Should I Shave My Beard? Ways To Shave Your Beard.

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Deciding to shave your beard is a personal choice. To do so, follow these steps:

Trim your beard with clippers or scissors
Apply shaving cream
Shave in the direction of hair growth
Rinse and moisturize

Should I Shave My Beard

Should I Shave My Beard?

1. Climatic Conditions.

Summers are the worst time to keep your full beard on. Many men like to trim or shave it off during hot weather. 

During summers, a beard feels nothing less than a blanket on your face. Moreover, you sweat like a monkey. 

But some brave heart men keep their beloved beard no matter how warm the weather is. 

2. Time Consumption To Maintain The Beard.

A presentable and bushy beard requires a lot of time to manage it. If you don’t do a lot for your beard, you should keep the beard clean and shiny. 

You must follow the steps below to keep at least the beard hair of the face. 

a) Wash the beard.

b) Blow Dry the beard. 

c) Comb it.

d) Apply the beard oil.

e) Style with beard products.

f) Use of scissor trimmers.

g) Shave the cheek line and neckline hair. 

And the list goes on. Did you get me? It consumes your time daily to make the beard representable. 

3. Expenses To Maintain The Beard.

Haircare products are expensive. To maintain a healthy beard, you need good quality products, and it will require massive investment. 

No doubt, regular shave requires a lot of investment. But what about keeping the beard with the extra investment? 

4. Beard Goals

Every guy has their own beard goals.  Some set a target of one year of growing beard without trimming.  And few guys would like to check their beard’s maximum length, which depends on their genes. 

Each guy has a different maximum length, and you can grow a beard up to your maximum length. After reaching the beard goal, I think it’s time to shave it off.

5. Losing Bet.

If you have put your beard at stake, and unfortunately, you lose the bet. Boom, your beard is gone. 

6. Thickness Of Beard.

Not all the guys are blessed with a thick beard. Some of people style and maintain the beard accordingly. A thick beard gives you a different look.

So, you should shave it off to get a good beard. 

7. Professional Barriers.

However, not all companies allow their employees to keep their facial hair. 

So, due to your professional life, maybe you have to clean your beard. 

Even while giving interviews for a new firm, it’s advisable to get a clean shave. 

8. Skincare Problems.

Dry skin with beard hair can make your skin flakes more visible than ever. To keep a beard, you should look after your skin type. 

And if there is some major problem, you can trim or clean shave your facial hair. 

9. Partner Complains.

If your partner (girlfriend or wife) doesn’t like the contact with your beard’s touch, she might influence you to shave it. 

10. To Look Young.

It’s natural for guys that with beards, they look older than their actual age. Clean shave guys look younger. 

If you want to look young, why don’t you shave your facial hair?

11. Food Shouldn’t Be In Your Beard.

Well, food looks better either on your plate or in your mouth.

Many times, the food gets stuck in your beard. It can be embarrassing if you are eating in public places. 

To save yourself from this common embarrassment, why not shave it off?

12. Attention To The Beard Length.

Beard grooming is tiring. If you like to keep a specific beard style, the length, precision, and trimming can exhaust you.  

Shaving can save you from this daily frustration. 

13. Tired Of Being Santa Claus.

People can take a disadvantage in your long beard to make you Santa of every Christmas. 

Chuck this beard off to save yourself. 

14. Tired Of Kids.

A father or uncle of small munchkins with a long beard can be a fund for the kids. They enjoy pulling your beard more than playing other games.

It can also hurt you physically if you have sensitive skin.

15. Blow Dry.

Well, blow-drying your hair is common. But if you are getting late, you have to blow dry your beard to look presentable.

The time consumption during the blow-dry of your beard can spoil your date or meeting. 

16. Bad Beard.

Facial hair has its direction. Even shaving can also help you to get one direction of a beard. 

17. No More Staring Looks By Old Ladies.

Old ladies like to watch bearded guys. No matter how much time they have seen men with beards, they will still stare at your beard. 

Some men enjoy the attention, and some feel shy. If you don’t want some oldies to gaze at you, clean the beard. 

18. Want To Get A Feature In Commercial

You need to shave that bushy beard off if you want to become a commercial ad. Star.

For example, Gillette will take a man with a beard to advertise their razor or trimming machine. But you need to shave it off afterward. 

19. Get Rich With A Clean Shave.

You can do a few commercials and films by keeping a clean shave. 

If you want to be an actor, try it to give auditions without a beard. You might end up being the superstar of Hollywood! 

20. Impression On Women.

Well, women find guys with beardless charming and attractive compared to clean shaved. 

Women think that men with beards are:

a) 36% less caring

b) 38% less generous

c) 50% less cheerful

So, now it’s your decision whether to keep it or trim it off. 

21. Enjoy Your Favourite Drink.

Longbeard can create a lot of problems while having drinks. The beard gets drenched in the drink and then drips over your attire. 

Why not trim that long beard to enjoy your favorite drink?

22. For Charity.

After celebrating no-shave November with enthusiasm, why not give your facial hair for charity? 

Many cancer awareness organizations contact men to support cancer survivors. However, you can do a bit of charity with beard hair.

23. To Get Clicked For Passport Size Photo.

Well, it’s advisable to go clean and shave for passport-size photos. 

If you want to use your passport-size photos for professional work, never use a beard photo. 

24. Patchy Beard.

Do you have a patchy beard?

Well, some guys like the patchy beard, but some find it gross. Shave it off and stay clean shaved for some time. 

Frequent shave might get you a fair and thick beard. 

25. To Raise Money.

Are you broke financially? Do you want some money?

Well, you can earn money by trading your beautiful facial hair. 

