All Men Are The Same | How To Convince Girls That Guys Are Different

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To convince girls that guys are different, emphasize individuality and diversity. Share stories of unique qualities, interests, and experiences among men. Avoid making sweeping generalizations to promote understanding and appreciation of individual differences.

Do All Guys Want The Same Thing?


When people talk of guys wanting the same thing, it’s usually about sex. But, that’s being narrow-minded, considering how different men are. Just because Fred and Tony kept asking for it doesn’t mean David will.

Now that we know guys want different things, let’s see what they look for in women. They are often deep-running characters, so let us not sexualize them and see them as a monolith.

Let’s get into their minds now!

1. Men Want Good Vibes In A Woman

Vibe is feeling; the vibe is energy, the vibe is life. A man is more likely to respond to a psyched-up girl than an anxious, angry, and rude one.

So, always work on your mood. Don’t stay flustered or upset for long because it may affect your mental health. Instead, practice mindfulness and other exercises that bring the best out of you.

Soon enough, a good man will notice that you’ve become charged up. And it won’t be long before he asks you out.

2. Men Want Women Who Can Listen To Them, Especially About Their Passions

Every man around the world has one deep subject he enjoys talking about. He spends days and nights thinking about it, and so, if you tap it out of him, he’ll appreciate it. You will notice that even the shyest man will break out when you ask him what he is passionate about.

To make the man feel better, look up his passion and get some questions. It doesn’t matter whether or not you understand them; he only cares that you ask about it. If you keep engaging him, he will feel like you get him. And that will mark the start of a deep-running friendship.

MenNStuff 101:

If he’s a great guy, he’ll also look into the things you love. That way, the friendship or relationship will be balanced, and you’ll be as happy as he is.

3. Men Want Women Who Have Personal Goals And Dreams

When men go out with you, they pay attention to how deep your life runs, especially your vision. That way, they’ll know how to contribute to your future in the spirit of love.

Once he finds out you have an elaborate plan, you’ll see joy bubbling on his face. If he’s a progressive man, he’ll laud you for being empowered, and as a gentleman, he’ll offer his help.

4. Men Want To Be Attracted To You Deeply

Like women, men like what they can see. They want you to look confident through your flattering clothing and beautiful hair. So even if you’re not fleshy or endowed, you can put some effort into being your best self.

MenNStuff 101:

Don’t worry about the men who don’t find you attractive. They can also be invisible to you.

5. Men Want To Enjoy Lovemaking

If the man pursuing you seeks a romantic relationship, sex will surely cross his mind. So, you’d better put your best step forward. Out there, you can find resources that guide you on how to impress, so get reading.

If you improve your sex life, your man will notice, reciprocate, and love you even more. 

How To Convince A Girl That Not All Guys Are The Same

How To Convince A Girl

1. Open Communication:
Clear and open communication is the first step to rectify misgivings and misunderstandings. Show her that you’re different by demonstrating empathy, integrity, and honesty. Encourage her to share her concerns and listen attentively without interruption or defensiveness.

2. Show Consistency:
Consistency in your actions will prove that you stand out. Show her that you’re not like the others by consistently demonstrating your good intentions and behavior, day in day out.

Consistency ComponentsStrategies
Consistent AffectionShow care without asking for anything in return.
Consistent RespectRespect her thoughts, feelings, and personal space.
Consistent TrustworthinessKeep promises and act positively.

3. Display Genuine Interest:
Demonstrate genuine curiosity about her interests, ambitions, and concerns. Showing genuine interest not only differentiates you from others but also strengthens your connection with her.

4. Understand and Respect Her Past:
Recognize that her previous experiences might have shaped her present perceptions. Demonstrate understanding and respect towards her past, and show that you are different and better.

5. Positive Actions Over Words:
Actions undoubtedly speak louder than words. Show her that you’re different through your actions, not just your words.

6. Show Emotional Maturity:
Emotional maturity involves understanding your emotions and those of others. Be honest about your feelings, manage your emotions healthily, and show understanding towards hers.

7. Showcase Individuality:
Assure her that you are not a reflection of other men. Showcase your individuality and make her understand that just as every woman is different, so is every man.

8. Foster Trust:
Building trust is a crucial aspect of any relationship. By being consistently honest and transparent, she will start to see you as different and reliable.

9. Be Patient:
Change doesn’t happen overnight. Maintain patience and give her time to come to grips with the idea that not all men are the same.

10. Seek Professional Help:
If she has a deep-seated fear or trust issues, consider seeking the help of a professional counselor or therapist.

By nurturing these ten aspects, you can potentially help convince a girl that not all guys are the same. Remember, each person is unique, and it’s essential to appreciate and value these differences.

Worst Type Of Guys To Date (Men To Avoid)

Worst Type Of Guys To Date

You’ve been through trouble with boys, and now you want to steer clear of the ugly ones. The truth is, there are more good guys out there, and you’ve only had an unlucky streak. So, don’t beat yourself up.

In this section, you’ll see the personalities to avoid. That way, you’ll avoid being heartbroken or blindsided.

1. The Selfish Kind

Self-centered guys only care about themselves. They won’t care about you, and your interests will never make it to their hearts. Often, such people will have an over-inflated ego, and they’ll always remind you of the things they’ve done for you.

2. The Player Type

Such men will always gas you up, but they’ll never commit. That’s because they love attending to many hearts, and bodies for that matter.

If you let a player in, your relationship will never move. So, if you are looking for a long-term partner, avoid players.

3. The Unemotional One

In a relationship, emotions are the material that holds both parties together. If the guy doesn’t open up to you or share his mind, life will feel blank.

So, be cautious of a man who keeps you at arm’s length. Maybe he’s emotionally available for someone else.

4. The Controller

Sadly, some people walk into your life and try to place rules in it. They’ll tell you what to wear and who to talk to. Most times, they’ll even intimidate and dominate you, leaving you to feel less of yourselves. With all that happening, you’ll feel manipulated and bullied by the same person who claims they love you.

In such situations, you’d better leave early. A controller may end up killing your spirit, so break free and look for space to breathe.

5. The Effortless Kind

A relationship is an interweaving of love made of hard work. So, naturally, both parties should put in the effort to improve the quality of each other’s lives. But if you’re always the one calling, planning, and doing everything, you’re probably on your own.

If you see the guy showing such weakness, exit the stage and bounce back to the marketplace. There, you’ll find men waiting to put in the effort and time to impress you and grow a beautiful relationship.


So, all men are different, and having a streak of bad luck shouldn’t change your mind. Out there, people are waiting to love and be loved, so don’t give up. Eventually, you’ll bump into an absolute stunner who’ll make you feel weak in the knees. Remember, a guy wants more than sex; he needs depth of character.

If you’re a guy, know that convincing a girl about your uniqueness requires effort. Show her acts of love, and you’ll see her melting down. That’ll make her see that all the while, she’s been wrong about men.



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