An Ultimate Guide To The Weight Of The Planet Fitness Bars

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Planet Fitness has lightweight barbells and the Smith Machine for the exercises you can do. The free-weight barbells at planet fitness weigh up to 45 pounds. The Smith machine at planet fitness weighs 15-25 pounds when you factor in the pulley set up. The smith machine is the most intimidating equipment in the gym, mainly for newcomers. The positive thing about the device is that it gives you good options for safe, effective workouts.

On the other hand, the free-weight barbells are beginner-friendly and lightweight. You can use them for the simple exercises that you prefer. The bars at planet fitness are light because they are designed to be used for cardio and HIIT exercises.

This article expounds on why the bars at Planet Fitness are lightweight, the benefit of the smith machine, and the exercises you can do. We also look at the free-weight barbells, their advantages, and how to use them. Keep reading to understand how much the lightweight, smith machines and free weight barbells at Planet fitness weigh. 

How Much Do The Bars At Planet Fitness Weigh?

Bars At Planet Fitness Weigh

The smith machine at planet fitness weighs around 15-25kgs. The free-weight barbells can weigh up to 45 pounds. You can use the Smith machine in different other exercises. The free weight barbells and the smith machine have benefits when used correctly. Below are the benefits of the free weight barbell and the Smith machine.

The Benefits Of Free Weight Barbells At Planet Fitness Gym

Free weight barbells are not restricted to any machine, and you can use them in doing anybody’s exercise. Free weight barbells can be in any weight. They can go for a lot of pounds. However, the free-weight barbells are up to 45pounds. Here are the benefits:

1. First and foremost, the free-weight barbells don’t restrict any movements that you’re doing. The free activities help you in doing an effective workout. You will get most of the training you are undertaking.

2. Secondly, using gym equipment attached to machines hinders your movements tremendously. The free-weight barbells allow you to move naturally in them. However, this is best when you can do the movements out of your own accord. They also avoid injuries when you are building your muscles.

3. The free weights allow you to move freely on each side of your body. You can move each side of your body independently. When training, you can avoid any imbalance and see your weaknesses.

4. The free weights are very versatile, and you can use them to target areas you want to work on. When you work out a specific area, at the same time, this leads to an efficient workout that you are going to love.

You can use free weights efficiently for an upper-body workout. You can target your arms, chest, shoulders, and back if you prefer and use the lightweight repetitively to get the most out of your training.

You can also use the free weights to work out your lower body. Free weights are the best if you want to build a serious muscle mass. You can work out consistently so that you get to have the muscle mass that you would like to develop in a period. Using a Planet fitness-free weight barbell with light pounds, you can have the mass muscle weight you want.

You can use free weights to stabilize your muscles after a workout. When you are working out your upper body, your lower body can rest. So you can work one body muscle, one at a time.

What Are The Benefits Of The Smith Machine At The Planet Fitness Gym?

Benefits Of The Smith Machine At The Planet Fitness Gym

The main benefits of the Smith machine are that it works out all the muscle in the body. The added benefits are: 

1. It is used for any weight lifting movement. 

2. It is very safe and stable. 

3. It has features that protect you from accidents as it enhances safety. 

4. It helps you push yourself to the limits as it harbors your fear.

The bar also has a Smith machine with its bars fixed along with the machine’s sliding plane of motion. The position of the plane helps you avoid dropping it to one side. It improves your concentration as you work on one side of your body.

What Are The Major Activities You Can Do With A Free-weight Barbell?

You can do a free-weight barbell hammer curl: You can use a light free-weight barbell of different weights on both hands, down to your hips. Then, you can bring your arms above 90 degrees in a maintenance position. The wrists should be neutral, and the thumbs should be pointing upwards. You can do these many times to get the most of it.

You can use a barbell to help in shoulder pressing: Do you crave a shoulder pressing exercise? Then the free-weight barbells at planet fitness suit you better. To do the shoulder pressing workout using planet fitness’ free-weight barbells, follow the following steps: 

1. Sit holding a barbell in both hands and then bring your arms to push the weights above the head. 

2. Then you bring them down and make sure you keep your back straight and the hips on the bench. Repeat these steps to get the most out of the process.

What Are Some Of The Exercises You Can Carry Out Using A Smith Machine At Planet Fitness?

The main thing about the smith machine is that you can do a full-body workout using this machine alone. It is the best thing about this gem found in Planet Fitness. Some beginner exercises you can do using the smith machine are:

1. First, you can use the smith machine to squat. You need to start with zero weights on the bar. You can grip the bar at a distance slightly past the shoulder, resting it at your upper back. Then lower yourself into a proper squat and raise yourself in a squat position. Once you are pretty comfortable with your current position, you can add bars and do your sit ups safely.

2. You can do a smith machine bench press at the Planet Fitness gym. You start with no weight on the bar and place it on a flat bench. Distribute the weight of the bar evenly, lower the bar, lock the safety hook, and put it an arm’s length higher than the bench. This way, you can hold onto the bar above you easily. 

The next step is lying down on the bench with the back straight. You control the bar and ensure that the hands are more expansive than your shoulder-width distance. It would be best to lower the bar towards the chest, with elbows back straight. 

The last step is to raise your arms until they are almost straight. Repeat the process till you get the most out of the exercise.


The Planet Fitness gym is mainly known for its lightweight gym equipment. For instance, free weights are lightweight. The famous smith machine at Planet fitness also has a few pounds. It is lightweight too. If you want to find light bars, then Planet Fitness is the place to be. Also, although the bars at Planet Fitness are lightweight, you can use them to do exercises that will benefit your body.

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