Do Japanese Girls Like Black Guys? 11Tips For Dating A Japanese Girl.

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Whether or not Japanese girls like black guys depends on a variety of factors, including the individual’s personal preferences, cultural background, and experiences. A recent study found that Japanese women are more likely to date men of other races than Japanese men are to date women of other races.

Do Japanese Girls Like Black Guys

All the reasons why Japanese girls like black guys

Japanese women are attracted to all sorts of individuals from different races and nationalities. However, if one were to delve into specifics, there are certain aspects that may explain why some Japanese women might find black men particularly appealing. This listicle seeks to explore some of these reasons, while maintaining the understanding that attraction is very subjective and varies greatly from person to person.

1. Physical Attraction

In contrast to the more homogenous society of Japan, black men often represent diversity in physical appearance. Their distinct physical features can be seen as exotic, compelling, and attractive.

2. Cultural Curiosity

Cultural exchange is fascinating and can be quite appealing. Japanese women may be intrigued by the prospect of exploring a new cultural perspective through relationships.

3. The Influence of Western Media

Western media often portrays black men in a positive light. Hip-hop culture, sports personas, Hollywood actors – many Japanese women find these representations attractive.

4. Assertive Personality Traits

In general, Japanese society is known for its reserved nature. The stereotype of black men as confident and bold may appeal to Japanese women looking for someone more assertive.

5. Attraction to English Proficiency

English is a globally dominant language. In Japan, many value the ability to speak English, and Western foreigners, including black men, often have a higher proficiency in it.

6. The Desire for International Relationships

Japanese women may be interested in international relationships due to their exposure and openness to the global world. A relationship with a foreigner, including black men, offers a way to satiate this desire.

7. The comfort in diversity

Japanese women may feel more appreciated and comfortable with black men who are less likely to have the same cultural expectations that exist within homogeneous Japanese society.

Remember, these reasons don’t apply universally to all Japanese women, attraction is deeply personal and contextual. Moreover, stereotypes should be avoided as individuals can differ significantly from general expectations or behaviors attributed to their racial or ethnic group.

Being A Black Guy In Japan:

Japanese learned about blackface from the racist Americans. People in Japan believed that since they did not have a history of oppression and slavery against black people, their operations should not be viewed as offensive or racist. Instead, many felt that it was their way to show respect for black cultures and people. Black people still keep battling many stereotypes as a race which are carried out in Japan.

Around 98% of Japan’s population is Japanese, and the remaining 2% are all other Asians. There are approximately 50,000, i.e., 0.4% of African people. There is still an odd existence phenomenon of the performance of blackface in Japan. For Japanese people, racism is like a uniquely American disease, “Amerika by.”

In the U.S, where most people are Asian and white, they believe that Asians are racist and do not like or love black people. In contrast, in some places in Japan, girls are interested only in black guys.

Japanese citizens treat black people like any other Western foreigner. People generally would not like to give a house on rent to black people. It is not due to racism, but it is xenophobia. They are not extremely racist. Japanese know about black people only through movies, TV, or music. There are many racial incidents in Japan, as well.

As instanced by the Miss Universe Japan in 2015, half black has faced a certain harassment level. She is seen and treated as “Hafu,” not Japanese, just a foreigner.

Like anywhere else, there are racists in Japan as well. Black people are not considered equal to them. The presence of the U.S military for 60 years in Japan makes black people assumed to be from the U.S. or military forces of the U.S., giving them the additional status of being American. It makes the Japanese population have a positive opinion of them, and like them. It is because Japanese people have a liking for people from the U.S.

To conclude, the Japanese would categorize people like Japanese and foreigners. They put less emphasis on race, as it is prevalent in other cultures around the world.

Table 1.1: Tips For Dating A Japanese Girl.

S. No.  
1Picking Up Girls.Pick up girls from night-life areas, like bars and clubs.
2Join Groups.Joining in-groups will help you being friendly and getting closer.
3Open up slowly.Start with a smooth and natural conversation.
4Face Value.They do not know much about sarcasm. They will take at face value of whatever you say.
5Dressing.Dressing according to the occasion, place and time would be impressive.
6Hygiene.Hygiene is significant than anything else.
7Shaking hands.Casual physical contact is appreciated.
8Physical contact.Physical contact is rare.
9Confident.Being confident will make you win little affection. Avoid being too confident.
10Souvenirs.Try giving small gifts. They don’t like to accept expensive ones.
11Language.If you don’t know the language, teaching each other, the languages would be the best way of getting closer.
12Making feel special.Appreciating her qualities, not the appearance, and complimenting them would make her feel special.
13Being Yourself.Being yourself will help you have fun and get attracted.
14Avoid certain topics.Avoid talking about crime, race, sex, drugs, politics, religion, or any other conversational topics.


