How To Rate The Attractiveness Of Your Physical Traits | Scoring High In The Area Of Charm And Glam

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To rate your physical attractiveness and enhance charm and glam:

  • Confidence: Exude self-assuredness.
  • Grooming: Maintain personal hygiene.
  • Fashion: Wear styles that suit you.
  • Fitness: Stay healthy and active.
  • Posture: Maintain good posture.

Overview of The Attractiveness Of Your Physical Traits

It’s important to note that attractiveness isn’t simply bound by a set definition; it varies significantly across different cultures and personal preferences. However, there is most certainly a way to assess our physical traits based on standard factors. This includes considering the symmetry of one’s features, maintaining a healthy lifestyle, and dressing confidently to aid markedly in one’s perceived attractiveness. Below, we can find a table outlining basic factors that might help rate the attractiveness of your physical traits.

Physical TraitCriteria for Rating the Attractiveness
Facial SymmetrySymmetry is often linked with attractiveness by many studies. Look at whether the left and right side of the face align with each other.
EyesThe size, color, and shape of your eyes can contribute to your attractiveness. Usually, bright and clear eyes that are proportionate to the face are considered more attractive.
NoseA nose that complements your facial structure and symmetry is deemed attractive. Generally, a well proportioned, straight nose is favorably viewed.
Mouth/LipsFull and symmetrical lips often top the charts in the attractiveness department. Smooth, well cared-for lips are certainly a plus.
SkinClear, radiant skin is considered attractive in many societies. Maintaining a good skincare regime can greatly enhance your attractiveness.
HairClean, well-maintained hair, regardless of the color or style, tends to be rated as more attractive.
Body StructureA healthy, fit body is generally perceived as attractive. This does not necessarily suggest a single body type, rather the importance of living a healthy lifestyle.
Personal Style/ClothesDressing for your body type and expressing your personality through your personal style can significantly boost your attractiveness level. Confidence is key in the perception of attractiveness.

How You Measure Physical Attractiveness (And How The Other Gender Looks For In You)

How You Measure Physical Attractiveness

In the kicker, we saw a list of contributing factors for physical attractiveness. Now, before we look at the details behind these factors, let us measure your beauty.

If You’re a Man

If you’re a man, know that women tend to be attracted if you:

1. Are tall

2. Have high facial symmetry

3. Are strong in the upper body

4. Have V-shaped torso

5. Have broad shoulders

6. And have a narrow waist

To measure, put 1 point next to every feature. If you’re tall, for example, mark 1. Do the same for all other features and then divide by the number of factors. Therefore, if you are tall, strong in the upper body, broad-shouldered, and narrow waist, you have a 4/6, which is over 60% attraction. Scoring above 40% is okay, putting you in the top 1%.

If You’re a Woman

For women, their strong points include:

1. Asymmetrical face

2. Full lips

3. Full breasts

4. And a low waist-to-hip ratio

Using the same style as in the previous section, score yourself a point for each feature. So, if your face is symmetrical and you have a low waist-to-hip ratio, you’re in the top 50% of attractive women.

But really, you can’t quantify attractiveness, meaning that our measuring scale is merely opinion and not fact. That’s because other factors such as culture and time in history play a role in how people perceive your beauty or handsomeness.

The Factors Explained

Here is a quick rundown of what this section will be highlighting:

1. Facial features

2. Body symmetry

3. Natural scent

4. Youthfulness

5. Leg-to-body ratio

6. Genitalia

7. Skin Color

8. Height

Now, see what each factor holds:

1. Facial Features

A study shows that dentofacial (teeth and face) features come into play when researching physical attractiveness. For example, the people who have these traits are more likely to be seen as alluring:

1. Small nose

2. Prominent chins

3. A large forehead

Surprisingly, males with non-severe scars were found to be attractive for short-term relationships. This is contrary to the belief that scars are a turn-off.

2. Body Symmetry

Studies show that women find me with unsymmetrical faces unattractive. That’s because they see symmetry as a sign of good inheritance, and therefore, babies will come out healthily and look fine.

Also, symmetry associates itself with good long-term mental health and performance. It indicates that the man has solid genes and has stayed in shape for an extended period. In short, symmetry is the sign that tells a woman you’re genetically healthy.

3. Natural Scent

If you’ve got facial excellence and body symmetry, up next is your natural scent. Women prefer pleasant smells coming from men, especially during their ovulation when they’re fertile.

