Does Planet Fitness Have Free Weights [And Other Weightless Questions Answered]

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Recently, you found out there is a Planet Fitness club around the corner. But, you can’t go in there and subscribe to a plan before you know about their gym equipment. We knew you’d be coming here, which is why we are ready to tell you whether Planet Fitness clubs have free weights or not.

Technically, Planet Fitness does have free weights. You will agree because dumbbells and barbells count as free weights, which Planet Fitness has. However, it is essential to note that they don’t have a power rack.

So, if you’re all about doing bench presses and squats with heavier weights, PF clubs won’t be your cup of tea. However, Planet Fitness makes up for the inadequacy by offering you the Smith machine. It is an excellent alternative to bench presses, but it doesn’t exercise specific muscles.

This article will answer all weight-related questions and inform you about what Planet Fitness does and does not have. In the end, we’ll tell you if the gym is good for weightlifting, and we’ll give you a bonus section on what you should know about free weights.

So, if that’s what you’re looking for, stick around until the end. 

Does Planet Fitness Have A Free Weight Bench?

Does Planet Fitness Have A Free Weight Bench


You won’t find any free weight benches at Planet Fitness, making it a less popular gym for weightlifters. At some point, though, some PF gym locations used to have several bench presses and even a squat rack.

But, that didn’t last for as long as Planet Fitness hoped it would.

That’s because members repeatedly complained that weightlifters intimidated them with their pushing. And since Planet Fitness brands itself as a judgment-free zone, it quickly did away with the benches and racks.

Other Possible Reasons Why Planet Fitness Doesn’t Have Free Weight Benches

Free weights, especially those that involve benches, can quickly become a safety hazard. And, like with any safety issues, legalities usually come knocking at the door.

Think about it this way. Most people joining Planet Fitness are absolute beginners. That’s because the gym offers the best prices (from $10 to $22.99). When those novices walk-in, free benches will look attractive to them.

Now, with their inexperience, they will lie down and try lifting, and that’s when things may go south. Injuries will occur when the young gym-goer drops the bar on his chest or tips it and drops the plate rolls on others. For Planet Fitness, that will start to brew a lawsuit. So, that could be one reason why you don’t have that equipment.

If Planet Fitness weren’t scared about the safety issues involved, they’d still have to pay a hefty amount to insure the equipment. So, to avoid missing out on the profits they make each year, Planet Fitness won’t want to incur that expense.

So, money.

Are You Allowed To Deadlift At Planet Fitness?

 Deadlift At Planet Fitness

The people at Planet Fitness will not allow grunting and dropping any weights. But they’re okay with anyone doing overhead presses or deadlifts on their free barbells and smith machines.

Planet Fitness doesn’t have loadable barbells and power racks to ensure that deadlifting doesn’t happen at their clubs. Also, they won’t allow you to rattle steel plates against the floor.

To ensure that you won’t drop weight, Planet Fitness uses a lunk alarm.

The Lunk Alarm: Zero Tolerance To Dropping Weights 

Planet Fitness fits most of its clubs with the lunk alarm to enforce their zero-deadlift rule. If you’re a weightlifter who loves to grunt and drop weights, you could set off the alarm. Soon after, Planet Fitness staff will show up and remind you of their policy.

Remember that Planet Fitness brands itself as a judgment-free zone. So, they can’t allow any behavior that may intimidate other gym-goers who just want to complete a workout.

To read more about the Planet Fitness Lunk Alarm, here is a link:

What Is The Planet Fitness Lunk Alarm? 

Does Planet Fitness Have Squat Racks?

No, but they used to have them.

As we’ve mentioned, anything that intimidates other gym-goers is a no for Planet Fitness. That’s why they removed squat racks for people who wanted to use free-weight barbells. In their place, they added more beginner-friendly machines to ensure that everyone stays safe. 

Does Planet Fitness Have A Scale?


For most people, it is only natural that a gym has several weighing scales. That way, they can track where their weight is going vis-à-vis where it is coming from. But, the Planet Fitness franchise does not read from that script.

From here, Tim, who had worked at PF for four years, swears that many members kept asking about scales. Others complained because corporate policy stated that scales shouldn’t be in any PF gym club.

