Boyfriend T-shirt vs. Normal T-shirt: The Differences and How to Rock them in Style

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Boyfriend T-shirts, typically oversized, offer a relaxed look. Regular T-shirts fit standard. Style boyfriend tees with leggings or as dresses. Regular ones pair well with jeans. Experiment with accessories for both.

What Is a Boyfriend T-shirt?

What Is a Boyfriend T-shirt

Boyfriend t-shirts are usually very simplistic in design and feature one or two colors, which you can pair in different ways. Boyfriend t-shirts typically feature a few iconic or popular motifs, such as the American flag, flowers, or animal images. 

The boyfriend t-shirt is the primary and common type of t-shirt, and they’re versatile. Wear the T-shirts to dress up in regular outfits, or wear them as a comfortable layer. Boyfriend t-shirts don’t constrict you as the manufacturers use soft materials

What Is a Normal T-Shirt?

A standard t-shirt is usually a unisex t-shirt available in a slim, regular, and athletic fit. Manufacturers can either print a t-shirt or wear it. Woven T-shirts generally tend to be cheaper than printed T-shirts. 

Manufacturers usually make t-shirts from cotton or polyester and are typically available in white, black, and different colors. Standard t-shirts are generally the most common t-shirts for men and women.

You can wear a typical T-shirt with a belt tucked in or pajamas.

How to Wear a Boyfriend T-shirt?

If you have a boyfriend, it is a possibility that you wear his T-shirt more often than him. While that’s perfectly fine, you can still differentiate between a boyfriend t-shirt and a regular t-shirt.

Although, it is not a must to have a boyfriend to wear a boyfriend tee. You can buy a boyfriend tee from the stores.

Ensure that the t-shirt is stylish enough for you to wear as a boyfriend’s t-shirt. After all, you don’t want to wear his or any t-shirt as a regular t-shirt. 

The standard way to wear a boyfriend t-shirt is to roll up the sleeves and leave the shirt untucked. Wear it with a belt or pair it with your favorite jeans. Since manufacturers make boyfriend t-shirts from cotton or polyester, you can wear them in any season.

Differences between a Boyfriend T-shirt and a Normal T-shirt

Differences between a Boyfriend T-shirt and a Normal T-shirt

A typical t-shirt, on the other hand, is usually much more detailed and iconic in design, unlike a boyfriend tee. While both men’s and women’s t-shirts have evolved to become more comfortable, lightweight, and stylish, there are some differences between the two which are:

Fit: A boyfriend T-shirt usually fits you snugly, while a regular t-shirt should fit you loosely.

Fabric: A boyfriend t-shirt features a softer or smoother fabric, while a standard t-shirt usually features a thicker or rougher material.

Pattern: A boyfriend t-shirt has a logo-free or abstract pattern, while a regular T-shirt usually features a more detailed image.

Color: A boyfriend t-shirt has a neutral or subtle color palette, while a standard t-shirt features a more vibrant color palette.

Sleeves: A typical shirt has shorter sleeves, so it’s more formal for work. A boyfriend tee has long sleeves. 

The Cut: A boyfriend tee is more relaxing and unrestrained, so you shouldn’t wear it with strict dress code policies. While a regular shirt is more fitting, you should wear it with more stringent guidelines. 

The differences are in the details. While some people argue that these differences are subtle and insignificant, there is still something to be said that most women prefer to wear men’s t-shirts over women’s t-shirts because of the oversized fit and comfort.

How to Dress in a Boyfriend T-Shirt in All Occasions

How to Dress in a Boyfriend T-Shirt in All Occasions

A simple method is proper when looking casual and stylish; there are still some ways to ensure that the t-shirt is bright enough to wear to work.

While the term ‘boyfriend t-shirt’ typically refers to a shirt that has a more relaxed fit, it’s not uncommon for a boyfriend t-shirt to be slightly tighter and shorter than your average t-shirt. 

Boyfriend t-shirts are generally longer than regular tees, and the length helps make the boyfriend tee look fashionable. Ensure that you don’t look sloppy or frumpy. 

A few ways to style a boyfriend tee include:

Wear Your Boyfriend Tee with a Pair of Simple Jeans

Nothing says comfort like an old pair of jeans. If you want to keep things simple and stylish simultaneously, there’s no better way than by pairing a boyfriend tee with a pair of jeans

Wear Your Tee with a Blazer

A blazer is perfect for making an outfit look polished and professional without looking too stuffy or boring. If you want to ensure that you stand out from everyone else in the office, try wearing one of these with some slim black pants.

Wear Your Tee under an Oversized Sweater

One of the best ways to make any outfit look more casual is by layering different pieces over each other. Plus, wearing an oversized sweater will help ensure that people don’t mistake it for something they can wear during work hours.

How To Dress For A Casual Event In a Boyfriend T-shirt

Women’s t-shirts usually have a much more fitted silhouette, whereas manufacturers design a man’s t-shirt to be looser and more accessible. Most men’s t-shirts also include a chest pocket or some graphic on the front or back.

If you are looking to wear your boyfriend’s t-shirt to an event where you want to look stylish but not overdressed, here are some ideas for wearing it.

Wear Your Boyfriend Tee with Skinny White Jeans

The look is perfect for anyone who wants to dress casually but still look put together. It’s casual enough that you won’t feel out of place in an informal setting but stylish enough that people won’t mistake it for something they can wear on the weekends. 

Wear Your T-shirt with Denim Shorts

If the weather outside is nice enough that you don’t need pants, try wearing your boyfriend tee with denim shorts. This way, you get the relaxed comfort of wearing shorts without worrying about showing too much skin. 

Frequently Asked Questions

How to Wear a Boyfriend T-shirt for a Weekend Lunch?

If you have a lunch date with friends or family and don’t have anything stylish to wear, don’t worry much as long as you have a boyfriend tee. Pair the tee with a skirt to create a unique style. You can select a patterned dress in your desirable silhouette flair or pencil. Gently tuck the T-shirt in at your waist. Remember to pair the outfit with flats and simple jewelry.

Is a Boyfriend T-shirt Just for Boyfriends?

Many people wonder if boyfriend t-shirts are just for boyfriends and the answer is no! You can wear a boyfriend t-shirt regardless of your gender. 

The name ‘boyfriend t-shirt’ might make you think that only men should wear a boyfriend tee, but the name is just how people refer to a casual, relaxed shirt. The women’s boyfriend tee is known as ‘women’s tank tops,’ making it sound like the tee is only for women. But it is just a tee that’s comfortable and easy to wear.


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