What Is Fashion? Difference Between Style And Fashion

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Fashion refers to the prevailing clothing and accessory trends at a given time. Style is a personal expression of one’s fashion choices, reflecting individual taste and preferences. Fashion is ever-changing, while style is enduring and unique to each person.

Difference Between Style And Fashion

Numerous terms get thrown around in the world of apparel and attire but two of the most commonly misunderstood are ‘style’ and ‘fashion’. While they might sound interchangeable, they don’t actually mean the same thing. Here is a listicle that distinguishes between the two.

  1. Definition
    • Style is a unique form of expression that’s specific to an individual. It’s a personalized representation of one’s tastes, preferences, and personality through attire.
    • Fashion, on the other hand, relates to prevalent trends within society at a particular point in time. It’s a collective expression influenced by designers, influencers, and the media.
  2. Duration
    • Style is long-lasting. An individual’s style generally remains constant as it’s an expression of their inner selves.
    • Fashion is temporary. It changes with seasons and trends and has a short lifespan.
  3. Influences
    • Style is influenced by personal tastes, cultural backgrounds, lifestyle, and individual artistic flair.
    • Fashion is driven by industry trends, social influences, and celebrity endorsements.
  4. Impact
    • Style focuses on personal comfort, confidence, and self-expression.
    • Fashion tends to be about making a statement and fitting in with current trends.
  5. Variety
    • Style is unique to each person and can vary greatly from one individual to another.
    • Fashion is common to a group or society and often uniform in its followings.
  6. Focus
    • With style, the focus lies on quality and how clothes are worn.
    • In fashion, the focus is more on the clothes and accessories themselves.
  7. Adoption
    • Style evolves organically and stems from a person’s interests, experiences, and personality.
    • Fashion is usually adopted and often dictated by external entities like fashion houses, designers, or influencers.

To summarize, style is an individual’s unique and consistent way of expressing themselves through their clothing, whereas fashion is the collective, transient way society dresses based on current trends. Understanding the difference between style and fashion can help you develop your own unique look while staying aware of broader trends.

What Does “Fashion” Mean?

Fashion Mean

The word fashion comes from Old French faschier meaning ‘to adorn’. Early in its history, ‘fascinare’ (Latin) meant ‘to cast a spell’ but by late antiquity had come to refer to dressmaking. The Oxford English Dictionary defines “fashion” as something that is “stylish, elegant or smart in appearance and especially clothing.”

Fashion also refers to what people think about a particular thing. For example, if you wear an outfit that has been completely out of style for the past five years, it will be interpreted as unfashionable. This word can’t be used as an adjective because there are no singular forms of fashion; only plural forms.

There have been many different styles throughout history when it comes to clothes and accessories but what actually makes up these styles? A trend! Trends come into play with fashion because they dictate how we clothe ourselves today based on what was popular several decades ago or even centuries ago. However, this isn’t always true – some trends are just a one-time thing and are never repeated.

The definition of fashion is something that has to do with the way people dress, what they wear, why they wear it, or how their clothes look in relation to others around them.

There’s so much more than meets the eye when it comes to this word! It doesn’t just refer exclusively to clothing – there are also hairstyles, makeup styles and different accessories you can put on yourself as well. There is such a diverse amount of things related to fashion because everyone likes different things which makes sense given our unique personalities. What may be fashionable for someone else might not be for somebody else based on their own personal preferences.

What is the Meaning of “Style in Fashion?

“Style in fashion” refers to the distinctive and personal way in which individuals choose to express themselves through clothing, accessories, and grooming choices. It encompasses a range of elements that contribute to one’s overall appearance and presentation. Here’s a detailed breakdown of the meaning of “style in fashion”:

  1. Personal Expression: Style allows individuals to communicate their personality, values, and cultural influences through what they wear. It’s a form of self-expression, much like art or music.
  2. Signature Look: Style often involves developing a consistent and recognizable look that sets one apart from others. This can include specific colors, patterns, silhouettes, or even accessories that become associated with an individual.
  3. Adaptability: While style is personal, it can also adapt to different occasions, environments, and moods. One’s style might vary from casual and relaxed to formal and professional, depending on the context.
  4. Mixing and Matching: Style can involve the art of combining different clothing items and accessories to create unique outfits. This may involve layering, experimenting with textures, and incorporating unexpected elements.
  5. Timelessness: Some individuals develop a timeless style that transcends fleeting fashion trends. This classic style remains relevant and attractive over the years.
  6. Cultural Influences: Style often reflects cultural backgrounds and influences. People may incorporate elements from their heritage or draw inspiration from various cultures.
  7. Fashion Choices: While fashion refers to current clothing trends, the style incorporates how individuals interpret and incorporate those trends into their personal wardrobes. Someone with a unique style can make even the trendiest pieces their own.
  8. Confidence: Style is closely tied to confidence. When individuals feel comfortable and authentic in their clothing choices, it often boosts their self-esteem and presence.
  9. Evolution: Style can evolve over time as individuals mature, gain new experiences, and undergo changes in their lives. It’s not static but can adapt and grow with the individual.
  10. Inspiration: People often find style inspiration from various sources, including fashion icons, street fashion, social media, and fashion magazines. These sources help shape and refine their personal style.

Is Fashion An Art?

Fashion does not necessarily need to be an art in order for it to have creativity. Some people may think that if they are wearing something new or different then it is automatically considered as being fashionable, but the fact remains – what you wear can still represent your personality and zest even without blending into other items of clothing.

For example, there was a study done on Japanese high school students where one group wore their regular clothes while another group wore fashionable clothes but didn’t show any difference between them when comparing lifestyles. The conclusion was drawn from this experiment because neither picked up more social cues than the other which showed how much individuals define themselves by what they wear rather than completely relying on others’ opinions. So while some say that fashion is just what’s in style, it really comes down to what matters the most is how you feel about what you wear.

Uses Of Fashion?

-to feel confident and comfortable with what you wear

-express your personality through the clothes you wear

-show who you are to others by what they see on the outside

-a way of living a more fashionable lifestyle without having to spend too much money or time

-can be used for self-expression, confidence-boosting, and expressing yourself authentically in public spaces. But also makes it harder to find jobs because when employers have an image in mind this is often not what they want even though many people will say that wearing high fashion makes them feel good about themselves. This was evidenced as a study showed how individuals felt happy after wearing something from H&M which made them think that their clothing choice brought meaning into their lives.

How Does Fashion Impact Society?

Fashion is a form of communication. You wear what you like, and people will notice which styles are popular in your peer group or social circle. What clothes someone’s wearing can also tell others how they feel about themselves or the world at large. Fashion can be used to create an identity for oneself that says something specific about who they are without saying anything aloud; it can also be a way to hide from society by covering up one’s body so no one knows their true self underneath. The internet has allowed us to find clothing items that we might not have access to locally if ever there was such a thing as “closet fashion” before then!

Does Fashion Define A Person’s Character?

I don’t think fashion defines a person’s character. I believe that the company one keeps and what they do in their spare time is more indicative of who they are as an individual. I might be wrong though, haha!

What about you? What does your style say about you? Let me know below! Leave a comment to let me know what you thought of this article, or even tell me if it helped answer any questions for you!



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