Do American Eagle Jeans Shrink?

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Most jeans shrink between 3 – 4 %, so it’s not always the American Eagle jeans. It could be the way you dry them or how you wash them. The first thing you need to know is that American Eagle has a reputation for being a company with high-quality clothes. So, the answer to this question will be quite surprising, but a unanimous no!

The material used for these jeans is not cotton, so it doesn’t shrink. But customers have complained about their jeans being too tight on their thighs and calves, which isn’t unusual because of the way they are made.

If you want to avoid shrinking your jeans, there are some things to keep in mind:

– Air Dry your jeans instead of using a dryer

– Wash your jeans inside out

– Hang your jeans to dry

According to many studies, it appears that American Eagle Jeans do shrink after washing them.

Results of one study show that the jeans might shrink by 2% after one wash.

It has been reported that some people have even seen their jeans shrinking by 4%. But the reality is that most denim shrinks around 4% or less.

10+ Ways To Care American Eagle Jeans For Less Shrinkage

Ways To Care American Eagle Jeans For Less Shrinkage

Shrinkage is a common issue with denim jeans. When you buy jeans, they will likely shrink in length and width during the first washing. This is caused by the combination of water, detergent, and vigorous agitation that shrink your jeans. You can reduce the amount of shrinkage by following our 10 simple tips for washing your American Eagle Jeans.

1) Avoid exposing your jeans to chlorine bleach or any other bleach-containing product. Chlorine bleach is corrosive and can cause a rapid or irregular color loss on certain dyes or fabrics

2) Keep track of how much you wash them

3) Make sure to use cold water instead of hot water

4) Air dry your jeans instead of using a dryer

5) Wash your jeans inside-out in cold water and then turn them inside out again before drying them or putting them in the dryer.

6) Turn your jeans inside-out before washing them so that they don’t have excess water from the washing machine soak into the denim’s fibers and cause unwanted shrinkage.

7) Dry with cool air

8) Hang dry or lay flat to dry

9) Never use fabric softeners or bleach

10) Keep away from heaters or radiators

11) Store jeans in a cool, dark place (don’t leave them in the car)

12) Don’t put denim on denim (this will cause more shrinkage)

13) Avoid the dryer as much as possible; if you do use it, make sure to take jeans out right after drying and hang them up before they cool completely down to avoid wrinkles and creases that are difficult to remove later on.


American Eagle Jeans has been one of the leading denim brands for many years. It’s a company that’s been around for generations, and it’ll probably continue to be around for generations more.

But as with all clothing, there are a few steps you should take to make sure you’re caring for them properly to avoid shrinkage and ensure they last as long as possible. Hope you got all the points to care about your American Eagle Jeans from now on. 

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