What Happened To Preston On Mountain Men

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Preston Roberts, a beloved cast member of the History Channel reality show Mountain Men, passed away on July 24, 2017, at the age of 60. He had been diagnosed with a large inoperable tumor on his liver just a few weeks prior.

So What Happened to Preston On Mountain Men?

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Preston Roberts was so dedicated to Mountain Men that it was apparent no season of the show would succeed without him. But this was a far as his fans were concerned, and no one ever imagined his absence. It came as a great surprise to most people to see him miss in the seventh season since no one expected him to be doing something different.

When he missed the show with no explanation, his fans were left wondering where he was or what was happening to him. There was a great firestorm on social media with people thirsting to know the truth.

Preston died shortly after filming the last segments for the end of season six. ‘May his soul continue resting in eternal peace.’

Why Did Preston Pass Away?

Nobody knew or even thought that Preston Roberts was sick. Chances are also high that he may not have known of his sickness up until close to his last days. It is sad to see that he lost his life to the same disease that he had helped his wife survive through, cancer.

This art teacher had a rare form of liver cancer that caused a tumor to this vital organ. He tried seeking medical attention, but the doctors resolved that the tumor could not be operated on as its effects had significantly advanced. The doctors diagnosed that the tumour was preventing oxygenated blood from reaching other body parts hence starving them from blood and oxygen that are essential for one to survive.

The lack of blood and oxygen in the vital organs saw them failing one after the other until they eventually collapsed. The condition was so devastating that from the time Robert was diagnosed with liver cancer, it took only three weeks for him to die. It came as a shocker since there was an advancement in medical treatment as compared to earlier decades, but the disease was so aggressive.

Fans slowly learned of his death while some may still not be aware of this sad news. Although the show is continuing, the fans are focusing their attention on other people to get their favorite mountain man. For his fans, Preston will continue to hold a special place in their hearts as his memory is hard to forget.

Who Was Preston Roberts?

Preston was an outdoors educator and a former teacher. He taught in the Wilkes County schools, and he often appeared on the Mountain Men reality show that aired on the History Channel. Preston helped Eustace Conway in building the Turtle Island Preserve which is an outdoor camp that emphasizes primitive skills near Deep Gap. He also appeared on several episodes of Mountain Men with Conway.

Many considered Roberts as the right-hand man to Conway at the Turtle Island. He worked there as an educator, and he was on its Board of Directors for over three decades.

He was an art teacher in the Wilkes County schools for twenty-five years before retiring in 2010. Preston used his creativity to bring out the best in his students, especially in his art projects. He was a source of inspiration to both the school and the community.

He also worked as an instructor at various primitive gatherings and cultural events all over the United States. He studied with Native Americans to become a contemporary dancer and a singer.

What is Mountain Men?

Mountain Men is a reality TV show on the History Channel which is one of the most viewed channels. The show follows the lives of a few families living off the grid away from civilization and technology. These families live and work in the wilderness, and the History Channel’s cameras are always close to them.

The Season six finale series of the show includes the last scenes where Preston was filmed. After losing control of Eustace’s truck at the top of a hill in 2014, Preston and Conway suffered a calamity on the Mountain Men series.

Preston’s Personal Life

Robert’s career, as he said it, was making knives, hunting, fishing, and making television from time to time. He was raised in Brevard and married to Kathleen DuPont McGuire for more than 40 years. The couple was blessed with three lovely sons whom they brought up together.

On 24th July 2017 which was a Monday, Preston Roberts took his last breath in his wife Kathleen’s arms. Some friends and family members who mattered to him were also present, and his friend Eustace took to Facebook to announce his death. His life was celebrated on 29th July 2017 in a service that was held at Turtle Island Preserve Outdoor Education Centre.

Robert’s Wife

Preston and Kathleen, his wife, met in 1975 when he was only eighteen years old. They got married soon after and Robert considered Kathleen the best woman in his life. He put it that ‘behind every good man is a good woman’ as he wrote on his website. Incidentally, Robert had helped his wife get back to life after battling with cancer that would later claim his life.

What Was Preston’s Net Worth?

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Most of Robert’s wealth came from his multi-skills and his appearing in the Mountain Men show. He had an estimated net worth of between $900 to $2 million. His family, nevertheless, sought assistance from the public at the time of his demise to cater for the hospital bills and funeral expenses. The help was overwhelming, and the family was happy. 

The mountain man lived his life to the fullest and knowing how he lived and died, can help you celebrate and appreciate him more.



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