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There is no additional cost for a personal trainer at Planet Fitness. For both Planet Fitness Classic membership and PF Black Card, free fitness training is available. So, it turns out that getting a personal trainer at Planet Fitness costs you $0.00.

How Much Does It Cost To Get A Personal Trainer At Planet Fitness

Planet Fitness does not usually charge extra for personal training. Most locations include personal training services in their basic and Black Card membership, where members can schedule one-on-one time with a trainer.

Small Group Training Sessions:

At Planet Fitness, small group training sessions may also be available. The cost for these will often be included in the membership; however, prices can vary depending on location.

Specialized Training Programs:

For those interested in a more personalized program, some trainers may offer specialized programs or services. While some trainers in certain locations may charge for these programs, countless locations include them in the membership.

Ultimately while the cost of a personal trainer at Planet Fitness essentially comes part and parcel with your membership, it’s important to contact the specific location to understand their policies and offerings more accurately. Planet Fitness certainly makes personal training an affordable endeavor that can be accessed by many, making it a great option for individuals aiming to maintain or improve their fitness levels.

It’s always important to confirm from your local branch on the provision of personal training, and any additional charges if there are any. Conducting thorough research to understand the costs associated with personal training at Planet Fitness can be beneficial in making a decision that fits your fitness needs and economics.

How does the personal trainer at Planet Fitness work?

Personal trainers at Planet Fitness work by providing individualized fitness guidance and support to members. Here’s how the process generally works:

  1. Assessment: The trainer assesses your fitness level, goals, and any limitations or medical considerations.
  2. Customized Plan: They create a personalized workout plan tailored to your specific objectives, whether it’s weight loss, muscle gain, or general fitness.
  3. Guidance: During training sessions, the trainer demonstrates exercises, corrects your form, and offers motivation and encouragement.
  4. Progress Tracking: Trainers help track your progress, adjusting your plan as needed to ensure continued improvement.
  5. Education: They educate you about fitness principles, nutrition, and healthy habits to support your goals.
  6. Accountability: Personal trainers help keep you accountable to your fitness routine, making it easier to stay committed.
  7. Variety: They introduce variety to prevent workout boredom and plateaus, keeping your workouts challenging and engaging.
  8. Support: Trainers provide emotional support, helping you stay motivated and overcome obstacles.
  9. Availability: Planet Fitness trainers are typically available for sessions during club hours, offering flexibility to fit your schedule.

About The PE@PF Training Program (Planet Fitness’s Personal Training)

This section will explain the PE&PF, a small but fun group training that Planet Fitness offers. It’s part of the free fitness training, so it is part of what you are looking for in your search today.

The PE@PF is short for Physical Education at Planet Fitness. It is part of the free fitness training you sign up for after paying the startup and monthly fees. From this YouTube video, the PE@PF is one of the great things you can take advantage of.

Before we look at the details, here is a brief outline of the training’s content:

  • It is available with any membership that Planet Fitness offers.
  • It is unlimited and happens in a group setting of about five people. So, hey, say hello to 5 new gym partners.
  • In one of the classes, the PF staff allows you to Design Your Own Program. They’ll give you a schedule that has yellow highlighted periods.

MenNStuff 101:

The Design Your Own Program is the only class you can book about a fortnight in advance.

  • The pro trainer will develop an individual workout for you for those periods. That will include the machines, how often, the weekdays you should be busy, and how much cardio is recommended.
  • Each day, you can get unique and supervised sessions that focus on specific body parts. So, for example, if you want to grow your abs, you’ll just check the training schedule.
  • Once you find an abs class that fits your schedule, you’ll only need to call ahead and reserve a spot. Alternatively, you can come in on the very day and sign up for the class.

Now, let’s talk about the PE@PF at length.

What Is The Physical Education At Planet Fitness?

The PE@PF is the free training that Planet Fitness organizes in groups. It involves world-class and reliable equipment combined with fun and innovative working out. To top it off, everything happens in a judgment-free zone. So, although multiple people are involved, the PE@PF is not a plan that will intimidate and push you out of the gym.

Each club (or location) offers about 11 to 14 smaller groups each day. Each group is then assigned to an in-house trainer who is part of the staff. The good thing is that you can attend as many classes as you want and no one will stop you.

