Do Guys Like Big Thighs [Fat, Toning, And What Guys See In Girls]

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Preferences for body types vary among individuals. Some guys may appreciate big thighs, while others prefer different features. It’s essential to prioritize self-confidence and self-acceptance over conforming to specific body ideals.

Do Guys Like Big Thighs

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  1. Preference Varies Widely:
    One cannot generalize the preferences of all men, as it largely depends on individual likes and dislikes. Some men adore bigger thighs, while others may prefer slimmer ones. Thus, it’s important to note that beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder.
  2. Influence of Popular Culture:
    Body preferences are often influenced by popular culture and media. In the past decade, curves have been celebrated more openly, leading to an increase in men appreciating bigger thighs.
  3. Sport and Fitness Perception:
    Big thighs are often associated with strength and power in sports and fitness, leading some men to find them attractive. They indicate strong muscles and a physically fit partner.
  4. Evolutionary Perspective:
    From an evolutionary standpoint, men might be wired to be attracted to women with larger thighs as it might indicate better reproductive health. However, this is purely theoretical and not universally applicable.
  5. Personality and Character Value:
    Many men value personality traits and character over physical looks when considering a partner. They would rather have a compassionate, kind, or confident partner regardless of their body type.
  6. Health Indicator:
    In some cases, men might perceive bigger thighs as indicators of good health, especially when combined with a healthy lifestyle.

Remember, while these points are based on observations and research, they do not signify universal truths. Every individual is different, and their preferences vary widely.

Reasons Men Might Like Big ThighsBrief Explanation
Preference variancesDepends on individual likes and dislikes
Influence of popular cultureCurves have been increasingly celebrated in media
Sport and fitness perceptionBig thighs indicate strength and power
Evolutionary perspectiveMight signal better reproductive health
Personality and character valueMany value personality over physical looks
Health indicatorBig thighs can be seen as signs of good health

At the end of the day, what is most important is how you perceive yourself. A healthy self-image and confidence are far more attractive than any specific body type.

What Guys See In Girls?

Understanding what attracts men to women is quite complex as it varies from one individual to another. However, there are some common traits that many guys view favorably in girls. Here is a listicle to shed more light:

1. Confidence:

Confidence tops the list of attributes that many guys find attractive in a girl. A confident woman knows her worth and isn’t afraid to stand up for herself. This is seen as a sign of someone robust, self-assured, and independent, which many guys find appealing.

2. Intelligence:

Many men are drawn to self-reliant and smart women. They find intelligent conversations stimulating and the ability to comprehend and challenge ideas attractive.

3. Sense of Humor:

A keen sense of humor can be a deal-breaker for many guys. They tend to prefer women who can lighten their mood, laugh at themselves, and share in a good joke.

4. Self Care:

It’s not all about appearance, but demonstrating self-care can project an image of respect towards oneself. Whether it’s maintaining personal cleanliness, staying fit and healthy, or dressing well, such habits signal self-love and esteem, which is attractive to men.

5. Ambition:

An ambitious woman who is passionate about her career, hobbies, and personal life is often seen as attractive. Men tend to favor women who know what they want and are driven to achieve it.

6. Kindness:

Kindness is a universal attractor. Being humane, considerate and understanding towards others will often pull men your way. It is a solid demonstration of a person’s character.

7. Authenticity:

Nothing beats being genuine. Authenticity can make women stand out. Guys appreciate women who are true to themselves and others.

8. Compatibility:

Personal preferences, beliefs, values, and lifestyle can influence compatibility. Men usually prefer women who share common interests and are compatible with them in different ways.

9. Emotional Intelligence:

Emotional intelligence – the ability to manage and understand one’s emotions and of those around them – is another trait guys find attractive. This shows understanding, patience, and empathy.

10. Positivity:

A positive outlook on life is attractive to anyone, not just guys. Women who face life with optimism and vibrancy will generally draw people towards them.

While these are general perceptions, it is vital for every woman to remember that attraction is subjective and every individual will have their unique attributes they find attractive.

Are Big Thighs On Men Good?

Men with bigger thighs are rather unattractive, especially if those areas are untoned. So, they are told to build more muscular legs and avoid any flabbiness below the waist.

If you’re a man looking to build attractive legs, read here

Is Having Big Thighs For Women Good?


Researchers in China found that people with thicker thighs are less likely to develop high blood pressure. For obese people, the plumpness of the upper legs improves their heart health.

So, don’t worry about that pear shape that forms in your thighs. It is as healthy as the rest of your body.

If that sounds unbelievable, see what the experts say here.

