Why Does Planet Fitness Offer Pizza And Candy To Its Members [And Other Snacking Stories]

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Planet Fitness provides pizza and candy on designated days to promote a balanced approach to fitness. This unique strategy aims to reduce “gymtimidation” and create a welcoming environment. They serve these treats once a month at select locations.

Why Does Planet Fitness Have Pizza And Bagels?

Why Does Planet Fitness Have Pizza And Bagels

Here, we will give you the real story behind PF Pizza Monday and Bagel Tuesday.

Pizza Monday: The Backstory

Since 1999, Planet Fitness has given its gym-goers pizza every first Monday of the month. That’s over 22 years of a culture that will be difficult to kill despite the critical sentiments of it being anti-gym.

So, how did it all start? Well, a club in New Hampshire once found itself without hot water for a couple of days. However, the members still showed up even though they knew showers were not in their best form. The club staff found it surprising and thrilling, so they gifted each member a pizza to appreciate their patience and kindness.

The pizza slices slapped so hard, and the gym-goers showed full appreciation for what the club had done. The staff then decided to make it a regular occurrence.

Soon, word had gone around about the club in Concord, New Hampshire, that had fed its members with heavenly slices. That made other locations in the US and Canada follow suit and offer pizza every first Monday of the month.

Bagel Tuesday: The Snacking Continues

Within months and years, people all over North America knew about the gym that gives pizza each Monday. Planet Fitness has created a popular tradition, which motivated them to go back to the oven and bake Bagel Tuesday.

Each Tuesday that starts the month provides Planet Fitness members a chance to eat free bagels. Moreover, the meal allows the PF gym-goers to gather, talk, and build a strong fitness community.

MenNStuff 101:

Note that the bagels always accompany a cup of coffee. 

Why The Calories Are Fine: Planet Fitness Speaks Against The Junk-Related Backlash

While explaining the origin of Pizza Monday and Bagel Tuesday, Planet Fitness stepped up to defend itself. They said that occasionally, it is okay to indulge. That’s because one slice of pizza won’t destroy your entire month’s workout. That explains why they only offer those foods once a month.

Planet Fitness also notes that the key to consuming junk food is in moderation. So, they’ll keep serving pizza and bagels, and they’ll continue pushing their members to pursue healthier lifestyles.

Planet Fitness Does Not Judge

As you may already know, Planet Fitness brands itself as a judgment-free zone. So, no one will bully you because of eating bagels and pizzas instead of working out. Actually, they encourage you to be part of the common meals because you get to mingle with the staff and other members.

MenNStuff 101:

As you plan your next workout schedule, Planet Fitness advises that you head in for a Pizza Monday or the Bagel Tuesday, whichever you want. That way, you will experience the fun in fitness.

Does Planet Fitness Give You Food?

Does Planet Fitness Give You Food

Yes, pizza, bagels, and candy.

For a $10 membership fee, Planet Fitness is famous for serving pizza and bagels. Also, you can get a tootsie roll at the front desk. That way, they can appeal to their target audience: people who want to start working out but hate exercise with every bone of their body.

Does Planet Fitness Sell Snacks?


Instead of selling snacks, Planet Fitness gives them out free. But, you can always get 20% off select drinks if you have the PF Black Card membership.

Does Planet Fitness Have Junk Food?

Yes, that’s pizza every first Monday and bagels every Tuesday of the month.

What Should I Eat Before A Planet Fitness Workout?

Apart from the pizza Planet Fitness gives you, you need a meal plan. That’s why we put together this section to provide you with a few picks that will improve your eating routine. So take it as our unqualified opinion to help you prepare for your exercises.

MenNStuff 101:

If you can, mix healthy fats and proteins, and throw in some little carbs.

[BONUS] Tips Of Eating Out Healthy

Pick One: Chicken, Rice, And Steam Veggies

If you’re looking for a full meal, you can never go wrong with chicken thighs. As a classic, it blends complex carbs and proteins and throws in some veggies to give your fiber.

You can either go with thighs or breasts, but we prefer the darker meat that thighs have. Also, that part has good fat, and it will keep you feeling full throughout your workout. 

Pick Two: A Protein-Based Smoothie

Scoop a sizeable amount of protein powder, and then go for any other thing you like. For example, you could want milk or mixed berries, or maybe bananas, avocados, and peanut butter. Either is good, but make sure that the protein powder is enough.

You’ll have combined protein and healthy fats, and your body won’t have problems digesting carbs.

Pick Three: Blueberries Crushed In Protein Powder And Oatmeal

Oats have complex carbs, meaning that your body will break them down slowly. The energy will be released to your body in bits, which is good news because you need it for the workout.

On their part, the blueberries give you antioxidants, which promote cell safety. Plus, they are sweet to the taste.

Pick Four: Whole Grain Toast, Almond Butter Plus Slices Of A Banana

Bananas are one the best simple-carb foods. Also, they have natural sugars, which make them the good kind of bad. Best of all, they are full of potassium, an element critical to physiological processes.

Also, the electrolyte keeps you free from muscle cramps and will dissipate in your sweat. On its part, the whole-grain toast supports your blood sugar, and the almond butter gives you healthy fat.

Pick Five: Scramble Eggs, Avocados, And A Side of Veggies

Lastly, we have this meal that pushes you to use a whole egg. Include the yolk as you fry because it has essential amino acids that will help in building your muscles.

Then, the avocados will give you healthy fats, and veggies, if steamed, give you all the nutrients you need.



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