Who Cheats More, Men or Women [Why They Cheat, and Warning Signs When They Do]

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According to studies, men cheat more than women do. The General Social Survey gives this data:

Gender% in Cheating (Having Affairs)

Who Cheats More, Men or Women

Though it is essential to note that not every individual cheats, this article aims to explore the statistics gathered from various studies to answer a contentious question: Who cheats more, men or women? This assessment is not meant to label or generalize but merely to glean insights into human behaviors within relationships. 

1. Frequency of Infidelity among Men

According to recent studies, men seem to cheat more than women. The General Social Survey (GSS) established that approximately 20% of men reported that they’ve had sex with someone other than their spouse while married. Factors contributing to this include men’s often higher sex drive and their tendency to be more easily aroused.

2. Frequency of Infidelity among Women

On the flip side, around 16% of women reported that they’ve had sex outside their marriage. An evolutionarily rooted desire for quality over quantity may explain why women cheat. Some women might seek an affair for emotional fulfillment, dissatisfaction with their current relationship, or the desire for a variety.

3. The Impact of Age on Infidelity

Age also plays a significant role in determining who is more likely to cheat. The Institute for Family Studies found out that adults under 55 are more likely to cheat. In the age bracket of 18-29, however, women appear to cheat slightly more than men.

4. Influence of Social Media and Technology

The advent of technology has arguably made it easier to cheat. Social media platforms and various dating apps provide numerous opportunities for both men and women to engage in extramarital relationships. Women, however, are more likely to use the internet to pursue emotional affairs, while men primarily seek physical encounters.

Proportion Who Cheat20%13%
Reason for CheatingHigher sex drive, easy arousalEmotional fulfillment, dissatisfaction
Age InfluenceLess likelihood after age 55Cheat more in age bracket 18-29
Technology InfluencePursue physical encountersSeek emotional affairs

5. The Changing Landscape of Infidelity

Recent surveys indicate that the gender gap in infidelity is closing, with younger women cheating at almost the same rate as men. This could be a result of women becoming more financially independent, spending more time outside the home, and becoming more likely to engage in risky behaviors.

In summary, while men have historically cheated more than women, the gap is closing over time. The influence of various personal, societal, and technological factors on infidelity cannot be understated. It is essential, however, to understand that these statistics may not apply to everyone and that maintaining honesty and communication is key to fidelity in any relationship.

What Nationality Cheats The Most?


Around 51% of Thai adults have admitted to cheating. After the Southeast Asians, here’s how other countries rank:

9United Kingdom36%

Data from Durex, the brand of condoms and lubricants

On ethnicity, black people are more likely to cheat (22%) than whites (16%). Also, Hispanics are less likely to cheat than both whites and blacks, with their numbers at 13%.

Why Do People Cheat On People They Love [The Top 4 Reasons]?

Why Do People Cheat On People They Love

Every case of cheating is different, but here are reasons that might motivate your person to get it on with someone else:

1. Hypersexual Behavior

The world has become more sexualized than it was 50 years ago. So, sexual desire rushes in more people, and they’ll do anything to satisfy it. Sexual missteps, like pornography, drive people into wanting more, even when they are in stable relationships.

2. Revenge

If someone discovers that their partner cheated, they’ll be stunned and heartbroken. The devastation motivates them to do what could hurt the other person more: cheating back. 

3. Distance And Lack Of Attention

If you recently moved away from your partner, they could look elsewhere. Remember that relationships are built on physical intimacy and when that misses, a void forms in the other person. To fill up the space, he could turn to that coworker who recently showed him attention.  

4. Issues Of Commitment

Sadly, many people who sit in relationships aren’t sure they want to be there. So, they keep their options open and won’t hesitate when that rush of desire comes.

Do Cheaters Cheat Again [Statistics]

Do Cheaters Cheat Again

Yes, with chances ranging from 22% to 45%.

In one study, almost half of people who cheated in their first relationship did so in the second one. 

But, even though a cheater is more likely to repeat their actions, they’re not destined to. For example, if their new partner meets their needs, they won’t have any reason to run an illicit business on the side.

Or will they?

How Does Cheating (Affairs) Start?

