Was Jesus Handsome? │How He Looked, Height, Eye Color, And A Reconstruction Of His Face

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If Jesus lived in 2021, would girls be all over him? Would they be shouting his name at the top of their voices? Would the PEOPLE magazine crown him as the Sexiest Man Alive like Michael B. Jordan last year? Well, we will never know because he came and left too soon. He should have waited for Instagram.

In Western art, Jesus is one of the most painted figures. But really, what does the world know about his looks? Was he a stunning figure?

Well, this is the article to read because we’ve got all the answers.

In many images, Jesus is a handsome man, bearded, brown-haired, and fair-skinned. And, by any standards, he is pleasing to the eye, and you can see that in these photos:


Pete Linforth │Pixabay

Here is another:

4222320 │PIXABAY

And one more:

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From those pictures, no one can say that Jesus was ugly. But many people have come forth to argue against such depictions. They say that those artists romanticized Jesus, and he probably looked less handsome than they painted.

So, was he handsome or not?

In this article, you will know what science, the Bible, and history say about the appearance of Jesus. Also, you’ll see some of his ‘images’ and read why he is the perfect man.

Let’s see what goes down.

Real Face of Jesus

To date, there is no actual face of Jesus. But we’ll try to put a face on the man’s name by looking at a unique shroud.

From the Bible, maybe the face of Jesus was captured in his burial clothes. Then, these could have later reemerged 1000 years after Jesus died, but that is hard to believe. Anyway, the unique shroud, The Shroud of Turin, gives the following depiction of Jesus:

Real Face of Jesus


Using the shroud, here is what some scientists made of the man’s looks:

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Quite handsome, isn’t he?

In a documentary, The Real Face of Jesus, a group of experts recreated the face of Jesus. They used the existing image from the Shroud of Turin and advanced technology. Here is what came out of their doings:


Although this one can throw you off, the man still looks presentable. Well, except that nose. It’s taken too much space on his face, if you ask me.

How Tall Was Jesus?

Around 166cm (5ft, 5 inches)

It is worth mentioning that the height above is a scientific estimation and does not come from the Bible. It was the average height of skeletal remains of men during his time. The Bible, however, is clear with the details of other people:

Zacchaeus: short and could not see over the crowd.

Saul: a head taller than any other Israelite at the time of his coronation.

Goliath: stood nine feet, translating from the Biblical six cubits and a span tall.

MenNStuff 101:

Jesus was not a towering figure; neither was he a man of short stature.

Jesus Eye Color?

Jesus Eye Color


Jesus may have had brown eyes, which was a typical thing among Judeans and Egyptians when he was alive. So in the 2004 film, The Passion of Christ, the actor’s eyes are changed digitally from blue to brown to conform to that scientific assumption.

But that was Jesus as a man.

As a god, the Bible says that his eyes were like flames of fire, a yellowish-orange color. But, this was John’s vision, which doesn’t pin down Jesus’ exact look.

Where Does The Bible Say That Jesus Was Unattractive?

Isaiah 53:2, but they are wrong.

Many people carry around that verse, calling it a description of how Jesus looked:

‘He (Jesus) had no beauty or majesty that attracts us to him.’

From that verse, Isaiah seems to call Jesus ‘a person without beauty. So, many point to it and say that Jesus was ugly.

But was he?

If you study the context of the verse, you’ll know that Isaiah was not talking about Jesus’ face, but his simplicity. Being the son of a carpenter, he had nothing attractive. The overall message of that portion is the suffering mission of the man. Isaiah, as an oracle, was merely communicating what God told him.

Also, it would have been difficult to describe a man whom he’d never seen. Jesus came 700 years later, and true to Isaiah’s word, he was not ‘attractive.’ That’s why the high-priests sort to kill him; he didn’t bear the majesty of their expected messiah.

So, the verse has nothing to do with the face, eyes, hair, and skin color of the man Jesus.

Why Is Jesus The Perfect Man?

Many people, predominantly Christians, say that Jesus was perfect because he made no mistakes. They claim he defeated sin and gave the best example of how any person should live.

Also, he spoke the truth throughout his life. History lacks any record of a man whose words touched and stung hearts without bias.

If you pay attention to his looks, however, he wasn’t the perfect man. The Bible has referred to men like Daniel, David, Solomon, Absalom, and Saul as good-looking, something it has not done for Jesus. Still, he has had the most influence, opening the world to a religion of over 2.5 billion to date.


And there you have it! Jesus was relatively handsome, but the Bible says nothing about it. His true face is also debatable, but the images in this post should give you a hint of how he looked. Since Jesus ascended into heaven, there was no physical body left on earth to study.

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That’s pretty much what we had here!

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