The Difference Between Adidas Men’s And Women’s Pants

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Adidas men’s pants typically have a roomier fit, while women’s pants are designed with a more tailored and narrow cut. Additionally, women’s styles may offer more color and pattern options to suit diverse preferences.

How Are Adidas Pants Produced?

Men’s and women’s pants from Adidas vary greatly. These pants are manufactured using the same methods, but some noticeable differences reveal the gender of each pair of pants. Let’s say a man grabs his wife’s pants accidentally. Likely, the pants will not fit him. This is because the pants are equipped with features that serve women. 

Although it may be possible for a lady to wear men’s Adidas pants, it is not practical for a man to wear women’s pants. However, there are some noticeable differences between women’s and men’s Adidas pants.

Differences Between Men’s And Women’s Adidas Pants

Differences Between Mens And Womens Adidas Pants

1. Design:

Men’s Adidas pants are designed with a more straight-cut, creating a relaxed and comfortable fit. Typically, they are less tapered towards the bottom and have broader waist measurements. On the other hand, women’s Adidas pants incorporate a slim-fit design, which is naturally more body-hugging. These pants are often tapered towards the ankles, highlighting the feminine figure.

2. Size Chart:

Men’s and women’s size charts for Adidas pants differ. Men’s pants are typically wider with longer inseam lengths, accommodating their build. Women’s sizes are generally smaller, with shorter inseam lengths and narrower waist measurements.

Table for size difference:

Men’s SizeWomen’s Size
Waist (Inches)28-4623-35
Inseam Length (Inches)27.5-3426-32

3. Features:

Most men’s Adidas pants come with features like reinforced stitching for durability, big pockets for extra storage space, and wide waistbands for a secure fit. Women’s Adidas pants, on the other hand, often feature a high-waisted design, secure pockets, and stretchy materials for flexibility, focusing more on style, comfort, and function at once.

4. Material:

While both men’s and women’s Adidas pants use high-quality materials, the ratio of fabric components might vary based on the different comfort and flexibility requirements. Men’s pants might use more cotton for enhanced durability, while women’s pants could contain more spandex for additional stretch and comfort.

5. Colour Palette and Style:

Men’s Adidas pants often come in more neutral and darker shades, and the styles are more geared toward sporty, casual, and rugged looks. Women’s pants from Adidas, conversely, include a wider variety of colors and designs, with the inclusion of vibrant colors, pastel shades, and decorative elements to cater to diverse style preferences.

Remember, there is no hard-set rule that one gender cannot wear pants produced for the other gender. The key to selecting the perfect Adidas pants is understanding the differences between men’s and women’s styles and picking what caters to your personal comfort and style.

A Comparison Table Between Men’s And Women’s Adidas Pants

GenderSizeCrotch AreaWaist bandHipsPockets
Men’s PantsBroad and long.Lower and loose.Thick waistbandLess allowance.Presence of back pocket.
Women’s PantsShorter and narrowerHigher and tight fit.Thinner waistbandMore allowance.No back pocket

1. Size

Size is the first and also the most significant distinction. Men’s pants are broader and longer as compared to women’s pants.

The tag on the pants indicates the size of the pants. The label has two visible numbers on men’s pants to show size.

The first number usually shows the waist size of the wearer, and the second number indicates the length of the legs. For instance, it might be labeled 36-34. 36 represents the inches of the waist, whereas 34 illustrates the leg inches of the pants from the inseam.

Extended sizes are manufactured for men over 189cm, while short sizes are manufactured for men up to 175 cm. 

As for women’s pants, the size is shorter and narrower. This is because women are generally of a smaller body structure than men.

Women’s pants sizes are indicated on the tag by just one even number. The sizes range from 0-10. The size 0 is the smallest and 10 is the largest possible size.

To determine the leg size, Adidas manufacturers indicate four main choices:

1. P for petite,

2. S for short,

3. L for long and

4. R for regular

According to everyone’s body size, both genders’ pants are labeled L (large), M (medium), and S (small).

In size, the difference between Men’s and women’s Adidas pants is their physical appearance. The men’s small size equals the women’s medium size.

3. The Crotch Area

The difference in the genital areas of the two genders makes them appear different. Men’s Adidas pants are made so that the crotch depth is lower to provide more comfort.

The crotch area is a huge distinguishing factor that needs to be considered. The crotch section in men’s Adidas pants is lower and loose, while it is much higher and tighter fitting for women.

4. Hips Area

The stature of women varies from that of men greatly. Women’s Adidas pants have more allowance for the hips, unlike men’s pants. 

While men’s pants are a little huge on the front, women’s pants are huge on the back because their posterior is larger.

5. Waistband

The waistband is thinner in women’s Adidas pants and thicker in men’s pants. The waistband has drawstrings in both genders’ pants, making it convenient for adjusting since it has a seam at the back. 

On the other hand, women’s drawstrings are slightly thinner and longer than those present in men’s pants. 

Other noticeable differences in men’s and women’s Adidas pants are:

1. Women’s pants, unlike men’s, do not have a pocket at the back.

2. In comparison to all sizes, men’s pants appear more extended and broader than women’s pants.

3. Women’s pants have zippers at the bottom of the leg. The zippers are not present in men’s pants.

4. Women’s pants are available in brighter colors when it comes to color. On the other hand, men’s pants come in darker and solid colors. Women’s pants commonly come in pastel colors like pink and light shades of purple.

5. Men’s pants mostly come in masculine colors like blue, black, and gray

  • 6. Women’s pants are very fitting on the legs. They hug the legs making them more visible. However, men’s pants do not fit on the legs.

How To Identify Authentic Adidas Pants

In the world of counterfeit products, it can be challenging to choose between what’s real and what’s fake. There are several pointers that one can use to spot original Adidas pants.

1. Adidas Brand mark

You must be familiar with the three brand marks of Adidas if all you want to choose original pants. The three brand marks are:

1. Three stripes

2. The trefoil

3. Three bars

It is imperative to count the number of bars and stripes well.

Also, the original Adidas pants have two tags. One at the back and the second one just within. Always check out the tags. These tags indicate the size, brand, and material of the pants.

2. Quality

Adidas is amongst the world’s best manufacturers, and they don’t compromise on quality. If pants have loose ends or messy stitching, they are not from Adidas. That is a red flag.

Forgers try so hard to mimic authentic products; that’s why you have to be on the lookout for quality. Adidas pants have tight stitches and do not have loose ends.

3. Price Range

As it is known that cheap is expensive, this applies when choosing Adidas pants. If a pair of pants are going for a very reasonable price, they are not Adidas, and they are cheap for a reason.

The price is always an essential factor when determining the genuineness of any product.

4. Packaging

Genuine products are packaged in the most excellent way possible. If you happen to purchase Adidas pants online and the packaging is not proper, or the boxing is shoddily done, the chances are that your pants are fake.

There are very few chances of finding Adidas pants packed in loose and unkempt packages. The packaging speaks volumes about the product.

5. Buying From The Official Website

The most accurate way to acquire authentic Adidas pants is by purchasing them directly from their website or official retailers.

When buying from street vendors and other places like markets, the possibility of getting fake pants is high.


Adidas pants are crafted in a design that provides the maximum comfort that anyone needs. They are also perfect for ranging one’s motion. These pants serve different purposes for both genders. Some wear these pants to relax after work, and others wear them to work out.

Men are known to wear suits while women are known to wear dresses. In a world in which a person of each gender is known to dress differently, Adidas pants are a few dress items that trespass the norms of gender. As long as one knows the differences between each gender’s pants, they are good to go.


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