8 K-Pop Idols With The Most Chill Out Airport Fashion

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It’s always a joy to see idols looking great as they travel. Whether you’re going on vacation or coming back from one, airport fashion is important! Which K-pop idols have the most chill-out airport fashion? Here are 8 of them that we think to look great in these outfits:

1) Sunmi

2) Jisoo

3) Jin

4) Tzuyu

5) Taeyeon

6) Irene

7) Seulgi



Sunmi has a great sense of style and loves to wear colourful dresses. When not performing, she can often be seen in vibrant outfits that are full of life!

Since Sunmi is always so effortlessly stylish, we were sure her airport fashion would follow suit. She wore a white dress with lace detailing on the sleeves from APC at Seoul Airport for her flight (pictured below). The mix between feminine details and basics like black sneakers created an outfit perfect for any travel occasion.

The most important thing about airport fashion is comfort: no one wants to look uncomfortable when they’re travelling! With loose-fitting clothing and shoes that match this need, Sunmi was well-prepared without sacrificing style points! Stand out amongst your friends with these K-pop idols’ airport fashion.


Jisoo is always so chic and well-dressed, it’s hard to believe that she can wear anything less than a structured suit when she goes out. Her airport fashion was no different as the singer donned an oversized turtleneck sweater with black culottes from APC at Incheon Airport for her flight (pictured below). With full sleeves and ample fabric, this look created a high neckline and long length perfect for layering under any coat or blazer. Bright red lipstick provided just enough color pop against the muted colors of the outfit while still being appropriate for travel! We’re sure Jisoo will be looking fresh even after all those hours in transit!


Jin is always one to wear something comfortable, which can be seen in his airport fashion as well. The rapper wore a white hoodie with navy jeans and brown boots for an easygoing look (pictured below). A backpack is great for carrying all of your travel essentials, but it’s also important not to neglect other pieces like stylish sunglasses or even cute hats! Jin knows this first hand- after he was spotted wearing a black bomber jacket over the hoodie from Saint Laurent that he matched perfectly with aviator shades and black leather gloves. Some people might deem those items too warm since most airports are cold during winter months but we say leave no stone unturned when preparing for any possible weather situation on the runway or at baggage claim!


One of the most popular members in TWICE, Tzuyu has a style that is much more feminine than some other idols- which makes sense since she was born and raised in Taiwan. The girl group leader can be seen wearing loose-fitting long shirts with jeans (pictured below), a short dress paired over dark tights, or even leggings and high slippers. Her clothing items are usually light colors like pink, white, navy blue, etc., so you know this idol knows how to add color into her airport fashion despite not being able to wear anything too bright!


Taeyeon is a member of the popular South Korean girl group Girls’ Generation and she has an airport fashion style that is so effortlessly chic. The idol can be seen wearing loose-fitting jackets with either jeans or leggings, big scarves (in case it gets cold), and occasionally sneakers for her shoe choice! She’s got such a unique look without even trying that we just had to include her in this list- paired with her natural beauty, you could have never guessed how many fans are drawn to Taeyeon at airports around the world.


Irene is one of the newest members of Red Velvet and she has a style that’s always calm, cool and collected. She can be seen wearing loose-fitting blouses with either jeans or leggings, sunglasses (even when it isn’t sunny), as well as different shoes- oftentimes to match her outfit! This K-pop princess knows how to keep things minimalistic but still have plenty of fun with colour coordination while also staying chic at the airport.


Seulgi is the maknae of Red Velvet and she has a very unique style that’s all her own. She can often be seen wearing anything from crop tops to oversized sweaters, with either joggers or even high-waisted skirts paired with boots! Her airport fashion isn’t your average K-pop idol but it suits her so well because you’ll never see Seulgi in an outfit she doesn’t enjoy putting together herself.


Yeri, the youngest member of Red Velvet and also a solo artist in her own right, has been known to wear plenty of feminine-looking outfits that are always full of colour. Yeri will often combine more neutral colours like black or white with brighter ones so she can still look chic while having fun! Her airport fashion is never dull because it’s constantly changing up from day to night as well as different seasons for extra vibrancy.

Yeri isn’t afraid to be different when it comes to what she wears at the airport and you’ll see lots of dresses paired with crop tops but also some jackets thrown into the mix here and there too if she needs something warmer for colder climates. She doesn’t shy away from layering either!


Which K-Pop Idol Has The Most Chill Out Airport Fashion?

K-pop idols with the most chill out airport fashion:

Seulgi, Taeyeon, Yeri.

Who Has The Best Airport Style In K-Pop?

Seulgi is hands down one of the coolest and most stylish female Korean idol artists when it comes to their outfit choices! Her outfits are never too flashy or overdone but she’s always mixing up colours and different patterns that keep her look fresh. What other female artist do you think deserves a spot on this list for their runway-ready styles at airports

Which Airports Do They Fly To And From?

Seoul Incheon International Airport, Gimpo International Airport.

What Are Some Of Your Favorite Outfits On Asian Idols And Why?

Taeyeon’s outfits are always perfect for any occasion with their versatility. She can go from relaxed to formal, all while looking great! Her outfit choices also change depending on what type of music she is promoting at the time so it feels like a new look every time I see her. Yeri has already been making headlines since debuting as TWICE because of how much variety they show off with their styles. There really isn’t anything that these two ladies have worn that we haven’t loved!

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