The trick here is to shop for a good perfume. That way, you can mask your odor and define your smell as fragrant, lovely, and warm to the nostrils. To help, we got links to the best perfumes for men. Buying any will help you become more physically attractive:

1. Nautica voyage for men eau de toilette spray

2. Guess Seductive homme eau de toilette spray for men

3. Versace Eros eau de parfum spray for men (amber woody fragrance) 

4. Youthfulness

If you’re old enough but with amazingly youthful looks, you instantly become attractive to women around you. That’s because your desirability grows as your faces and eyes become more refined.

If you have a smooth young body, you are as attractive as a gang of bearded men. And, if you keep shaving, you revert your appearance and become more child-like.

5. Leg-To-Body Ratio

American women say that a 1 to 1 leg-to-body ratio makes a man attractive. That means the area from the perineum to the floor should be 50% of the entire body height.

For example, a man who’s 6 feet tall should have legs that stand to about 3 feet. That way, he will come out looking symmetrical and be perceived as handsome.

But, there’s no accepted definition of LBR ratio, so the factor should make you feel out of place in the attractiveness spectrum.

6. Genitalia

Things get kinkier here. That’s because men who perceived themselves as having large manhood see themselves as attractive.

For women, men with anything around 6.5 inches are a yes for both one-night stands and long-term relationships.

7. Skin Color

Your skin hue will indeed influence how women rate your physical attractiveness. For a long time, pale skin has been taken as being of higher quality. However, that perception is slowly fading away.

Darker or browner skin is steadily stepping up, which is seen by the global reception of the love-your-skin message. So, it is safe to say that skin color perceptions shift over time.

Unfortunately, the anti-black skin mentality has pushed many men and women to skin lightening procedures. Skin bleaching has become rampant, with many people losing their money and looks to quack doctors looking to make a quick buck.

Light-skinned or not, you are handsome. So, don’t chicken out because your skin is woolen.

8. Height

Finally, we will look at height, which has long been a metric that women use to judge a man’s attractiveness. Most straight females prefer men who are taller than they are instead of those with average height.

Actually, women on one dating site, eHarmony, complained about being matched by short men. When their disgruntled sentiments reached the site, it changed. Now, it only matches women with taller men.

However, other cultures don’t see height as relevant in choosing a partner. So, bounce away with your height and know that you’re as attractive as they come.

What Physical Traits Are Considered Attractive?

Having broad shoulders, a full chest, and a slim waist is considered attractive for both women and men.

What Makes People Attractive?

What Makes People Attractive

For the most part, a good sense of humor and being funny make anyone attractive. So, if you feel like you score low with your physical traits, laugh at jokes and tell them too. That way, you will land someone in your arms, and before they notice your unsymmetrical face, you’ll be married with two kids.

Apart from good looks, other qualities that make people attractive include confidence and ambition. So, you can double on non-verbal cues to make yourself appear sharper.

Also, you can build your character by having plans for your future. That way, the other person will see past your mini-scar and fall in love with your personality.

What Makes A Face Cute?

A cute face is symmetrical, has lovely-looking eyes, toned skin, less far, and higher cheekbones. So, if your face has most or all of those features, consider yourself attractive to the core.

What Makes A Girl Attractive?

Most attractive girls have full lips and breasts, big smiles, healthy hair, clear skin, big eyes, and a high-pitched voice. If a girl has most of those features, men will be knocking at her doorstep more often than not. 

What Are Unattractive Facial Features?

So, what makes a face unattractive? Well, we sorted out and listed these features that are a turn-off in the world of beauty.

For Men

1. Having a fat face

2. Bearing pale skin, which is why it is considered unattractive 

3. Lower cheekbones

4. Thick lips

5. Wrinkling in the nose and mouth area

6. Lighter eyebrows

7. Asymmetrical lips

For Women

1. Pale skin

2. Fatty faces

3. Wider nose

4. Thin lips

5. Shorter eyelashes

6. Bigger eye distance

MenNStuff 101:

Again, all the opinions are just that, opinions. You shouldn’t feel less lovely because your face is fatter. Instead, you should embrace it and find people who see you attractive. We promise they are out there, waiting for you to show up.


Rating the attractiveness of your physical traits is challenging. However, this article has listed the feature that will make you score if there ever was a beauty scale.

Aside from all the face and body features, you should know that attitudes matter. That is why an attractive personality will beat a muscular chest, toned skin, and bright smile. So, work on your character, and your character will work for you.

And we’re done!

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