Maui Jim Sunglasses Vs Ray-Ban | Everything You Want To Know Before You Buy Ray-Ban Sunglasses

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Maui Jim is known for its advanced polarized lens technology, while Ray-Ban is known for its classic and iconic designs. Maui Jim sunglasses are generally more expensive than Ray-Ban sunglasses, but they offer superior lens technology and frame quality.

Maui Jim Sunglasses Vs Ray-Ban

Maui Jim Sunglasses Vs Ray-Ban

FeaturesMaui Jim SunglassesRay-Ban
OriginFounded in Lahaina, Hawaii USAFounded in Milan, Italy
Focus on Lens TechnologyYes, boasts a PolarizedPlus2 lens that negates glare and UV raysTraditional polarized lenses, with options for gradients, mirrored, and G-15
Frame VarietyOffers slightly fewer styles compared to Ray-BanWide range of classic and trendy styles
Price RangeGenerally higher, due to advanced lens technologyMore affordable, but the price can increase depending on style and customization
UV ProtectionYes, 100% protection against UV raysYes, most styles offer 100% UV protection
Customization OptionsAvailable, but limited compared to Ray-BanExtensive, with options for lens and frame customization
DurabilityKnown for sturdy and durable designsKnown for long-lasting and resilient frames
Warranty2-year warranty against defects in materials or workmanship2-year warranty against manufacturing defects

Are Maui Jim Lenses Made Of Glass?

There are five different lens materials for our sunglasses, and only one material is available for each style of polarized Maui Jim sunglasses.

Polycarbonate: For clear optics, this lightweight lens is injection molded and is scratch-resistant. It is designed to offer the greatest possible shatter resistance. It is an excellent choice for fast-paced operations when durability and weight are prioritized in a pair of Maui Jim polarized sunglasses.

Super Thin Glass: This lens material provides the best available optics and is 20% thinner and lighter than conventional laminated glass.

Maui Pure: This material combines optics nearly as crisp with ultra-lightweight, excellent scratch and shatter resistance as Super thin glass.

Everything You Want To Know Before You Buy Ray-Ban Sunglasses

G-15: These lenses allow only 15% of visible light, hence, for bright sunny days, they’re best.

Temples: It holds the lenses from falling off the face.

Acetate: This synthetic material, also referred to as cellulose acetate, was first used in the late ’40s for eyewear. The material has been replaced in recent years by less-expensive nylon frames.

Legend: Legend collection glasses are emblazoned with the Ray-Ban logo in gold rather than the usual white.

Why Is Ray-Ban Not Better Than Maui Jim?

Strength And Curves: Generally, Ray-Ban’s lenses are made of crystal. It gives superior optics but lacks curves and safety. Lenses are heavy and may break more easily. Ray-Ban still uses steel hinges to attach the temples into the frame, so if you put a weight on them, they may break.

Technology Improvements: Every year, Ray-Ban does extensive research and improves technology to create their sunglasses. Still, as we compare it to Maui Jim, it seems Maui Jim is always one step ahead.

Too Conservative: People who love Ray-Bans believe that they are classic and iconic. In turn, there are many young people and tech-focused guys who refuse to wear them until they turn over 30.

Why Is Maui Jim Better?

When it comes to comparing, Maui Jim is just far more superior than Ray-Ban. If you are looking for quality and durability that will last a lifetime, then there is no better brand than Maui Jim. They are objectively better with lens filtering than Ray-Bans. The retro-inspired shades of the company have influenced trends and creations around the world. 

The company is proud of producing sunglasses designed to last, which is why their frames come with a long-term guarantee. The frames are lightweight, strong, and feel as good as they look. Experts say that you’ll never wear another frame again once you’ve tried Maui Jim. So, they are better for their slightly higher quality and attention to detail.

Also, Maui Jim has been credited as the world’s third-largest producer of sunglasses. 

Difference Between Maui Jim And Ray-Ban

If we compare Maui Jim with Ray-Ban, we can see that Maui Jim is better than Ray-Ban by different parameters, as shown in the table below.

SLMaui JimRay-Ban
01.It is a far better choice for UV protection.For the most protection from the sun, Ray-Bans will fall short here.
02.Excellent for harsh light.These lenses perform poorly for harsh light.
03.Two years warranty.Shortest warranty.
04.Durability: Good.Durability: Worst.
05.Water, grease, and scratch-resistant.Scratch-resistant.
06.All lenses are polarized.Not all lenses are polarized.

What Makes Maui Jim Different?

Skin Cancer: As an efficient UV filter for the eyes and surrounding skin, these sunglasses have won the Skin Cancer Foundation Seal of Recommendation. So, for outdoor activities, larger frames and wrap styles should be considered.

Eye Comfort And Glare: All Maui Jim sunglasses are polarized, and 99.9% of the glare is thus eliminated. It also decreases the brightness of the sun’s impact. Anyone can avoid eye fatigue, excessive wrinkling around the eyes, and even headaches without the need to squint and strain.

Dark Adaptation: By shielding the eyes with these lenses from intense sunlight, when going from one extreme light condition to the next, eyes have a chance to gain quicker adaptations.

Blue Light Protection: The patented PolarizedPlus2® lens technology reduces High-Energy Visible Radiation (HEV) without removing the beautiful blue colors.

Bi-Gradient Mirror: The top and bottom of the lens are applied to the original Maui Jim Bi-Gradient mirror to reduce the brightest light. The mirror of the glasses will squint for you and will allow your eyes to relax.

Frequently Asked Questions

Question 1. Is Maui Jim Worth The Money?

Answer: Sunglasses’ anti-reflective coating absorbs bounce-back glare, reflected from behind or to the sides. They’re just worth the money in addition to their unique functions.

Question 2. How Do You Spot Fake Ray Bans?

Answer: All new Ray-Bans have an “RB” etched on one lens, and in the upper corner of the other, “Ray-Ban” is written in white that will be missing fake sunglasses. 

Question 3. Who Owns Maui Jim?

Answer: Maui Jim is a 100 percent independent, privately owned eyewear brand. Its headquarters is in Peoria, Illinois, United States.

Question 4. Are All Ray Bans 100 UV?

Answer: Yes, there is UV protection for all Ray-Bans. However, not all Ray-Ban sunglasses will provide the same UV protection.

Question 5. How Can Anyone Clean Maui Jim Sunglasses?

Answer: 1. Rinse your sunglasses every day in warm water for optimal performance. 
2. Use a clean, soft, absorbent cloth for drying. 
3. If necessary, use a bar of mild liquid dish soap. 


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