What Is The Ideal Way To Clean And Fix Creases On Nike Air Force 1?

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To clean and fix creases on Nike Air Force 1 sneakers, follow these steps:

  • Materials needed: Mild soap, water, soft brush, white paper towels, and sneaker shields.
  • Mix soap and water, then brush gently.
  • Insert sneaker shields to prevent creasing.
  • Air dry, avoid direct heat.
  • Repeat as needed to maintain freshness.

A Step-By-Step Guide To Cleaning And Fixing Creases In Nike Air Force 1 Shoes

Fixing Creases In Nike Air Force 1 Shoes

Before embarking on cleaning and maintaining your Nike Air Force 1 Shoes, you require various tools and supplies. The required tools and supplies include a soap dish, white vinegar (optional), baking soda, a Soft clean cloth, a toothbrush, and shoe brush.

Here is the recommended procedure to ensure your Nike Air Force 1 shoes are cleaned and maintained well:

1. First, use your dry brush to scrape off any loose dirt from the uppers, outsole, and midsole of your shoes. An old toothbrush will play the trick if you have no dry brush. 

2. You can start by mixing your cleaning solution in preparation for the actual cleaning. Use warm water, soapy detergent, or a soap dish when mixing the solution. Also, you can use a solution of baking soda and a detergent for the light-colored Nike Air Force 1 shoes.

3. Your third process will be handwashing the shoelaces first. You can separate the laces from the Nike Air Force 1 shoes and wash them diligently before the whole shoe. Massage the shoelaces with your hands and dab them clean with a soft cloth. There will be residual, and you can air dry them afterward.

4. The fourth step is cleaning the shoe’s midsole, insole, and lower part. You can maneuver around the boots using the cleaning detergent and clean them. It would help if you concentrated so you could see all the dirt. 

5. Embark on cleaning the upper part of the shoe. You are required to use a mild cleaning solution, your toothbrush, or a soft brush. You don’t scrub too hard in this part as it can cause friction on the shoe. When you are done, dry it softly with a soft cloth. Avoid scrubbing it as it can wear down the fabric.

6. Lastly, after you are satisfied with the cleaning, you air dry your shoes in a clean environment. Please ensure the shoes are clean and let them dry for eight hours. Before embarking on any other activity, ensure that your shoes are dry.

How To Fix The Creases Of The Nike Air Force 1 Shoes

Nike Air Force 1 Shoes

Creases on your favorite Nike Air Force 1 shoes can be fixed by using heat or without using heat. You can blow-dry, iron, or use steam to clean the shoes when using heat. Below are different ways of fixing creases. Follow them for a successful outcome.

1. Fixing Creases By An Iron Box

This is the most popular way to fix the Nike Air Force 1 shoe creases. Follow the laid down steps to fix your Nike’s creases hassle-free:

1. Put some water or dampen the cloth.

2. Rest it or fold it over the crease.

3. Now turn the iron box on and adjust it to 70-80 Fahrenheit.

4. Iron over the cloth for 7-10 seconds.

5. Always keep your eyes on the crease to avoid burning it. 

The purpose of the cloth towel is to diffuse the heat between the crease and the ironing. The heat is maintained in the towel to avoid the risk of damaging the shoe crease.

Fixing Creases By Use Of A Blow-Dry

Alternatively, you can use a blow dryer if you don’t have an iron box. The steps below are how to operate a blow-dryer safely:

1. Turn the blow dryer in a low heat setting.

2. Next, hold it a few inches from the shoe. Like 7-10 inches away to avoid shoe damage.

3. Pass the blow dryer over the shoes a couple of times, then pass your finger on the shoe to feel if the crease is gone

4. If it is not gone, repeat the above procedure a few times till the crease is wholly gone.

5. Have a shoe tree nearby for the sneakers to cool off.

It would help if you avoided injuries in this process by not being directly in contact with the blow-dryer with your hands. Instead, use a shoe tree to hold the shoe away from your hands.

If the shoe is leather, you can do a conditioning treatment. The treatment helps the leather shoe from drying out.

Fixing Creases By Using Steam

For steaming, you will need a dampened cloth towel and a microwave. Uniquely, this happens with only leather Nike Air Force 1 shoes. Below are the steps to follow to ensure that you have steamed your Nike Air Force 1 Shoes successfully:

1. First, make sure you wet the towel and put it in a heat-resistant vessel or container.

2. Turn on the microwave and heat it at a high temp for 25-30 seconds.

3. Gently rub the steamy towel on the leather shoe to heat the crease.

4. Repeat the process of rubbing till the crease gets straightened.

You might also get to microwave the towel more times till the job is perfectly complete.

How Do You Use Heatless Methods To Remove Creases From Your Shoe?

Heat can damage non-leather shoes, and you can use other options that are milder for non-leather shoes. The preferred methods include:

Condition The Shoes

It is done to leather or non-leather shoes. You can use special oils and conditioners to remove the creases. First, use a product that will not discolor the shoe fabric. Apply the conditioner to the entire material and use a shoe tree to maintain its shape as it dries.

Buy Good Shoe Trees

It is the most straightforward strategy to rid the creases. A shoe tree on its own can rid the crease slowly but is a sure process of ensuring your shoes don’t have embarrassing folds and creases.

How to Prevent Creases On Nike Air Force 1?

The Nike Air Force 1 holds a special place in the heart of shoe enthusiasts due to its classic design and utmost comfort. However, like all sneakers, it’s prone to creasing over time. Fortunately, with these strategic steps, you can keep your Air Force 1 looking brand-new, crumple-free for longer.

1. Purchase the Right Size

Sometimes, creasing can occur simply because the shoes don’t fit properly. When sneakers are too large, the foot moves around too much, causing friction and consequently, creases.

2. Use a Shoe Tree

A shoe tree is an excellent tool for maintaining the shape of the sneaker. With a shoe tree in place, your Air Force 1 will keep its original form, reducing the chance of creasing.

3. Insert Sneaker Shields

For optimal protection against creasing, consider investing in sneaker shields. These inserts fit inside the sneaker, preventing the material from folding and producing creases.

4. Use the “Loose Lacing” Technique

Tight laces often lead to creasing. Hence, it’s crucial to loosely lace your Air Force 1s. It will ensure a comfortable fit and limit the development of unwanted creases.

5. Be Mindful of Gait

A forceful step – especially on the toe – can cause the shoe material to bend, leading to creases. So, aim to walk more gently to avoid this occurrence.

6. Regular Cleaning

While cleaning may not necessarily prevent creases, it helps keep your Air Force 1 in peak condition. Regular care aids in maintaining the overall look and feel of the shoes, contributing to their longevity.

These tips help preserve the structure and aesthetic appeal of the Nike Air Force 1. Creases might still form over time as a natural result of wear and tear, but these strategies can significantly slow down the process and extend the lifespan of your shoes.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What Must I Do If My Shoes Are Still Dirty After Thorough Cleaning?

The above article expounds on all the procedures to clean your shoes well. If you follow the steps, then you will clean your shoes properly.

How Often Should I Clean My Shoes?

Cleaning your shoes will solely depend on how many times you have worn them. However, you can clean your shoes regularly after every two weeks. If you provide optimal maintenance to your shoes, you will reduce cleaning instances tremendously.


Nike Air Force 1 is the best Nike shoe to own. They are suitable for outdoors and indoor activities. Cleaning and fixing creases in the shoes are part of flaunting and maintaining them. If you want your shoes to look gorgeous, do proper maintenance. Cleaning your shoes will not only enhance your appearance but will also extend your lifespan.



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