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You were looking at denim pants, and suddenly, a 28 caught your attention. Then, you decided to look it up, and now, you are here at MenNStuff. Well, it is time you knew what size 28 is in jeans and everything in and around jean sizing.

From different charts online, size 28 for men has a waist of between 28.5 and 29 inches, a seat of between 34.5 and 35 inches, and a thigh area of between 21.5 and 22 inches.

For women, size 28 points to a natural waist between 29 and 30 inches and a natural hip of around 39 inches. Finally, a plus-size 28W points to a natural waist between 49.5 and 51.5 inches and a natural hip of between 59 and 61 inches.

In this article, we will look at the size conversion charts. That should help you know more about pant fittings and make shopping choices that are true to your size. Then, you will know if a 28 pair of jeans is a size ten and how the UK marks it. Finally, you’ll learn how to measure your waist and know your jeans size.

Find that and much more as your keep reading!

Size Conversion Charts

We have organized these charts to help you become a master of sizing. The numbers here will help you find your perfect fit.

Chart For Men’s Bottoms (Jeans And Other Pants)

28From 28.5 to 19 From 34.5 to 35 From 21.5 to 22 
2929.5 to 30 35.5 to 36 22 to 22.5 
3030.5 to 31 36.5 to 37 22.5 to 23 
3131.5 to 32 37.5 to 38 23 to 23.5 
3232.5 to 3338.5 to 3923.5 to 24
3333.5 to 3439.5 to 4024 to 24.5
3434.5 to 3540.5 to 4124 to 25
3535.5 to 3641.5 to 4225 to 26
3636.5 to 37.542.5 to 43.526 to 27
38Around 39.544.5 to 45.527 to 28
4040.5 to 41.546.5 to 47.527.25 to 28.25
4242.5 to 43.548.5 to 49.528 to 29
4444.5 to 45.550.5 to 51.528.75 to 29.75
4646.5 to 47.552.5 to 53.529.5 to 30.5
4848.5 to 49.554.5 to 55.530.25 to 31.25
5050.5 to 51.556.5 to 57.531 to 32
5252.5 to 53.558.5 to 59.531.75 to 32.75

Chart For Women’s Bottoms (Jeans And Other Pants)

22From 23 to 24From 32 to 33
2324 to 2533 to 34
2425 to 2634 to 35
2526 to 2735 to 36
2627 to 2836 to 37
2728 to 2937 to 38
2829 to 3039 to 39
2930 to 3139 to 40
3031 to 3240 to 41

Chart For Plus Size Bottoms (Jeans And Other Pants)

12WFrom 35.5 to 36From 44 to 45.5
14W36 to 37.545.5 to 47
16W37.5 to 39.547 to 49
18W39.5 to 41.549 to 51
20W41.5 to 43.551 to 53
22W43.5 to 45.553 to 55
24W45.5 to 47.555 to 57
26W47.5 to 49.557 to 59
28W49.5 to 51.559 to 61

Data courtesy of SilverJeans.com

Is A 28 JEAN A Size 10 (US Standard Sizing)?

No. Actually, A 28 Pair Of Jeans Is A Size 6 According To The US Standard Size.

On the contrary, a size ten pair of pants is 30 in jeans. And, according to BlitzResults.com, it covers a waist of between 30.5 and 31.5 inches and a hip size of between 40 and 41.5 inches.

What Is A Size 28 In Jeans UK?

What Is A Size 28 In Jeans UK

From this chart by Donna Ida, the UK equivalent of jean size 28 is 10. Like with many other metrics, different countries mark their jeans differently. But, even with the distinctions, all jean sizes are derived from waist measurements.

For example, a 28 pair of jeans means that its minimum waist is 28 inches or thereabout. Similarly, a 52 pair of bottoms have a 52.5 and 53.5 inches waist measurement.

So, if you wear size 32 bottoms comfortably, it is safe to assume that your waist is 32 inches. But, since you need to measure accurately and know your jean size, the next section will give you tips on doing that.

How To Measure Your Waist And Know Your Jean Size

If you’re always shopping for clothes, you know that sizing jeans is an important skill to have. That way, you’ll build an impressive wardrobe with clothes that fit you perfectly. In turn, that gives you a boost of confidence and a fashion-forward sense.

So, are all brands the same when it comes to sizing? No, which makes it more important to figure out the correct size. Then, you’ll be ready to slide from H&M to Levi and then to Calvin Klein without checking the tags for long.