Many organizations buy hair to make wigs, adhesive fake moustaches, and many more things.

Beard Styles For Various Face Shapes

Face ShapeBeard Style
Oblong FaceMutton Chops
Rectangular FaceFull Beard, Chin Curtain, or Extended Goatee
Round FaceGoatee, Soul Patch, or Chin Strap
Square FaceBalbo, Goatee & Moustache, or Chin Strap
Diamond FaceFull Beard, Goatee, Balbo and Chin Strap & Moustache 
Inverted Triangle FaceMutton Chops, Chin Curtain, and Extended Goatee
Triangle FaceBalbo, Goatee, Chin Strap& Moustache

How To Shave Your Beards?

Whenever you enter a room, the first thing people will see is your face. To make a good impression, grooming is necessary. Shaving a beard is an art. It requires patience and techniques to get a good clean shave to look after a heavy beard. 

Check the steps below to be a pro at shaving beards.

1. Damp Your Beard With Water.

a) Rinsing your face or taking a shower before shaving your face will avoid the irritation and burning sensation. 

b) Water makes the facial hair weak. And it’s easy to shave off the wet facial hair. 

c) Remember how at the saloon, the professionals wet your hair before giving any haircut.  

2. Put On The Shave Cream.

a) If you plan to clean and shave your beard, you need high-quality cream with a high moisturizer concentration. 

b) A good quality cream makes the beard soft. 

c) The razor cuts the beard softly, and the cream prevents you from irritation or burning sensation.

3. Use Of Shaving Brush.

a) It’s better to apply the cream using a shaving brush.

b) Shaving brush forms a good lather and raises the facial hair for a closer cut. 

4. Quality Of Razor.

a) Invest in high-quality razors to prevent your skin from burning or rashes. 

b) Blunt razors can cause rashes and dry skin. It is better to use high-quality razors for smooth skin after shaving beards. 

c) Change your razors frequently. After using 3-4 times, the razor blades get blunt. 

5. Wash Your Razor.

a) Before shaving, rinse the razor with hot water.

b) It removes clogged hair and works effortlessly. 

c) Also, hot water lubricates the blade.

d) Never forget to rinse the razor with water after every swipe. 

6. Use The Razor Cautiously. 

a) If you are shaving the beard for the first time, you might cut your face a few times while shaving. 

b) Learn how to use the razor. 

c) Firstly, know about the direction of your facial hair growth. Shaving the opposite direction to the growth can give you more cuts. 

d) Always shave the soft hair first; it will provide extra time for the hard hair to absorb water. 

e) Never press your razor too hard on your skin; it can cause razor bumps. 

7. Shave Again.

a) Some guys don’t get a clean shave with the first few swipes; you can re-shave it.

b) Now, make more lather and press the razor softly against your skin.

c) Overshaving can irritate. 

8. Cleanse Your Skin.

a) After shaving, wash your face with warm water.

b) Apply face wash, which consists of tea tree oil to protect the skin from spots and burns.

c) Rinse your face with cold water. 

d) Pat your face with a clean towel.

9. Use Balm Or Lotion.

a) During shaving, the skin loses all the moisture. 

b) Use after-shaving lotion to make skin smooth and hydrated. 

10. Keep Your Razors Safely.

a) Stop being lazy and keep your razor, shaving cream, and shaving brush in the right place. 

b) Never leave your razors on the sink. Rinse the blade properly to remove cream, hair, or oil. 

c) Shake it properly and keep it in a dry place.

d) Also, never use towels to wipe them. It will reduce the quality of razors.

If you want a razor to work for a long time, clean the razor thoroughly, and place it in the right place. 

11. Shave Frequently.

a) If you shave more often, it makes your skin smooth. And reduce the effort to shave next time.

b) Soft and thin hair are easy to shave.

c) To get smooth skin and fewer rashes with every shave, shave frequently. 

After following all the steps, you can get your charming look after shaving the beard.

The Benefits of Shaving Your Face

Shaving your face offers various benefits, including:

  1. Smooth Skin: Shaving removes dead skin cells, leaving your skin smoother and rejuvenated. This can help your skincare products penetrate better.
  2. Exfoliation: Shaving acts as a mild exfoliant, unclogging pores and preventing acne and ingrown hairs.
  3. Anti-Aging: It can promote a more youthful appearance by stimulating blood flow and collagen production.
  4. Even Skin Tone: Shaving can help even out skin tone by removing fine facial hair, which can trap dirt and makeup.
  5. Product Absorption: Skincare products like serums and moisturizers are absorbed more effectively on freshly shaved skin.
  6. Less Sweat and Odor: Shaving can reduce sweat and odor, as facial hair can trap moisture and bacteria.
  7. Professional Appearance: Many workplaces require a clean-shaven look for a polished and professional appearance.
  8. Psychological Boost: A well-groomed face can boost self-esteem and confidence.
  9. Easy Application of Makeup: For those who wear makeup, a smooth, shaved surface provides a better canvas for application.
  10. Personal Preference: Some people simply prefer the look and feel of a clean-shaven face for personal or cultural reasons.


Q- Which Is The Best Beard Style For an Inverted Triangle Face Shape?

A- Well, you can try different styles on your face. Try Chin Curtain, Mutton Chop, and Extended Goatee to get the perfect beard look.

Q- How To Deal With Rashes And Burn After Shaving?

A- Take a clean cloth. 
Rinse it with cold water.
Pat the cloth on the affected area

Q- How To Achieve A Thick Beard?

A- You can use good beard oil to nourish your facial hair. Trim your beard regularly; it will enhance facial hair growth. 


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