Why Has Gucci Not Invited Tae From BTS To Be Their Model? [Doesn’t He Walk Gucci from Head to Toes]?

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Tae is a member of BTS, one of the world’s most loved and popular boy bands. The band has a massive following on all continents, and the members include RM, Jin, Suga, J-Hope, V, Jimin, and Junkook. Tae is also known as V, and the band has been applauded for their beautiful voices, performances, and fashion sense. Tae, in particular, stands out among all other band members because of his style and fashion choices. Tae loves Gucci in particular and always seems to be dressed in Gucci as he can’t get enough of it. However, Gucci has not yet invited him to be their model, no matter his love for the brand. Read on to find out why.

Why Tae Is Not A Gucci Model

Tae’s love for Gucci is known far and wide. He dresses in Gucci clothes and accessories at all times. From his casual t-shirts little trinkets to bags and phone cases. Gucci dominates his closet. He has worn this Italian brand for so long that BTS Army calls him the resident ‘Gucci boy.’ 

He has several names associated with Gucci, including Gucci Tae and Gucci boy. However, Gucci has never invited Tae to be the brand’s model, and it is not known exactly why. On the other hand, fans think that Tae should model for the brand as he represents it very well.

Fans Think That V Should Model For Gucci

V fans look at Tae’s modeling for Gucci as an unlimited possibility. Fans of V even have names associating the musician with the brand. V has a great love for Gucci as a brand, and most of the time, he is seen wearing their outfits. 

Due to his love for the brand and his fans calling him Gucci nicknames, they believe that Tae can model this luxurious brand in the future. Many luxurious brands sign K-pop artists as their brand ambassadors. For instance, Blackpink is the brand ambassador of various brands, including Chanel, Saint Laurent, and Dior.

BTS members have been known to experiment with various styles, uniquely presenting themselves in fashion. When performing in concerts and interviews, the boy band has a great sense of fashion that their fans adore. 

During an interview, V mentioned that he takes fashion seriously as an important aspect of his life. Fashion means a lot to him. He always visualizes most things through fashion.

The singer has immense love for fashion, and when going out, he never fails to express himself through the outfits and designs he wears. In the past, the BTS band has collaborated with various luxurious brands such as Fila, Puma, and Sketchers. 

Through these brands, the group has managed to launch their clothing line, and thus, BTS fans see V becoming a model for Gucci soon.

Various Looks That Show Tae Should Model For Gucci

Tae loves Gucci and doesn’t seem to get enough of the brand. Tae has rocked various looks showing that he should model for Gucci. When recording Dynamite, the group’s first English song, Tae sported the brand in the music video. 

He had a wool mohair vest from the brand and some tailored pants. He also wore a washed strips cotton shirt with a red tie. The outfit seemed to make him feel comfortable as he showed off his amazing moves in the video.

Tae wore a black corduroy jacket from the brand with some colorful buttons and embroidery during a performance at an award show. He also had a simple, crisp shirt on with a pair of blue jeans. His hair was styled in a messy shaggy look with a bandana, making him look like a real performer.

During the Billboard Music Awards, he wore Gucci for the red carpet. This time he was seen in a midnight blue track and red piping work. His white shoes also had a red stripe and accessorized his amazing look with a huge ring. The rest of the band also wore Gucci, making them all match.

Tae’s Most Expensive Gucci Outfits, Accessories, And Other Items                                  

Tae wears Gucci so religiously that his fans feel that the brand should endorse him as soon as possible. During BTS in the Soop, many fans were shocked to see Tae waking up in a Gucci shirt. This is rare for common people to witness, but since Tae is a millionaire, he does not shy away from spending his money on luxurious items. 

Below are some of the most expensive items that Tae has ever sported.

Phone case

Tae loves Gucci so much that he proved he could be extra by rocking a Gucci snake print phone case during a V LIVE. The phone case is estimated to cost about Rs 25,228.     

Duffel Bag

V also has another piece from the snake series. His print leather duffel bag is a beautiful piece estimated to cost around   Rs 1.7 lakh.             

Brogue Shoes

Tae rocked brogue shoes in the “Love Yourself” Answer era. The rustic Gucci brogue shoes cost Rs 96,000 to 1 lakh.          

Gucci Watch                                                                                                                                       

If you did not know, Gucci also sells watches. It’s not surprising to see V in a Le Marchã Des Merveilles watch that retails at nearly   Rs 1 lakh.

A Dynamite Suit

During the shooting of the explosive hit Dynamite by BTS, Tae wore an emerald green wool mohair formal suit that retails at (Rs 1.03 lakh). He paired the suit with a striped washed-silk tie that cost Rs 16.3k. The stripe cotton shirt he wore retails at around Rs 43k. The entire outfit he wore for the music video cost nearly Rs 2.4 lakh.

A Sleeveless Vest

During the BTS’ comeback Map of the Soul: Persona photoshoot V sported a green and white Houndstooth tweed vest by Gucci. The expensive vest costs $4200.

Bomber Jacket

At MAMA, V was seen adorning a velvet jacket by Gucci while performing. The jacket had embroidery and looked beautiful. This jacket costs about Rs 4,30,360.

Corduroy Jacket

At the AMA performance, V was spotted wearing Gucci’s popular black corduroy jacket. The jacket was decorated with detailed button embroidery costing around $7580.


Tae once wore a gorgeous diamond floral chocker when performing. The chocker by Gucci costs nearly $30,000. On a standard store, a chocker goes for less than $50. Therefore, wearing such expensive accessories from the brand proves his love for it.

Due to his love for Gucci, Tae has always worn their pieces, including clothes and accessories. Most of these items are expensive as they are from a luxurious brand. Moreover, since Tae represents the brand so well, Gucci should already consider making him its brand ambassador as his fans already wonder why Gucci isn’t already making that move. 

It’s rumored that BTS does not take individual sponsorships or fashion sponsorships unless in a few instances. They also tend to do sponsorships for affordable companies. Therefore, this may be why V is not a Gucci model already. 

Gucci may not have invited Tae to be their ambassador because he already wears their outfit, and they may only make you an ambassador if they want you to wear their stuff.

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