How Do You Register For The Personal Training Offered In The PE@PF Groups?

To sign up for the personal training, log in to your account on the Planet Fitness app. Alternatively, you can visit the front desk and talk to the staff. Remember that no charges apply, so don’t let anyone ask you for your credit card information.

What Makes The PE@PF Personal Training Unique?

Planet Fitness is a Judgement Free Zone, and that extends to their PE@PF. So, the community will make you feel comfortable and confident, and you will pursue your fitness goals and see them to the end.

Also, the PE@PF is for all fitness levels. No one expects you to be somewhere, or anywhere for that matter. If you’re a newbie and the machines seem overwhelming, PE@PF will help you warm up. And if you’re a veteran gym person and want to change your routine, the program will also fit you in excellently.

What Does The Trainer Do During The PE@PF Personal Training?

First, PF ensures that the CPR/AED fully accredits the trainers involved. So, they’ll have personal training certification that they can produce upon request.

But that’s not all. On top of being legitimate professionals, the trainers are also approachable. Because of their lovability, they will interact with anyone they notice is having a hard time.

Apart from providing you with excellent advice, here are what they offer you:

  • The trainer will motivate, inspire, and encourage you and all the members of the group. Essentially, they offer a supporting role and ensure that you achieve your goals by following your fitness journey.
  • Also, they will help you set realistic goals. Then, after assessing you, the trainer will tell if you can go higher or lower the bar.
  • They will also teach the proper form and technique and how you can execute exercise to maximize efficiency and minimize injuries.
  • Finally, they will be open to answering all your fitness-related questions. And, if the need arises, the trainer may refer you to a healthcare professional.

What Are The Class Options Gives In The PE@PF Personal Training Program?

PE@PF Personal Training Program

Since people have different fitness needs, the PE@PF comes in these multiple classes:

1. The Orientation. As the name suggests, this is a session for people new to fitness training. The class helps familiarize you with the exercise equipment, especially the programming.

2. The Thirty-Minute Express Circuit. After you’ve gone through sufficient orientation, the trainers will take you through a full-body workout at a fast pace. All that will happen in under 30 minutes, and you’ll get both cardio and strength training excitingly.

3. Back and Triceps. This class works on a group of muscles that are often overlooked.

4. Chest and Biceps. You will press and curl during these classes until you’re well-formed in the right areas.

5. Core training. These sessions will ensure that you tone and tighten your lower back, abdominals, and obliques.

6. Stretch. Finally, you will embark on the recovery process and improve your flexibility.

Please note that you should consult a medical expert before starting your personal training. 

Do You Tip Planet Fitness Trainers?

Yes, you do. Actually, you can, because the trainers do such an excellent job.

Still, you should recognize that they get paid minimum wage, especially the full-time trainers. We’re talking between $15 and $28 per session.

But, the fact that they don’t have commissions and bonuses should incentivize you to tip them. So, be generous and press in a $20 bill in the hand of your dedicated trainer.

Can I Bring My Own Trainer To Planet Fitness?

No. Planet Fitness’s policy discourages its members from bringing outside trainers. To make up for that, it offers multiple fitness trainers and many classes that you can join every day you go to the gym.

Is Paying For A Personal Trainer Worth It?

Yes, especially if you’re going to the gym for the first time. Then, if you’re still learning and need motivation or you easily get intimated, absolutely.

A personal trainer may be expensive, but the experience will be worthwhile. They will help you achieve your goals, and you’ll grow in your fitness journey.

But, if you’re a Planet Fitness member, getting a personal trainer will be overkill. That’s because your monthly subscription affords you that training, and you get to interact with other people who will motivate you.


It costs $0 to get a personal trainer at Planet Fitness. Your monthly subscription pays for it, so consider signing up for the PE@PF classes. They are the official session that links you up with a personal trainer, and you work in groups.

Don’t expect to have a trainer all to yourself. That’s because the membership numbers are high, and it would be impractical to have a personal trainer for each member.

If the group sessions are not enough for you, consider getting a personal trainer outside Planet Fitness. But, remember that they won’t be allowed into the club, so you’d have to get another space or gym.

And that was pretty much all we had!

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