What Are The Differences Between High Rise VS High Waisted Jeans?

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There are many differences between high-rise and high-waisted jeans.

High-rise jeans are more popular among older women, while high waist jeans are more popular among young people.

The size of the waistband is different too; high-rise jeans have a smaller waistband than high-waisted jeans, while the other way around is not true.

And finally, another difference between these two types of jeans is that the shape of the pocket on the backside is not symmetrical on them.

What Is High Rise Jeans?

What Is High Rise Jeans

High-rise jeans are a style of jeans with a high waistline, usually between 11-12 inches in height. This style of jeans is known to be more comfortable and slimming than low-rise styles.

They’re the perfect length for curvy women who may struggle to find jeans that fit in the waist and in their hips. They also eliminate muffin tops and the need to continuously pull up your pants when you go upstairs or get into your car.

High-rise jeans are a type of jeans that sit high on the hips and the waist is higher than on-average denim jeans. They can come in many colors, styles, and sizes.

Some people may wear them for their ability to conceal cellulite and the backside of the butt while some wear them for style purposes.

The most common style is slim-fitting jeans with a dark wash and some people may choose to wear them with heels while others may prefer to wear them with flats. They can be worn by both men and women but they are typically seen as more feminine than other styles of denim jeans.

What Is High Waisted Jeans?

The high-waisted style cuffs at the hips, covering your midsection completely to create modesty and warmth if you are wearing tights or long socks or sitting to tuck into boots.

High-waisted jeans are one of the most popular and trending fashion items in the industry. These types of jeans are known for their higher waistline that sits just below or at the belly button. The hem is often cropped to around ankle length and is without a belt, as it also has a high rise.

There is no consensus as to when high-waisted jeans were created; however, we can conclude that they existed in some form during the late 19th-century Victorian era. The original design was likely influenced by military trousers and was created with more function than fashion intentions in mind.

7 Differences Between High Rise VS High Waisted Jeans?

Differences Between High Rise VS High Waisted Jeans

Many people seem to think that high-rise and high-waisted jeans are the same. There are, however, many differences between the two and they should be distinguished.

What’s the difference?

1. High-waisted jeans fit at your waist and can be worn for a more relaxed look while high-rise jeans sit just below your hips and offer a more fitted appearance.

2. Low-rise means that the pants or jeans will sit around your hips or at least an inch below them. If you’re wearing low-rise shoes, it might make them look like they’re sitting lower than what they actually are.

3. The inseam of a higher waist pant is usually longer than that of a low rise pant and this is preferred informal occasions such as dinners

4. High-rise jeans are more popular than high-waisted jeans. The rise of the jeans is the distance from the waistband to the top of the hips. High-rise jeans are more popular than high waisted because it is easier for people with short torsos to wear them without looking awkward.

5. High-waisted jeans are the perfect option for women who like to hide their stomachs and hide their underwear. They come in a variety of fits and styles, but the most popular is the mid-rise. These jeans sit around your hips and don’t expose any skin between your waistband and your top.

6. High-rise jeans also offer a sleek, minimal look, but they come with a few extra features that high-waisted jeans lack: you can belt them for an extra pop of style and they can be worn over leggings or tights. The only downside to these jeans is that they don’t work well with tops that have a high neckline because they will show beneath them.

7. One of the differences between high rise and high waisted jeans is in the characteristics of the waist. High-rise jeans are designed for a higher waistline. This means that they do not fit or cover your waistline as high-waisted jeans do. This is because when you wear them, they will try to go up to your body, but since you have a lower waist, it will leave an area around your stomach area that is exposed.


The difference between high-rise and high-waisted jeans is that the former has a higher waistline than the latter. The high rise may be ankle-length, knee-length, or somewhere in between. The high waist of the high waist jeans is usually at or below the natural waistline.

High-rise jeans are more common than the high waist jeans in most countries. But there are some countries that have always preferred the latter style of jeans. So it really comes down to personal preference in most cases.

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