The American Eagle Jeans Size Chart

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American Eagle Outfitters offers a comprehensive jeans size chart. Their sizes range from 00 to 24 for women and 26 to 48 for men. They also provide different lengths (short, regular, long) and curvy fit options for women, ensuring a wide range of choices to fit various body types.

What Is The American Eagle Jeans?

What Is The American Eagle Jeans

Since 1977, American Eagle has provided men and women with a diverse selection of specialty clothes and accessories to express themselves and an American eagle jeans size chart. The company has increased its leadership position in the jeans industry by manufacturing new fabric with options for everyone. 

American Eagle is known for creating and manufacturing low-cost jeans, trendy tees, and accessories. It has become the most popular denim brand globally, offering men’s and women’s jeans in various styles and patterns. The brand’s main product is jeans, and American Eagle continues to push the envelope in terms of design and quality. 

According to American Eagle, everyone can find the ideal pair of jeans. You should take the weight and feel of the garment material into consideration. Genuine American Eagle Outfitters employs higher-quality materials than knockoffs.

Examine the style and design of the original American Eagle items. A product may be phony if it doesn’t appear like the American Eagle brand. Be cautious if the American Eagle logo does not appear on an item. The size chart for American Eagle jeans is more thorough than a counterfeit in authentic AE clothes.

They use numerous stitching designs on the back pockets of American Eagle’s pants. Male denim has a thicker stitch and a different design, while female denim has a wider stitch and a different design. 

Consider where you buy American Eagle items when you don’t buy at an American Eagle store or on the official website with the American eagle jeans size. Fake fashion products are commonly available on online auction platforms. Even if a seller provides detailed images of the item on their website, it is a good idea to contact and inquire if the original tags are still attached. Check to see whether a money-back guarantee is available.

Young individuals who are positive, enthusiastic, and energetic are the primary users of AEO. They enjoy life by seeking fashion and, with their daring personality, contribute endless design inspiration to the company. 

Size Guide To American Eagle Jeans

Size Guide To American Eagle Jeans

Denim is a significant thing for American Eagle. Everyone adores the brand’s jeans, from high students to adults. Starting with their fall 2019 women’s denim collection, American Eagle has extended its sizing in-store and online. The business previously only provided its jeans in sizes 00 to 20 on its website; now, they are accessible in sizes up to 24. All sizes are now available in stores and online. Men’s jeans are now available in sizes ranging from 26 to 48. Below are several American Eagle jeans sizing charts for both ladies and men. [All size information is approximate, and you should only use it as a guideline].

American Eagle Women’s Jeans Size

The Waist Measurement: Wrap the tape around your natural waistline loosely. Measure around the broadest area of your hips while standing with your feet together. Measure the rise from the top of your waistband to the leg seam.


American Eagle Women’s Jeans Size By Length

More than 30 different items in various fits, rises, and degrees of stretch are available in American Eagle’s current denim line. Herein is the sizing chart for the most famous American Eagle jeans styles.

FitX ShortShortRegularLongX Long
Hi-Rise Jegging25″27″29″31″33″
Super Hi-Rise Jegging25″27″29″31″33″
Highest Rise Jegging25″27″29″31″33″
Kick Boot28″30″32″34″36″
Mom Jean24″26″28″30″32″
Jegging Overall25″27″29″31″33″
Tomgirl Overall22.75″24.75″26.75″28.75″30.75″
Hi-Rise Tomgirl22.75″24.75″26.75″28.75″30.75″
Hi-Rise Girlfriend24.5″26.5″28.5″30.5″32.5″
Skinny Kick28″30″32″34″36″
Artist Flare28″30″32″34″36″
Hi-Rise Artist Flare28″30″32″34″36″
Favorite Boyfriend28″30″32″34″36″
Wide Leg29″31″33″35″37″
Jegging CropN/A24.5″26.528.5″N/A
Artist CropN/A21.5″23.5″25.5″N/A
Hi-Rise Crop FlareN/A25″27″29″N/A
Wide Leg CropN/A23″25″27″N/A

Men’s American Eagle Jeans Size Chart

Because American Eagle men’s jeans are generally stylish and straightforward, it is pretty easy to pick them up. You merely need to select the best-fitting American Eagle jeans based on your waist circumference and length. 


How Do You Determine Your AG Jeans Size?

The ideal pair of jeans can turn you from frumpy to fantastic in an instant because of denim’s propensity to lift and lengthen, which is why we celebrate when we find fit jeans. While jean shopping should be simple, the disparity in sizing between countries, brands, and styles is undeniable. Here is a proven guide to aid you in finding your perfect match. The following pointers will help you deal calmly with the headache-inducing size method for jeans.

Measuring Tips

1. Do not measure your body when fully dressed for the best fit.

2. Keep in mind that most American Eagle jeans have been preshrunk to ensure that they maintain their form and size after several washes.

3. Waist, low waist, hip, and inseam measures are used to fit women’s trousers and jeans.

4. Waist: Bend to the side and note where the crease forms on your waistline. Standing straight, measure around your waist where the wrinkle occurred, being careful not to pull the measuring tape too tight.

5. Low Waist: Take a measurement around your waist that is 1.5 inches lower. Because women’s low and extremely low-rise jeans and pants reach lower on the body, you’ll need this measurement.

6. Hips: Measure around the most significant portion at the top of your legs while standing with your feet together. Your hips are most likely 8 inches lower than your waist.

7. Inseam: Measure the inseam of a pair of well-fitting jeans from the rise to the hem, taking into account the height of the pair of shoes you’ll be wearing. Your inseam length is the number of inches to the closest half-inch.

What are the measurement differences for curvy jeans?

The measurement differences for curvy jeans typically involve a slightly larger hip and thigh area compared to regular fit jeans within the same size. Curvy jeans are designed to accommodate curves and provide a more comfortable and flattering fit for individuals with fuller hips and thighs. This adjustment can vary between brands and styles, so it’s advisable to refer to the specific brand’s size chart for precise measurements and fit details.


Consult the brand’s size charts whether you’re trying on jeans in-store or online. Ask or double-check each size chart or size information on each tag and label. Keep in mind that your optimum size may vary from pair to pair of jeans. There may be a different sizing standard for each American Eagle jeans series.


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