What Do GS Mean In Shoes? [A Guide To Measuring Children’s Feet Size]

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“GS” in shoes stands for “Grade School.” It is a sizing category used by many shoe brands, including Nike and Jordan, to indicate that the shoe is designed and sized for children, typically in the age range of 6 to 12 years old.

The Meaning Of GS In Shoes

Meaning Of GS In Shoes

So, what does GS mean in shoes? A pretty and basic answer for the GS acronym stands for Grade School. In simple terms, GS is a measurement of sneakers or shoes according to the average child’s size. The acronym helps to describe small-size shoes. To be specific, GS is the largest size among children’s shoes. It’s bigger than the TD (the toddler shoe), and PS, which stands for preschool shoes.

Size Matters

 Sneakers have more room to grow when compared with other shoes. Within every level of children’s shoes, there is a wide range of sneakers that fits, and that is why it’s necessary to measure the child’s feet when selecting the shoe you intend to buy. Generally, the total heal length of the child’s foot is the best indicator of the shoe that can fit your child.

The measurement means the size of the shoe can fit both boys and girls. It’s a specific size modification that is either for shoes or sneakers. The size usually goes up to 7y, similar to size seven for men. Therefore, the quality and price are different if you order regular shoe size seven, even though this is not available in all brands. As such, you have to check the label.

Shoe sizes are different due to the different brands in the market. Some of the brands have more dimensions than others. Nike offers many sizes, as indicated in the chart below.

Comparison Charts Between GS, PS, And TD Shoe Charts

GS Shoe Size Chart (Grade School)


PS Shoe Size Chart (Preschool) 


TD Size Chart (Toddler)


How Do You Measure Your Child’s Feet For Fitting Shoes?

You will have to follow simple steps to measure the child’s feet. It will help if you have a ruler and some paper. The first step is to put the piece of paper under the feet of the child. 

You then draw around the bigger part of the foot with a pencil or a pen. Then measure and get the size of the shoes for your child; when one of the feet is larger than the other, you will order the boots using the larger measurement to avoid having a shoe that doesn’t fit properly.

It’s advisable to measure in the afternoon since feet tend to enlarge slightly in the afternoon. The length of the feet from the toe to the heel should be five inches and below. From there, you can put the feet in regular socks that the child usually wears and put the shoe on. The socks shouldn’t be too thick or too thin.

When children put on the shoes, let them walk around to see if the shoes fit perfectly. However, this measurement is only applicable to non-disabled children.

Is GS 7 The Same As Men’s 7?

 GS 7 is the same as men’s 7. The length is similar, but in other ways, they are different. For instance, adult shoes are manufactured for adults with more prominent and broader feet, but GS is for kids with smaller feet. Men’s shoes start at 7.5, but GS shoe sizes go up to 7. You can see the significant differences between the two types of shoes. Similarly, their price is quite different but has the same quality.

The price of men’s size seven shoes is always high. So you can spend more money to purchase one, but you can get the same quality at a lower price if you buy a GS size. However, you have to ensure it is a perfect fit.

What Is GS On Stockx?

The acronym GS stands for grade school and means a gender-neutral shoe size on StockX, meaning both girls and boys can wear the shoes. When you have to check at StockX, it will automatically indicate the size of the shoe if it’s available. At the same time, it’s possible to change the default size on your page if need be.

What Does BG GS Mean In Jordan’s?

The acronym BG standfor boy’s grade only, while GS stands for grade school. These are BG shoe sizes specifically designed for boys in grade school. The acronym GS stands for the grade school size, and it’s a number one to 7. It is usually meant for one to seven years old. However, the girl sizes are different, and they come from one year to five and a half years old.

 Can GS Size Be For Women?

The GS does not mean these sizes are meant for women; the GS shoe sizes are meant for grade school and are specifically meant for kids. Howler, since women’s shoes are small, people think they are the same.

 In reality, women’s shoes are not the same size as GS. When a woman wants to buy GS size, she has to subtract 1.5 sizes from her regular shoe size such that if she wears women number 8, she will have to buy 6.5 shoes in grade school.

Can Adults Wear GS Size Shoes?

As an adult with a small foot and a petite adult, you can wear GS-size shoes if they fit you, but if you are an adult having standard and regular feet, then these shoes are not for you.

GS shoes are cheaper than adult shoes because they are specifically meant for kids and not adults. The best option is for an adult is to buy regular shoes instead of GS shoes.

Is There A Difference Between PS And GS In Jordan’s Shoes?

Difference Between PS And GS In Jordans Shoes

People always mistake Jordan PS  and GS for the same size. However, there are differences, although they are both meant for the kid, and they come with some differences.

Can People Of All Ages Wear GS Shoes?

People of all ages can wear GS (Grade School) shoes if the size fits. However, GS shoes are specifically designed for children, so they may not offer the same comfort or support as adult-sized shoes. It’s essential to choose footwear that suits your needs and comfort.


In conclusion, GS stands for grade school and means when kids are in their last year of elementary school. The sizes are between 2.5 to seven; hence people with tiny feet can buy 7y. The shoes are not the same as women’s shoes.

When buying shoes for your kids, you have to know their sizes since numerous shoes can fit different feet. It’s advisable to measure the feet first and consider the height and width of the feet to get the right size. 



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