According to Tim, Planet Fitness says some members may see scales as intimidating. For us, that makes sense because someone could see your reading and wish they had your weight. So, kudos to Planet Fitness for maintaining a judgment-free zone.

Without The Free Weights, Can You Build Muscle At Planet Fitness And Get A Good Workout?


Anyone coming from another gym won’t like that PF gyms don’t have free weights. Still, they can make the most of the available machines. At most clubs, you’ll find fixed barbells, dumbbells, and other cardio equipment.

So, you’ll be able to do these no-weight exercises:

1. Lunges

2. Squats

3. Upper body pushing and pulling

4. Squats

5. Loaded carries

Is Planet Fitness A Good Gym For Lifting?


Any cross lifters, powerlifter, or weightlifting experts won’t enjoy their time at Planet Fitness. That’s because it does not have the essential strength equipment, and it also spells out many restrictions for anyone lifting.

So, if you want to continue smoothly in your weightlifting journey, skip over Planet Fitness and look for other gyms.

[BONUS] What You Should Know About Free Weights

We noticed that you have a thing for strength training, particularly weights. If given a choice between a machine and free weights, you’d choose the free weights over and over again. That’s why we put together this last part of the article.

As noted, free weights can be anything from the plates you set on bars or simple dumbbells. Unlike machines, they don’t limit your workout motion and instead, they help you execute real-life patterns.

With that said, here are some of the things you should know about free weights:

What The CDC Recommends

This agency recommends that you fit in two days each week for strength training. That will make your workout routine complete, and you will have balanced exercising.

How You Work Out With Them

Weights will help build great resistance in your quest to build stronger muscles. In each strength-training session, you fight against gravity by lifting plates and dumbbells. During the maneuvering, you end up exercising different muscles.  

Weights Are Different

You should know that free weights come in all shapes and sizes. For example, dumbbells have small bars with equal weight on each side. You hold them in your hands firmly, push them forward, and move them up.

Then, there are full-size bars that are typically longer and allow you to take on more weight. While using them, you engage your back, shoulders, and hands, making them a tasking piece of work.

You’ll need to add weights for full-size bars, you know, those things that look like plates and slide into the end of the bars.

Weights Change Your Metabolism And Make You Muscular

When lifting weights, you burn fat quicker and increase your heart rate. Doing that for four weeks will pack your body with strength, and it will be able to control how each muscle contracts.

When that resistance happens, your muscular structure begins to change. As a result, your body will become larger and more robust, and a lot will be happening in the background. So, be patient with your body, and soon, the results will start to show.

What You Need To Do Before Weightlifting

As you take on those weights, here are some things you should have in mind:

1. Always start with a warm-up before you test your muscle resistance. To do it well, spend about 15 minutes doing an aerobic activity, such as walking. If you decide to go right into it, you could injure yourself. For example, imagine that full-size bar collapsing on your chest. So yeah, warm-ups will save you from that and other related injuries.

2. Make your technique sharper on each occasion. There’s more to free weights than lifting, dropping, and repeating. If that’s your routine each time, you may need to involve a professional who’ll teach you some of the proven methods. Here are some of the tips that may come up in the conversation:

1. How to lift weights properly

2. How not to push yourself over the hill

3. How to do techniques that use all muscles

4. The many times you have to repeat a set

5. Choosing a challenging weight over repeating some sets

Rest well, and do it according to plan. On the days you’re not at the gym, ensure you give your muscles a total break. That way, you’ll recover well, and the next workout will be more effective.

Benefits Of Lifting Free Weights

1. You build power, coordination, and total strength quicker.

2. Also, you improve blood circulation, meaning that your blood will pump stronger and increase nutrient and oxygen flow throughout your systems.

3. Besides, you burn any extra fat you have and shed unwanted weight.

4. Because weights improve your cardiovascular systems, you get to sleep better. As you already know, excellent sleep positively affects all the other areas of your life.

Risks Involved With Lifting Free Weights

1. Because they require you to have total balance, you risk dropping the free weights if you can’t hold them. Unfortunately, that could lead to an injury to yourself or someone else nearby.

2. Also, you may force an internal organ to protrude through the muscle walls. That’s because lifting weights requires holding your breath, which may pump up your blood pressure and cause you to develop a hernia.

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