Affairs are nerve-racking, especially to the people who are involved in them. They start as casual interactions, and when opportunity strikes, the cheater jumps in:

It all starts with a message, a call, or a conversation. Such talk creates what experts call an emotional affair. Suddenly, you begin having someone closer to you than your partner is. In such cases, innocent friendships that were probably professional become more casual.

It then moves from frequent conversations to sharing intimacies. You start to share your feelings, especially about your partner’s weaknesses. Simply put, you’ll starve the relationship to feed the friendship.

Finally, it becomes a guilty pleasure, and you live hoping that your significant other does not find out.

What Are The 6 Types Of Affairs (Cheatings)?

1. Sex Affairs

Classically, this is what people have defined as cheating. Most times, people with hypersexual issues will go for this to satisfy their primary instincts. But, if they don’t get ahold of themselves, they could form habits that’ll be devastating to the other person.

2. Distraction Affairs

When dealing with an emergency, grieving, or any form of stress, a person may feel the need to distract themselves. They will do so with the closest person even without realizing it.

3. One-Night Affairs

Other people may argue that one-night stands are sex affairs, but they’re not. They only come about moments of weakness when you’re at a bar or a party. But, however it comes, it’s still cheating and inexcusable.

4. Digital Affairs

Joining a steamy chat on Telegram, WhatsApp, or Facebook is tantamount to cheating. It focuses your sexual energy away from your partner and therefore pushes them away.

5. Emotion Affairs

When a harmless friendship develops into a zone for emotional bubbling, that becomes cheating. Your relationship should provide you total romance, so don’t go around using pet names on other girls or guys.

When you form an emotional bond with someone other than your lover, you intrude on your partner’s space. And if your partner catches wind, they may lose interest in your even if no sex was involved.  

6. Double-Life Affairs

This is the most deep-running type because it involves intimacy that’s bigger than the current relationship. For example, it could happen to a woman who feels connected to another man and not his current one. In that situation, the woman will perpetually keep the illicit relationship alive for as long as it takes.

Such kind of an affair often leads to a breakup or divorce.

What Are The Warning Signs Of A Cheating Spouse

Warning Signs Of A Cheating Spouse

If you want to sleep with one eye open, have these points in mind. That way, a cheater won’t escape your close watch:

1. Their Communication Will Sink

Stonewalling is refusing to talk, listen or accept what someone else says. When your partner is involved with someone else, they’ll stop attending to you. Also, they’ll pull out the pet names and sweet words, and soon enough, you’ll be passing days without talking.

2. They’ll Start Spending Hours Away From You

Suddenly, your man or wife will pick a new hobby that doesn’t involve you. They’ll be out more, and when you ask, they’ll give vague explanations. You’ll hear more about a client or a friend, but you’ll never get a chance to meet them.

3. Your Shared Interest Will No Longer Be Mutual

If you two go bowling on Saturday night, your partner will now start giving excuses. They’ll be bored at the mention of it, and they won’t like doing things with you. For example, if you celebrate monthiversaries to remember your relationship, your partner will forget about them and feel nothing.

4. You’ll Start Getting Lies Or Zero Answers

Lying and avoidance is a big red flag. You’ll start discovering that the client your partner talks about never exists and that they’re only avoiding you. Because of guilt, the other person may even start calling you out for cheating. They’ll create a hostile environment where you don’t get answers. If they give you any, it’ll all be lies.

5. The Romance Will Go Down

If you have an active sex life, it will cease to exist. Even if your man or wife warms up with you, you’ll see newer, stranger things coming in. In some cases, you’ll learn that you have an STI, and you never strayed.

6. The Other Person Will Change Their Behavior Around Their Phone Or Laptop

Suddenly, you won’t be able to reach them sometime during the day. Passwords will change, and they will sneak out to pick calls. Also, they’ll clear browser history more frequently, and they may even stop using their social media.

Do You Love Someone If You Cheat On Them?

Yes and no.

It will all depend on the type of affair. Some affairs are temporary and forgivable, but others like the double-life type need separation, even divorce. Such have no love, genuine intimacy, and forward-moving romance.

Still, it goes down to how you and your partner talk. If they still confess their love, it’s up to you to say yay or nay. Whichever option you go for, ensure that you protect your mind, body, and spirit.


Men cheat more, but women are catching on. So, whether you’re Jessica or Shawn, always take care of yourself and look out for a cheating partner. Also, spend more time knowing the other person before bringing them into your life, especially sexually.

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