Why Is Canada Goose So Popular? The Journey Of Canada Goose

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Canada Goose is a popular brand of outerwear that is known for its high quality and durability. The brand is particularly popular in cold climates, as its jackets are designed to keep wearers warm in extreme weather conditions. According to a 2022 survey by Statista, Canada Goose is the most popular luxury outerwear brand among millennials in the United States.

Canada Goose

Why Is Canada Goose So Popular?

Canada Goose, a high-end outdoor apparel brand, has grown immensely in popularity over the years. Its distinctive logo and its reputation for quality and warmth are recognized worldwide. Below are some reasons why this brand has such a large following. 

1. Exceptional Quality and Durability

The tremendous popularity of Canada Goose jackets largely boils down to their quality and durability. Made with high-density fabrics and ethically-sourced down insulation, these jackets are made to endure harsh conditions and last for years.

2. Stylish Designs

Another reason for the popularity of Canada Goose is its fashionable and visually appealing designs. With contemporary, yet timeless looks, these jackets have gained a strong foothold in both streetwear and high-fashion scenes.

3. Warmth and Comfort

Canada Goose jackets are known for providing superb warmth, especially in extremely cold climates. They are designed with features like an adjustable hood with removable fur ruffs and rib-knit cuffs to keep the cold out and heat in.

Product FeaturesUsefulness
High-Density FabricsEnsures durability
Down InsulationProvides maximum warmth
Adjustable Hood with Fur RuffsGives added protection against cold

4. Quality Assurance

Canada Goose employs stringent quality control measures. Each jacket is subject to thirteen different production stages and inspections before it’s deemed ready for sale.

5. Celebrity Endorsements

Several high-profile celebrities and athletes have been seen wearing Canada Goose jackets, illustrating the brand’s status symbol. This has undoubtedly increased its visibility and popularity.

6. Strong Brand Heritage

Canada Goose jackets are made in Canada and the brand proudly emphasizes its Canadian roots. This sense of authenticity and heritage only adds to the appeal of the brand.

7. Responsibly Sourced Materials

The brand is committed to ethical sourcing and transparency. All down used in its jackets are responsibly sourced, and it prioritize the humane treatment of animals.

To summarize, the popularity of Canada Goose can be attributed to a combination of exceptional quality, stylish designs, comfort, strong brand heritage, and ethical practices. Despite high price points, their jackets’ ability to withstand extreme weather conditions, coupled with celebrity endorsements and their responsible sourcing practices, makes them a market leader in the luxury outerwear segment.

Beginning Of Canada Goose

The metro sportswear company, which was started in 1957 in Toronto, gradually marked the popularity of must-have fashion goods in the form of jackets made with Canada Goose in the past decade. These jackets are in high demand during the winter, as people are urged to bundle up in the warmest garments to avoid cold weather. 

Snowsuits, woolen vests, and raincoats are the primary winter products that are supplied by this company. People from the Police department and Canadian Rangers are the primary customers of these products. It helps them survive in the cold breeze.

The Journey Of Canada Goose

The label Snow Goose was introduced by   David Reiss, the son-in-law of Sam Tick, the company’s owner. In the 1970s, it was labeled as Snow Goose. The emergence of another company with the same label made the label withdraw and eventually became Canada Goose. It happened when the marketing of the company’s outerwear was at the beginning stage. 

With the apparel reliable enough to tolerate the hard temperatures, the company label’s change also helped build its outworn brand.  In Antarctica, scientists started wearing Canada Goose garments during the 1980s. The fact that Metro Sportwear’s custom-designed expedition was worn by the first Canadian who climbed Mt.Everest also helped the company extend its brand.

Along with the Arctic and famous athletes’ film crews, many other professionals continued wearing the garments made with Canada Goose. In the 2010s, when the company got its extreme popularity out of its outwear, it gradually became a symbol of status. Canada Goose has marked its popularity among celebrities during the past decade.  

Later Stage Of Journey Of Canada Goose 

After successfully getting attention from celebrities, the company’s outerwear was supplied to Sundance film industry professionals. After this, the company got the model Kate Upton to cover the Sports magazine. Daniel Craig presented the brand in the streets as Rihanna. 

Whereas in 2019, Drake’s OVO clothing line combined with the Canada Goose and enabled it to hit the hip-hop market. And that was a reputed phase for the company’s reputation.

Canadian Goose is a brand that occupied the ode of Rapper Lil Uzi Vert. With films like Manchester by the Sea and Spectre, Canadian Goose won the space on the screen and attracted many featured songs. All these helped cement the brand.  

The New Yorker published a feature called “The Rise of Canada Goose’s Hollywood-Friendly Coats,” showing the immense popularity of the brand. In this article, the writer explained the feeling of wearing these jackets, “I earned money, and I spent it, and now here I am, warmer than you are.”