Why Do Guys Like Grabbing Thighs?

From Quora, one guy says that touching thighs evokes a sensation feeling. That’s because the skin there is smooth, especially the inner area.

Also, it’s an unconscious technique that men use to establish trust with their women. Once they run their fingers there, it pulls the female closer. And truly, trust and closeness are critical to a fulfilling romantic experience. 

Is Having Big Thighs Genetic?


Your body genetically destines the thigh cells during the early stages of development. After they form fully, what takes over is a result of environmental exposure and eating habits.

But what if someone, who’s destined to grow thick thighs, lives in abject poverty?

Well, such as person won’t be able to meet dietary requirements to become thicker. But we can say, unscientifically, that when life becomes green, their thighs will become thicker. Boy or girl, it won’t matter.

What Kinds Of Thighs Are Attractive?

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Straight and slender, but many men will disagree. That’s because often the media portrays curvaceous women as the crème de la crème. But let’s see what body experts said. 

In 2012, plastic surgeons cracked the secret to shapely legs. They describe the perfect pair of legs as:

1. Bearing a straight line from the thigh down to the slim ankle;

2. With the outline curving in and out at crucial places.

In other news, attractive legs and thighs are:

1. Fitter, especially the musculature and tone

2. Longer, with a significant length-to-body ratio

3. Shapely, looking luscious and seductive

But really, all sorts of thighs are attractive. Whether you have athletic or thick ones, someone out there will find them jaw-dropping. So, don’t stress over anything, thin or thick.

What Foods Cause Thigh Fat?

Sugar and refined carbs are the biggest culprits. They thicken anything and everything, so always avoid them whenever you can. For specific foods, here is a list to avoid:

1. Sodas

2. Desserts

3. Pastries

4. White bread and rice

5. Pasta

Why Are My Thighs So Big Compared To My Body?

It’s all thanks to estrogen, the hormone that increases a woman’s fat cells. The many cells then deposit around the buttocks and thighs, making you more womanly and curvaceous.

However, that doesn’t last forever.

When a woman ages, her levels of estrogen fall. When that happens, her skin elasticity falls, meaning that the thickness becomes too much for the body. What sets in is a storm of cellulite (stretch marks) that throws many women off.

Cellulite is a significant issue, and it makes many women want to tone their skin. And with different exercises and surgeries available, women try however they can to look their best.  

How Can I Tone My Thighs In 2 Weeks (Getting Rid Of Cellulite)

By exercising.

In two weeks, saying that you’ll tone all the skin around your thighs is quite ambitious. If you have excess fat in that area, no results will show until you’ve reduced significant weight.

Still, here are the exercises that will tighten your muscles and tone those thighs in the long term:

1. Lunges

2. Step-ups

3. Squats

4. Circuits

High-Intensity Interval Training (HIIT)

What Should I Wear If I Have Big Thighs?

Time for some fashion advice!

If your fleshy legs are giving you problems, here are some tips:

1. Wear darker color shades.

2. Pick dress and blouses with Carmen and V necklines.

3. If you want to wear jeans, ensure that they are elastic. That way, they’ll stretch to fit your thighs.

4. Loose tops should fall over your thighs to hide any curves you want to keep secret.

5. Avoid mini-skirts and shorts because they can look unflattering. 

6. For shoes, try wedges or block heels.

Why Do I Have Thick Thighs But No Bum?

Having a flat bum is a problem for many people, men included. It happens when you have tight hip flexors and weak gluteal muscles. When those two parts aren’t working as needed, your backside will fall victim to the dormant butt syndrome.

To fix yourself, suggests that you do:

1. Single-leg deadlifts

2. Fire hydrant lifts

3. Leg lifts

4. Reclining side leg exercises

5. Squats

6. Bridge presses

7. And lunge presses

Finally, What Do Guys Notice In A Girl?

Most guys will have already eyed your boobs, so consider them as number one. Then, they’ll pay attention to your:

1. Smile

2. Laugh

3. Voice

4. Body type

5. Smell

6. Butt

7. Confidence

So, when you step out to meet that new guy, know that he’ll come with that checklist in their mind.


So, do guys like big thighs?

Yes and no, depending on whose thighs we’re addressing. Indeed, they’re not obsessed with their own, but women’s leg parts get their blood rushing and minds moving. And truth be told, it’s hard to find a man who doesn’t focus on filling the thigh gap.

But no woman should ever feel pressured because they’re not thick enough. As you’ve read, men also look for confidence, so put on loads of it when you step out. Also, smile and smell nice, and indeed, you’ll put a few of them in your direction.

And we’re done here!


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