What Color Shirt Goes With Navy Blue Shorts? Combination Of A Casual Look With Blue Shorts

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It depends on what blue color you are wearing because blue comes in various shades like light blue, navy blue, dark blue, etc. If you are wearing light-colored blue shorts, then white, light pink, or baby pink color shirts will look good. But if you are wearing dark blue shorts, then black, grey, green, white and yellow color shirts will make a perfect combination.

Casual Look With Blue Shorts


What Kind Of Dress Goes With Blue Shorts?

Shorts are very comfortable to wear in summers. Blue is the most common color for shorts, and you can use it with many combinations. Blue is a color that goes with many varieties like shirts, t-shirts, etc. If you are thinking about what to wear with blue shorts, here is the answer. You can wear blue shorts with tops, as mentioned below-

1. T-Shirts: It looks perfect with blue shorts. If you choose to wear a t-shirt with blue shorts, it would be better to select a light-colored t-shirt like white, black, grey, or yellow. You can try a round neck and short sleeve t-shirts.

2. Polo Shirts: If you want a casual look, go for polo shirts with blue shorts. Combination with white, baby pink, or grey colored long sleeve polo shirt with blue shorts would look fantastic. A striped polo shirt will give a casual look that is perfect for summer.

3. Button-Up Shirts: You can wear a white button-up shirt with blue shorts. A grey colored shirt also goes well with blue shorts or denim as a casual outfit.

4. Long-Sleeved Shirts: These are also a great choice to wear with blue shorts. When you are wearing a light blue colored short, try to wear a dark green colored shirt for a perfect combination.

Choose the colors that blend perfectly with blue shorts. The colors that go perfectly with blue shorts are white, black, grey, green, yellow, baby pink, sand, olive green, cherry, etc.

When To Wear A Blue Short?

Shorts are comfortable to wear for men, especially in summer, because they let your skin breathe. You can get a very casual look by wearing shorts in summer. But you need to select the right combination of colors.

When you are wearing blue shorts, whether light blue or navy blue, you can have a casual look if you follow the tips in the below-mentioned table.

Table 01: Combination Of A Casual Look With Blue Shorts.

01.Your LookYou go for a casual look with blue shorts by wearing a colorful and printed t-shirt or shirt.
02.Type of TopYou can wear a t-shirt or a polo shirt in grey or white.
03.ShoesWith blue shorts, loafers or sneakers go well.

Which Shoe Goes Well With Blue Shorts?

With blue shorts, you can make a perfect combination of colors. Along with the top, the color combination is also crucial for footwear. When you choose footwear with blue shorts, you can go for blue, white, black, or grey color footwears. These colors blend perfectly with blue shorts. Now, if you want to know which footwear looks excellent with blue shorts? Then the answer is-

1. Loafer

2. Sneakers

3. Boat shoes

4. Trainers

5. Flip-flops


Loafers are hot trendy shoes for both males and females. You can make a perfect combination with white, grey, or dark brown leather loafers while wearing blue or light blue shorts. A stylish pair of loafers will give you a better casual look.


Sneakers are the most casual, stylish, and comfortable footwear for all year round. Especially for summer, sneakers are the most relaxed and aesthetic choice for a casual look. A white or grey colored sneaker will blend perfectly with your blue shorts.

Boat Shoes

Boat shoes bring maturity to your outfit and give you a stylish look with blue shorts. Grey, brown, or black colored boat shoes go well with blue shorts.


Trainer shoes are available in various colors. If you are wearing blue shorts for jogging or athletic purpose, you can mix up with black, grey, or white-colored trainer shoes.


If you want comfortable and breathable footwear in summer, you should go with sandals or flip-flops with blue shorts. Choose grey, black, or brown color flip-flop to make a perfect blend with your shorts.

What Should I Wear With Dark Blue Shorts?

With blue shorts, you can make a perfect color combination because blue is a color that blends easily with other colors. But when it comes to the dark blue, you have to be a bit careful about creating any combination. Here are some suggestions for making a great combination with dark blue shorts-

1. You can wear dark blue shorts with a white shirt and brown leather loafers.

2. You can mix a tan print shirt along with black and white canvas sneakers along with it.

3. Go for mix black and white check sweater with navy canvas high top sneakers with blue shorts.

4. Try a black and white striped t-shirt with navy canvas high top sneakers along with the blue shorts.

5. Long sleeve shirts also look good with blue shorts. You can try a white and red checked long sleeve shirt with navy canvas or suede loafers.

6. A white striped shirt with navy blue shorts is an excellent match for a casual look.

7. Another trendier look is a blue patterned shirt with a medium blue and white color to pair with dark blue shorts.

8. If you are wearing baby blue color shorts, then black or any dark colored shirt will match perfectly. In the case of footwear, you can choose brown loafers.

However, you can also use your ideas before wearing anything. You may try a few colors before choosing one.

Frequently Asked Questions

Question 01. Which Color Of Shoes Matches Perfectly With Light Blue Shorts?

Answer: White and black never fail with blue color shorts. You can wear white or black colored loafers or sneakers with light blue shorts.

Question 02. Which Shorts Are Best To Wear?

Answer: Shorts come in various colors and lengths. It depends on your choice to wear very short, short, or knee-length shorts.

Question 03. What Are The Benefits Of Wearing Shorts?

Answer: Shorts are comfortable to walk with. Besides, you feel relaxed when you wear them at home or outdoors.

Question 04. Can I Wear A Red Shirt With Blue Shorts?

Answer: Redshirts are not the best match with blue shorts, but if you like the color and have the confidence to wear it, you can try this combination.

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