to convert any of your clothing easily.

Pants: women’s adult size come in even numbers such as 2,4,6,8,10,12 women’s junior size come in odd number sizes like 5,7,9,11,13. Male pant sizes come in 30,32,34,36 etc. A 34-size male pant is equivalent to size 12 in women’s size. To convert a male pant into a female pant, you have to subtract 21 inches from the male pant. As men’s pant sizes depend on the waist measurement, you should have the proper idea of measurements before purchasing.

1. It would be beneficial if you used the fitting room of the store because it is the best way to get your perfect size.

2. If you are buying online, have a look at the size chart of the online vendor.

Shoes: You have to add 2 to a men’s shoe size if you are a woman. For example, a men’s 9-sized shoe would be perfect for a woman who wears an 11-sized shoe.

T-shirts: For t-shirts and sweaters, a male size t-shirt would go one size up for a female. For example, an M size t-shirt will be perfect for a woman who wears an L size t-shirt.

Can I Convert A Women’s Clothing Into Men’s Clothing?

Yes, you can convert female clothing into male clothing. The problem of converting female clothing into male clothing is not only in the measurement. The female dress is cut differently. They are intended to fit and accommodate breasts. Most women’s clothing follows a size chart. So, it would be beneficial if you take your body measurement at various places. It will help you to provide the information you need about the size which will fit you. You can follow some instructions if you are looking for women’s clothing for yourself.

1. Look at the size chart of the brand you are purchasing.

2. Look at the measurements and find out the size with the same waist measurement as yours.

3. Before buying pants, measure your waist carefully at the smallest point, high hip, and the broadest part of your hip.

If you are looking for a t-shirt, unisex would be better because they don’t have the same cut as a women’s t-shirt and they are intended for flatter women. Give a trial before purchasing to make if it fits you or not.

The most complicated are button-down shirts. You need to know your sleeve, collar, and chest measurement to buy this. In this case, taking help from a salesperson would be better.

Some Frequently Asked Questions.

Question 01 – What Is The Equivalent Size Of Men’s Small Size To Women?

Answer: Sizes vary from brand to brand. Generally, a men’s small size is as the same a women’s medium size. Additionally, there are sometimes different shapes and styles.

Question 02 – What Size Sweatshirt Of A Male Should I Get If I Am A Woman?

Answer: It depends on your size. You can get one or two sizes smaller if you want a gent’s sweatshirt. For example, if you wear a large size in ladies, you should buy a medium or small size in the men’s section.

Question 03 – Is It Okay To Get An Oversized Sweatshirt?

Answer: An oversized sweatshirt is not for fashion. People will notice if you wear an oversized sweatshirt. They are generally for gardening and housecleaning but not for the outdoors.

Question 04 – What Size Of Hoodie Should I Get If I Am Oversized?

Answer: A medium-sized hoodie is okay for you. Probably a 28” or 29” sized hoodie will cover you mostly. If you want to cover your fingertips, you should give a measurement.

Question 05 – How Can I Determine My Jacket Size?

Answer: The best way is to measure yourself around the largest part of the chest. Get a jacket that fits you and has the right length. As size varies from brand to brand, you should try the jacket before purchasing it.


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