The Features Of The RSQ Jeans And Why They Are Cheap 

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RSQ jeans are known for affordability due to several factors including simplified branding and marketing, mass production and efficient manufacturing processes, affordable materials, and limited style options. These features enable lower prices for consumers.

Why Is The Price Of RSQ By Tilly’s Cheap?

Why Is The Price Of RSQ By Tillys

Tilly’s is a clothing brand and store that has been selling and producing RSQ jeans. So why do they sell the products so cheaply? There are a couple of reasons why the RSQ jeans from Tilly’s are affordable. For instance, they currently have a sales offer, and they give a coupon gift to customers who buy from their website. 

There are other reasons why they are also cheap. Tilly’s retail clothing shop wants to attract more customers in selling. Consumers usually love affordable products. 

Additionally, the other reason might be to finish the stock and make high sales. There is always surplus production in the market rather than the consumer’s consumption, so what would the company do? They reduce the quantity of the products by selling them to consumers. When they put the sales at low prices, the consumers can buy them in bulk.

What Are The Distinctive Features of RSQ Jeans by Tillys?

Distinctive Features of RSQ Jeans by Tillys

The RSQ Jeans Comprises of Almost 100% of cotton

The cotton fabric is defined and classified according to physical properties such as staple length, fineness and maturity, strength, and color.

Short-staple cotton is generally less expensive and of lower quality. However, because the RSQ jeans are cotton made from yarn with a coarse yarn count, that is the thickness of the RSQ jeans.

The RSQ Jeans Are of Epic Designs 

The styles accommodate the different types of clothing you want to wear to personalize them. The RSQ jeans have evolved in many different styles that bring out the best in the brand. You can find different types of RSQ jeans and the great styles they comprise.

The RSQ Jeans Are Durable

The RSQ jeans have a tough fabric that does not easily snag or tear. It is also breathable, ironable at high temperatures, and easily creases. It is suitable for long-term wear and is quite stiff when new but softens with continued washing and wearing.

One of the reasons RSQ jeans are so durable is in their blue color. For millennia, the indigo color the RSQ uses has been used worldwide. It was popular among the proletariat because it was the color of royals. And indigo is ideal for garments subjected to a lot of wear and tear. Indigo-dyed denim repels dirt and water, especially when new, crisp, and dark. And because it’s warp-faced, only one set of yarn needs to be dyed, which means less dye is needed.

The ring effect is produced by the unique dyeing technique used to dye jeans yarns. That is why it fades the way it does. As RSQ jeans entered the fashion world, an industry-developed that produces pre-distressed jeans to mimic natural distressing.

Wear and tear have resulted. As a result, indigo dyeing has become a taste rather than a necessity for RSQ jeans. 

They Have Back Pockets and Five Pockets Like Other Jeans

When talking about RSQ jeans, they usually have a five-pocket style. There are two curved inset front pockets with pocket bags of unbleached twill. Then there’s a small patch pocket half-tucked into the left front pocket. The coin pocket is the most common name for this one. Finally, there are two stitched-on pointy back pockets, also known as patch pockets.

How to Wear Your RSQ Jeans?

If you have bought blue RSQ jeans, you can wear them in different styles depending on your style. If you haven’t purchased the RSQ jeans yet, you can always go to Tilly’s website and see all the offers that will benefit you.

Here is how to rock your RSQ blue Jeans and stand tall among the crowd:

A Collared Shirt and Your Straight-Legged RSQ Jeans

You can wear your collared shirt with your RSQ jeans and breathe out that perfect smart-casual look that will ooze confidence. The RSQ jeans should be in the original color blue, and you should find a darker shade of the collared shirt to wear with it.

A Neutrally-colored Coat Can be a Stunner

For you to rock your favorite RSQ jeans, you can wear a T-shirt underneath a neutrally colored coat with your favorite pants. You can wear this look during the winter and those chilly mornings. 

The RSQ jeans are made of heavy materials and the coat keeps you warm and away from the cold. Still, you will be stylish when wearing them.

The Black Boots in Your Wardrobe

You can wear your black shoes with your favorite RSQ pants. The design of the pants should be a straight fit. The straight-fit jeans will complement the black shoes and bring out the beauty of your pants.

Sneaker Shoes

How about trying to wear your favorite sneaker shoes with your jeans. The RSQ jeans you want to wear can be slim-fitting or straight-legged. When you choose the style of jeans you want to wear, you can wear your favorite sneaker shoes. You can wear any brand of sneaker shoes you want.

How can you tell if jeans are good quality?

When it comes to purchasing a pair of jeans, finding one of good quality is crucial. Here are a few signs that can help determine if jeans are of good quality:

1. Material:
One of the best indicators of high-quality jeans is the material used. Look for those made from natural fibers, generally a cotton-polyester blend. They should feel sturdy and durable, yet comfortable enough for regular wear.

2. Denim Weight:
Nicely weighted denim is another sign. The higher the weight, usually the better the durability. High-quality jeans typically have a weight of at least 12 ounces.

3. Stitching:
Quality jeans will have close, tight, and even stitching, without loose threads or gaps. Special attention should be paid to areas such as belt loops, pockets, and other seams.

4. Wash and Color:
Quality denim tends not to fade easily. The jeans should maintain their color even after several washes. Better quality jeans would have a uniform wash.

6. Price:
While it’s not always the case, price can often be an indicator of quality when it comes to jeans. More expensive jeans often use higher quality materials and have better construction.

7. Brand Reputation:
If the brand has a reputation for producing high-quality products, this reputation often extends to their jeans.

8. Fit:
Last but not least, a high-quality pair of jeans should fit well. They should be snug without being too tight, have enough stretch for comfortable movement, and maintain their shape throughout the day.

By taking the time to check these qualities, one can often determine a pair of jeans’ quality before purchasing, ensuring a more durable and comfortable pair that will stand the test of time.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Should I Buy RSQ Jeans When They Are on Sale at Tilly’s?

Yes. You can buy the RSQ jeans and take advantage of the sales. The RSQ is affordable, durable, and fashionable to wear. You can pull on any style you want to incorporate with your RSQ jeans. The decision will be up to you at the end of it all.

Are There Many Fashionable Options to Wear with the RSQ Jeans?

There are pretty several outwears you can try with your RSQ jeans. There are so many masculine outfits you can pull through and rock. But here is a fashion tip; you should have that fashionista sense in you when you are going on different occasions. The RSQ jeans can give a perfect vibe for smart or casual occasions. It will be up to you at the end of the day.


The RSQ jeans from Tilly’s are cheap. Cheap is a relevant word to different people, and the RSQ jeans are affordably priced by Tilly’s for various reasons. The reasons can be different, including dealing with competition, having a surplus, or even a low cost of production for the company. 

The best thing about the RSQ jeans is that they are affordable, durable, and made of heavy cotton material. Also, you can wear your RSQ jeans with different types of outwear that you deem fit. The outerwear should complement the colors of the jeans you are wearing. All in all, you can go through the article and make a sound decision if you buy the RSQ jeans by Tillys.


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