Do Japanese Girls Like Black Guys?

Young girls are influenced by urban fashion, western society, hip-hop, etc. People are socially awkward in Japan. Japanese girls are seen with men from all races. However, the degree of their relationship is unknown.

White guys have a better chance of being liked by Japanese girls due to their image in society worldwide. While older people in Japan hate whites, young girls have accepted. Japanese people do not have much interaction with black people. For them, the black guy is a musician, athlete, or actor. The knowledge about black guys is also limited in Japan. However, Japanese girls date black guys.

Japanese girls’ opinions of race or foreigners vary from the ethnic ideologies or races for which a particular foreigner is prevalent in their countries. Ranking or hierarchy depends upon the language, nationality, and influence of a guy’s color across the world. It is not about being black in Japan; it is about being a foreigner in Japan. Japanese girls prefer and usually marry Japanese guys.

Japanese women are very respectable and dignified in general, and not how it is shown in the movies. You give her dignity and respect; whatever race you are from, you will be liked. Japanese women date black guys. Some Japanese are receptive to white with blue eyes or blonde hair, especially with a good job and money. Liking is not restricted to color for Japanese girls.

Dating A Black Guy In Japan:

In Japan, dating a black guy works out well. Japanese girls are shy. Girls do not spend much time with foreigners or black guys, especially Africans. It needs to be going slower and get to know the girl. There can be extremely negative or positive opinions of black guys, which can be noticed easily. The natural side of it is to get seen. Black guys are noticed in Japan. 

Many black guys in Japan have been treated as special because the girls are very submissive out there. If a Japanese girl is attracted to a black guy, she will do whatever it can to maintain her relationship. Girls in Japan think of themselves as low-key individuals and a black guy interested in an Asian girl with slim and attractive looks would mean heaven to them. The ones who will date a black guy will pound all the kindness. 

Whether it is to dating, cooking, making love, or anything else, in general, they would cater to all the needs of their boyfriends in any possible way. It is the usual way of girls in Japan despite ethnicity; however, people observing or experiencing this would be like a world. However, Japanese girls would do cater to all the needs only in those cases that are:

1. The guy is the same as her.

2. The guy does the same for her.

3. The guy does not take advantage of her.

4. Their relationship should be faithful and not abusive.

What matters for a Japanese girl is to be genuinely happy together. If a guy is unhappy, it might not be reflected initially, but it will be evident with time. It would be best to talk and resolve.

Being for a submissive partner is not bad, but if a girl wants the same from the guy, then the relationship would end as a mess. However, not all girls in Japan would like a black guy.

Finding a Japanese girlfriend for a black guy is the same as anywhere else in the world. People often assume that Japanese girls are shy. However, they are not as nervous as predicted. Initially, they are shy and open up with time. It is due to the apparent cultural differences.

However, there are many black people in Japan, and there are many Japanese-black relationships and marriages. It may be noted that Billy Blanks and Bob Sapp married Japanese girls, and Ariana Miyamoto, a contestant in Miss Universe, was Japanese.

Dating Tips For Black Guys:

Many black guys look for romance with Japanese girls. For a Japanese girl, if you are not Japanese, whether you are black or white, you are just a foreigner to them. Whether it is to date a Japanese girl or long-term relationship, there are some tips and tricks to keep in mind while dating a Japanese girl, which are mentioned in the table below:

Dating a Japanese girl is to be, confident, hygienic, polite, and humble. Avoid being excessively flattery. Compliment her, or talk about what she is from inside. Avoid all that can lead to arguments. Besides, avoid getting lustful and regretting later.

Let not people tell you how your experience will be while dating Japanese girls as the experience cannot be the same. It varies for each black or white individual. While asking a query that Does Japanese girls like black guys? The answer will be based on each black individual’s experience and how you are presenting yourself to a Japanese girl.

The opinions of the girls vary from one to another. Move past the color of the skin of a guy. Instead, look at the qualities that she will get attracted to, and be a nice guy to the Japanese girl. 


Q1. What Is The Percentage Of Africans In Japan?

Ans: The African population in Japan is approximately 0.4%, i.e., around 50,000 people. This population is considered as a foreigner by Japanese. 

Q2. What Is Hafu In Japan?

Ans: “Hafu” is originated from the English word half. It is used for an individual who is born from one ethnically Japanese and the other non-Japanese.

Q3. Name Any Well-Known Japanese Black Couple.

Ans: There are many instances where well-known Japanese females married a black guy, as instanced by Billy Blanks and Bob Sapp.


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