Can You Have Your Own Locker At Planet Fitness [And Other Amenities and Facilities]?

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Planet Fitness offers locker rooms with day-use lockers, but you must bring your own lock. Lockers are free for daily use, ensuring secure storage while you work out at any of their 2,000+ locations, catering to over 14 million members.

Do You Get Your Own Locker at Planet Fitness?

Planet Fitness is one of the most popular gym chains that is known for its ‘Judgement Free Zone’, low cost, and inclusive environment. Though many gym-goers value accessibility to their personal belongings, and the question arises – ‘Do You Get Your Own Locker at Planet Fitness’? The answer varies according to individual clubs and membership but below are a few general points you should know.

1. Availability of Lockers

Yes, Planet Fitness provides lockers in most of their clubs. This facility is usually available in the changing rooms which can be availed by the members for the duration of their workout session. However, these are not typically designated to individual members permanently.

2. Not Personal Lockers

While lockers are provided, please note that these are day-use lockers and not personal lockers. Planet Fitness does not assign a permanent locker to a member. The lockers are to be used for storing belongings only during the time one is working out at the facility.

3. Bring Your Own Lock

Even though lockers are available, Planet Fitness does not provide locks. You are required to bring your own. The management also encourages you to always secure your locker with a solid lock while you are working out to prevent theft.

4. Empty After Use

As other members would also need access to the lockers, you are expected to remove all your belongings from the locker after each use. Anything left behind will likely be removed by the staff at the end of each day.

5. Locker Size

The sizes of these lockers generally vary depending on the location of the branch. However, they are usually spacious enough to fit a standard-sized gym bag and shoes.

6. Locker Room Policy

Planet Fitness implements a strict locker room policy in terms of hygiene, decorum, and respect for other members. Misuse or violation of these rules can lead to penalties or even termination of membership.

7. Not Liable for Lost Items

It’s important to note that Planet Fitness does not hold any responsibility for lost or stolen items even when they were locked. Security of your belongings is your responsibility.

Locker Room Details: What The Planet Fitness Policy Says

Planet Fitness Locker Room Details

For convenience, Planet Fitness provides lockers for all members to use while in the club. There is no extra charge apart from the standard membership fee.

You can use the lockers, but the risk is on you. So, if someone breaks in and steals your iPhone, Planet Fitness won’t be liable, and they will not replace it.

You are to use the locker while at the club. So, Planet Fitness does not expect you to leave your items there. While it may be your personal space, it is only so temporarily.

If you leave your items in the locker for over 24 hours, PF may bring in an authorized person to cut the lock. As mentioned, the space is only yours for a limited period. After that, you may have to buy another padlock.

Also, PF may cut your lock if you place it in a locker that was already in use. So, always be sure that a safe is empty before using it or setting the padlock in.

When locks are cut, the items are kept for the owner. So don’t worry if you’ve left your clothes for a couple of days; you’ll get them at the front desk. Planet Fitness ensures that items recovered from lockers are given to the rightful owners.

Another locker policy is that transgender people can use the locker rooms. But, since the lockers are separated by sex, they’ll need to utilize them based on the self-reported gender identity.

In the policy, Planet Fitness advises that you respect other people’s privacy. You should do so by practicing modesty and being covered as much as you can.

And finally, the gym has private changing areas in each locker room. So for your comfort, you can have that space to change without feeling that anyone is eyeing you.

Locker Room Etiquette: What The Planet Fitness Community Advices

Planet Fitness Locker Room Etiquette

Going into a gym locker room is much like living with temporary roommates. If you’ve experienced roommates, you know that sharing spaces is like trying to navigate tricky waters. There’ll be an argument about who showers first or whose turn it is to do the dishes. Such is the case in the Planet Fitness locker rooms.

However, you can always deal with the tension by setting ground rules. That’s why the Planet Fitness locker room policy exists. Still, there’s a case that needs to be addressed: etiquette

Why Locker Room Etiquette Is Important

The changing room is a space for you to refresh when you’re done exercising. But because Planet Fitness has many people, the place becomes like a social setting.

That’s why it won’t be easy when you walk into the gym locker room for the first time. You may feel intimidated or impatient that someone is taking too much time in the shower. So, it becomes easy to be frustrated even with people you hardly know.

So, it’s essential to understand both the spoken and unspoken rules of the gym locker room. The previous section gave you the rules on paper, but here, we’ll give you the guidelines to have at heart.

The Tips

It is okay to be temporarily naked in the locker room. But, you shouldn’t stay like that for long.

If you do, you may have an awkward session with other people walking into the space in a rush. Indeed, you don’t want to start awkwardly hiding your ‘particulars.’

Also, keep everything at a minimum and avoid having conversations with naked people in the gym. Things can get uncomfortable quickly if you go beyond a ‘bye’ or ‘hi.’

Finally, use the private changing areas if you’re not okay with others seeing you naked. Before you talk, talk to the people at the front to see how those places work.

Don’t Take Too Much Space: It’s Everyone’s Place

It is not cool to spread all your belongings in the entire locker room like it is your private space. Instead, set them to occupy the least space or keep them in a locker. That way, you will save yourself from altercations with people who want to join.

Don’t Take Too Much Time Too!

We know that hot showers can be addictive, and there is that urge to spend a few extra minutes. However, it is only considerate that you keep your time in the shower at a minimum. So, wash, rinse, and leave. You’ll get the extra time when you get home.

Spray Yourself When You Step Out

You want to leave the gym smelling fresh. But before you spray yourself in the locker room, have you ever wondered if it’s irritating for others? It could be, so don’t do it in such a condensed space. Instead, do it when you go outside.

MenNStuff 101:

While at the locker room, do everything you want but with others in mind.

Can I Bring My Own Lock To Planet Fitness?


Actually, Planet Fitness advises you to do so. That way, you will be the only person who has access to the locker. Also, you will guarantee the safety of your items as you work out.

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Do I Need A Lock For The Lockers At Planet Fitness?


Planet Fitness also recommends the same, so be sure to check out the product links we’ve shared above. They will help you shop for classy and secure locks that you can use at PF locker rooms.

Where Do You Put Your Belongings At Planet Fitness?

After fitting your items in a bag, put them in the locker and close it.

How Do You Use A Locker At Planet Fitness?

That will depend on your Planet Fitness club location and what the local agreement is about locking.

From this video, you’ll see that Planet Fitness Australia has a different arrangement. For them, you won’t need any keys or padlocks. Instead, you set a code using roller dials and turn the locker knob to the right. Finally, you scramble the code so that no one gets to open your locker.


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