In this part, you will use a pair of jeans you love. It will give you the measurements you’ll need to use as approximations. With that info, shopping for jeans and other pants will be as easy as ABC and 123.

Now, let us get to it and see the steps you’ll take to look your best!

1. Start By Measuring Your Waist

Get a soft tape measure and roll it around your waist to get the waist measurement. If you don’t have one, use any of these links to order one from Amazon and get it sooner than you expect:

1. 2-pack tape measure measuring tape for body fabric

2. Soft tape measure double-scale for weight loss

3. SINGER 00218 tape measure, 60-inch

Place the tape around 4 inches below your belly button and ensure that it bends around your waist. Then, go around with the tap from front to back then back to front. When you’re done, keep track of the measurements your get on a piece of paper.

MenNStuff 101:

Going 4 inches below the belly button seems like overdoing things because that’s not the natural waist area. But, since many pairs of jeans fit lower, that area is the best for taking measurements.

2. Then, Check The Inseam

For this step, you’ll need someone to help you get the measurements.

To do it, open your legs apart to a shoulder-like width. Then, let the other person run the tape from your foot to the crotch area (inside of the legs).

MenNStuff 101:

If you like wearing long jeans, you should measure from foot’s floor.

As you mark the numbers, ensure that you don’t bend to read the tape measurement. Instead, draw with your fingers or use a mirror. And, if you’re finding it hard to hold the tape in place, use an adhesive to fix the tape in the ankle area. That way, you can roll it until your reach the crotch.

3. Next, Measure Your Hip Area

Women’s jeans take account of this measurement because females have more pronounced hips. To get the numbers there, wrap the tape around the hips where they are widest, and measure while ensuring it doesn’t droop or lift in the back area.

4. Follow That By Measuring Your Hip

Although an uncommon metric, hip measurements sometimes come to play when you’re getting a new pair of jeans. So, take the tape and wrap it around one thigh in the thickest area. You won’t need to measure both thighs but if one is thicker, do it.

Don’t pull the tape tightly on the thigh to avoid giving yourself inaccurate measurements. If you do, the numbers you get will make you shop for an uncomfortable pair of denim jeans.

So, make sure that the tape is snug but has a slight opening that can fit one finger. 

5. Finally, Check The Front Rise (From Crotch To Belly Button)

Stretch your tape and mark from behind the crotch line and over the pelvis front to the waist. If you are a man, this area is about 2 inches below the belly button. For women, it is around the belly button.

To make the measurements more reliable, you can wear a belt. That way, you will know where the jean waist would lie.

MenNStuff 101:

Use the same style if you need measurements for the back rise (or seat).

Since you have the measurements, use any charts (like the ones provided here) to find a pair of jeans. If you’re a man, use the waist and length measurement and for women, use the waist only. Those numbers will best indicate your size, and you will buy an excellent pair of trousers.

When shopping online, check the sizing chart provided by the particular brand. Then, compare it with what you have and check if the fitting is true to size. For example, if you want to buy the Levi’s men’s 505 regular-fit jeans on Amazon, you’ll find this helpful button:

XFPdiGP82bDcd4dkFNVZYRrukS1AnA Yq31t5MWvn7p SFBUV6dSoeK7CTPxlqyI83AFCSBRPxAWbXwHUhbjTo8

Which opens up this pop-up window:

fAlA5HTMkgacG ZtUK3nR1iGsWHA1p24HyesHY6Uoo8uHbUMfPbpjFQhtX9vEC7NvuZW5rR75GVuxLQODoGCP0GbpKX49tfy8

So, this Levi’s size chart will be pivotal when choosing the size. To put things into perspective, you will buy a brand size 30 if your waist reads 31 inches, seat 37 inches, and thigh 23 inches.

MenNStuff 101:

Sometimes, the measurements provided online are not usually true to size. In such a situation, ensure that the store has a return policy. That way, you can always return the pair of pants if they don’t fit you as much as you want.


Regardless of the country you live in, size 28 in jeans points to a waist of between 29.5 and 30 inches. That should tell you that having your waist measurement is essential to an excellent shopping experience.

So, get your tape and use our guide to have all those figures in mind. But, if you’re not confident with your ability to measure accurately, consider going to an alteration tailor. They should be able to measure you for free and give you tips on buying the best pair of jeans. And, if anything goes amiss, you can always have the pants tailored to fit your fit. 

And that was it!

If you enjoyed the article, be sure to share it with others. They’ll be delighted to know more about sizing, and they’ll have a better time buying bottoms.

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Bye for now, and we’ll see you in the next article!

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