How To Wear A Hoodie And A Scarf Stylishly

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To stylishly wear a hoodie and scarf, pair a slim-fit hoodie with a complementary-colored or patterned scarf. Allow the scarf to drape loosely or wrap it around your neck for a layered look. Coordinate colors and textures for a fashionable and cozy outfit.

How To Wear A Hoodie And A Scarf Stylishly

1. Casual Chic: The Classic Look

The most straightforward way to wear a hoodie with a scarf is to let them both hang casually. Wear an oversized hoodie with a chunky scarf draped over it. Keep both in neutral colors to retain the casual-chic vibe. This look can be combined with skinny jeans and sneakers.

2. Layered Perfection: Hoodie Under A Jacket

For colder days, layer your hoodie under a coat or jacket and top it off with a stylish neck scarf tied French-style. Pair this with slim-cut jeans for the perfect balance between comfort and style.

3. Bold Statement: Colorful Scarf on Neutral Hoodie

A colorful or patterned scarf can add a pop of personality to a plain or neutral-colored hoodie, and at no expense to comfort. Pair your boldly printed scarf with a simple grey, white, or black hoodie.

4. Athletic Sophistication: Sports Hoodie With Athletic Scarf

Wearing an athletic-styled hoodie and pairing it with an athletic scarf is not only about warmth but also functionality. This style works best if your attire is primarily sporty or athletic.

5. Urban Glamour: Leather and Hoodie Combo

For that stylish urban look, you could pair up your hoodie with a leather jacket thrown on top, and then accessorize it with an infinity woolen scarf for ultimate coziness.

6. Artsy Expressiveness: Vintage Scarf With Graphic Hoodie

If you’re inclined towards artsy fashion styles, you might like combining an artistic vintage-design woolen or silk-scarf wrapped around your neck over a graphic-printed hoodie.

Remember, fashion is about expressing yourself; combine these fashion pointers to find out what works best for you when pairing cotton hoodies with classic scarfs.

Wearing A Scarf And Hoodie

Methods of wearing scarves on outerwear with a hood are numerous but depend on what type of model in question. As such, you can wear a scarf over or under the hoodie. In the first place, you need to understand that not all combinations of a hood with a scarf result in one image. These combined factors can add excessive volume and minimize the image’s fragility and elegance. 

One of the best options is to tie the scarf under the hoodie or put the scarf on your neck under the slightly open hoodie. The method you choose will help combine the primary function of conflicting elements; namely, they will not come with additional heat or create a massive image and will allow you to put on the hood at the right time.

 Steps To Follow When Wearing A Scarf And A Hoodie

 Wearing A Scarf And A Hoodie

Step One

 First, you have to zip your hoodie all the way and make sure your zipper is closed up to the neck. This comes in handy in keeping the heat and warmth and won’t add any bulk to the outfit. If you have a zipless hoodie, don’t worry, you can pull it on the usual way.

Step Two

After wearing your hoodie, the next set is wearing the scarf. You will fold the scarf in half. Hold the scarf in your hands and fold it in half to be loop-sided. Ensure the fold is relatively even for the scarf to look balanced

If your scarf is an infinity scarf, start by laying the scarf flat and then folding the loop in half for you to have two smaller circles. Now you can wrap the scarf around the neck with a loop on one side and drape the scarf over your neck, where the looped end will be on one side, and the hanging ends are on the other. Then you can slide the scarf around your neck and ensure it’s even on either side. If the scarf is an infinity scarf, you will pull the small loops over the neck.

Step Three

The next step is to pull the hanging ends of the scarf through the loop and then grab the dangling ends of the scarf in one hand and the loop back on the other. You will have to pull the scarf’s hanging ends to fit snugly against the neck. If the scarf is an infinity scarf, you may flatten the back part to avoid bulkiness on the neck.

You will then hang the excess ends of the scarf over your hoodie, then pull over the scarf hanging ends out over your body for them to cover the zipper of the hoodie. You have to ensure the scarf is well-centered for the outfit to look even. 

If the hoodie is zipless, try to make it more even by aligning it with your pocket. For the infinity scarf, adjust the small loops to make sure they are even.

 If you have a scarf that is shorter than 2 to 3 feet long, you can tuck it into your hoodie rather than draping the ends over

Putting On The Hood To Stay Warm

Putting On The Hood To Stay Warm

You will have to pull your hood on to keep warm. So, you need to pull the hood up on the back of your head over your scarf. This will help cover your ears and neck to ensure you retain the maximum amount of warmth in your head. If you are wearing a hat, you may not need to put the hood on if you don’t feel like it.

Wearing Bulky Scarf

When wearing a bulk scarf, you will have to zip the hoodie up all the way and put the hood up. Bulkier scarves are good when positioned outside of the hoodie to avoid adding a ton of fabric inside the hood. To wear the scarf, you have to zip up the hoodie, put the hood up, and then drape your scarf on your neck with one side longer than the other. 

Take each end of the scarf on your hands and put it over around your neck, then slide the left side of the garment downward so that it will be about twice the length of the other side, though the size must not be exact.

If you are wearing a blanket scarf, fold it twice in and slide it down to make it easy to tie, drape it over the neck.

Wearing An Image And Titled Scarf

To wear an image titled scarf, you have to wrap the longer side around the neck once. Take the left side of the scarf on the end. Pull the scarf up and surround your right shoulder, and then back down to the left shoulder for the scarf to wrap around the neck. 

You will have to throw the scarf over the shoulder so that it can reach your other side; from there, you may adjust the hanging side to be even. Then you have to tug on each side of the garment. Ensure the area that touches the neck is not very tight and is comfortable. Make sure the title or the image fits in the center.

Remember to remove your scarf before taking off the hood to avoid the hoodie getting stuck.

It’s advisable to try to match the material of your scarf to the season. Wool flannel and knit scarves came in handy during winter when temperatures are low. Silk and other lightweight scarves are great accessories for summer and springtime. It’s possible to wear a scarf all year round so long as you consider the weather outside.


Wearing a hoodie and scarf can be cumbersome, but they can make a big difference in maintaining body heat during cold weather. There are numerous ways to wear a hoodie and scarf; the choice depends on the scarf’s type and the weather. Scarves are made from different materials; the choice again will depend on the prevailing weather. Heavy-duty scarves are excellent in cold weather, while lighter ones are good in the summer and spring.


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