The Drawback Of The Clothing Brand’s Viral Popularity 

While the bottom line of Canada Goose company was at a comfortable level, it was then caught by negative attention. The image of this brand started to fall when PETA launched a campaign. The campaign was entirely against the Canada Goose with the caption saying: “Canada Goose kills,” which was featured by Charmed Star Sarah Jeffery. 

The animal rights activists forced the consumers to boycott the products made with Canada Goose. It happened due to the claims, stating the use of duck and coyote fur in the company’s garments’ production.  

In contrast to all this, Counterfeiters were producing knockoffs for the outwear, with the signature red-white-and-blue patch, and made it hard for the Canada Goose to maintain its image. 

Moreover, the most expensive coats of the brand charged more than double the price of an iPhone. The prices of the outwear and the celebrities’ endorsements enhanced its attraction to Counterfeiters and thieves alike. However, Canada Goose was the first brand to go through this vibe. 

Reason Of Downfalls

Another downfall for this company occurred due to its popularity. In the headlines, a Michigan man refused to surrender his Louis Vuitton bag to an armed thief last year.  In the 1980s, headlines about teens’ murder and robbery for their Air Jordans were crawling across newspapers and magazines, leading it to a hot topic. 

Recently, Yeezys made the same headlines. Cartier sunglasses are so coveted in Detroit that they tied with violent robberies during back decades. These robberies have become a reason for debates about race and class due to young black men’s involvement. 

After the disappearance of Air Jordans in the late 1980s, school officials, public figures, and the press have continuously questioned why disempowered young people want apparel that makes them feel special. During the discussion about the Canada Goose theft, anonymous commenters have reportedly cited hateful opinions toward young black men. 

Other Reasons

The young people were not alone in giving the luxury status to the apparel, which it is experiencing. This job was also done by the influencers who wore them, and the cost of these apparel gave a definite mark on the brand’s reputation. However, this popularity made some people steal expensive coats leading to unwanted fame for the capitalist country.   

Canada Goose’s outwear is crowned as high-quality apparel due to the comfort it offers, despite being expensive. 

Here We Can Analyze The Price Of Their Garments:

Canada Goose Product       Price Range 
Men’s outwear     500-1500$
Women’s outwear     450-1700$
Kid’s outwear     85-950$ 

Reasons For The Success Of Canada Goose 

It is a known fact that Canada Goose’s apparel is enjoying the vibe of its popularity over the decades. The comfort and feel of these garments are the essential factors for its image. Here you will be able to know some of the reasons leading to the success of the brand. 

1. Canada Goose believably stayed at its roots of authenticity. The actual quality of these garments made them boost up among the people. 

2. Without moving the company overseas, it continued to manufacture its products in a country like Canada, where the temperatures are incredibly profitable for the product. 

3. It helped the brand gain trust among Canada’s people by giving importance to the “made in Canada” theme. It enabled the folks to buy the apparel, despite the vast price range. 

4. Even with the massive success of the company, it never reduced the quality of the garments. 

5. According to Dani Reiss, the CEO of Canada Goose, they have turned down the offers to produce women’s jackets containing absolute design features. 

6. Making cold-weather products has always been the priority of this company, which can withstand horrible cold temperatures.

Other Reasons For The Popularity Of Canada Goose

1. Many other companies lost their way in producing high-quality products in the race for success, whereas Canada Goose is known for its pledge of standard and needed jackets. 

2. The greed of attracting new customers and sales often makes companies manufacture endless brand extensions. These extensions weaken the standard of mainstream products. As a result of this dilution, companies hit the wrong image, making them unable to recover. 

3. Canada Goose never needed any glitzy marketing campaigns to promote its products because it believed that its product is enough to attract customers. 

4. Early customers of this brand were not celebrities. Still, mountain climbers, Arctic expeditions, and regular people wanted shields for extreme weather conditions, and these word-of-mouth impressions paved the way for the brand’s success.  

5. Knowledgeable consumers played a crucial role in intensifying word of mouth among other people, leading to new customers and sales growth. 

6. Canada Goose has an inspirational comeback story that makes consumers even more excited about its investment, which is quite similar to many other popular brands. 

These are the reasons for the massive success of the Canada Goose company. Despite many drawbacks, this brand never failed to deliver high-quality apparel. It helped the company to enjoy the popularity it is maintaining at present.  


1. Are Canada Goose Garments Comfortable? 

The Canada Goose garments are made of coyote fur that serves the purpose, and the fur around the hood enables a firm breath giving a warm feel.

2. Does Canada Goose Apparel Withstand Lower Temperatures? 

The outerwear of Canada Goose is firmly designed to tolerate extreme winter conditions.  Each coat contains a water-repellent finish to help in the protection of warmth and make you feel dry. 

3. Are Outwear Of Canada Goose Expensive? 

While this apparel’s standard is not usual, it leads to the high price range of these garments. 




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