How To Earn Money On Covet Fashion

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Earn money on Covet Fashion by participating in in-game events, completing challenges, and voting on others’ outfits. Win in-game currency (Cash and Diamonds) that can be used for buying items. Some players spend real money to acquire in-game currency, boosting their progress.

Earn Money On Covet Fashion

How To Earn Money On Covet Fashion

1. Engage in Multi-Player Style Challenges

One of the surefire ways to earn money in Covet Fashion is to actively engage in multi-player style challenges. In each challenge, the players must style a specific look according to the prompt and add unique accessories. Earnings are made dependent on the votes garnered by your designed outfit.

2. Join a Covet Fashion House

Joining a Covet Fashion House allows players to be a part of an interactive group where they can borrow items and win rewards from challenges that a lone player could not accomplish. Your potential earnings get a significant boost when you’re an active part of a Fashion House.

3. Take Advantage of Daily Login Rewards

Simply logging in regularly can help you earn in Covet fashion. The game offers daily login bonuses, which may contain in-game currency or diamonds. Consistency is key in capitalizing on this earning method.

4. Participate in Daily Style Challenges

Apart from the multi-player style challenges, Covet Fashion also offers Daily Style Challenges. These daily challenges typically have more straightforward themes, which are very manageable, even for beginners. The rewards are generous, making them a must-do for all players.

5. Convert Diamonds into Game Currency

Covet Fashion allows the conversion of diamonds, another form of in-game currency, into cash. If you have a surplus, this can be an additional way to increase your game funds.

6. Enter Flashback Events

Flashback events provide a great opportunity to earn a lot of game currency. These events cater to longtime players who have an extensive wardrobe collection from previous years and seasons. Winning these can offer substantial cash rewards.

7. Complete the TapJoy Offers

Covet Fashion collaborates with TapJoy to provide offers to its users. These offers can vary and may require downloading and trying out new apps or games. Upon completion, you can earn cash or diamonds.

Multi-Player ChallengesDependent on votes
Join a Fashion HouseRewards from group challenges
Daily Login RewardsGame currency or Diamonds
Daily Style ChallengesGame currency
Convert DiamondsGame currency
Flashback EventsSubstantial cash rewards
TapJoy OffersCash or Diamonds

How Do You Get Diamonds In Covet Fashion?

Diamonds are the premium currency in Covet Fashion. They can be purchased with real-world money, or you can save up for them (very slowly) by collecting your daily bonus of coins and doubling it to 200 every day – if you miss a day, that’s gone! The higher your rank is, the more diamonds cost when buying them outright; at level one they’re 1000 points each but will go down to 500 as you progress through ranking up. You also earn some free ones from time to time just for logging in or completing quests like posting content on social media sites which helps give those low levels something else to do other than wait around for their 100 coin deposits once a week.

What is the highest level in covet fashion?

The highest level in Covet Fashion is currently level 101. However, the developers release a new level every month, so the highest level is constantly changing.

To level up in Covet Fashion, you need to increase your closet value. Your closet value is the total amount of money you have spent on clothes and accessories. You can increase your closet value by buying new items, selling unwanted items, and entering challenges.

The higher your level, the more expensive challenges you will be able to enter and the more rewards you will earn. You will also have access to a wider variety of clothes and accessories.

Is Covet Fashion Safe?

Yes, Covet Fashion is safe. The website was awarded the e-commerce certification from TRUSTe and all transactions are encrypted by SSL encryption as your password is required for every purchase so no one will be able to make a purchase without it, even if they manage to get your credit card information somehow.

The site also has different security measures in place such as only using Google Cloud Storage for hosting their data so that there’s not just one physical location where things can go wrong but multiple ones across many countries (even easier with how inexpensive storage is these days). They also have an extensive network of guards on staff who monitor traffic 24 hours a day seven days a week which helps keep out any malicious actors – you don’t need to worry about them being able to get in and do anything even if they manage to steal your account information somehow.

What’s more, the company has a team of engineers who work on security measures every day, making sure that there are always new ways for people like you (or me!) to stay safe while using Covet. They’re constantly looking at how other sites have been hacked or otherwise compromised so that their own site will be as secure as possible from any vulnerabilities that might exist elsewhere – which is why I’m not worried one bit!

How Do You Level Up Fast On Covet Fashion?

This is a question often asked by new members of Covet, and it was one I didn’t know how to answer when I first started playing. Here’s what you do:

– You need gold coins to buy some clothes for your avatar in order to level up fast in covet fashion – You can earn these from the game by doing challenges or selling items that are no longer needed.

– Or…you could just purchase some! There are two types of currency at Covet Fashion: gold coins and cash dollars (though it might be possible this has changed). Gold coins will get you better clothing while cash dollars will let you have more stuff per item but won’t help with leveling up as quickly. To figure out how to earn money in covet fashion, you’ll need to know how much gold coins and cash dollars are worth.

– For every $100 in the game, there is about 20k of either currency – so for example $500 would equal 100k cash dollars or 50k gold coins.

– If I wanted to level up fast on Covet Fashion but didn’t want a bunch of clothes (I’m not much into shopping), what I would do is purchase as many items that cost less than 100g per piece instead of buying something more expensive. It might be tempting to buy high-priced items because they give out more cash dollar points but it will take longer if you’re still trying to get enough gold coin points.

How Do You Get Good At Covet Fashion?

– The best way to get good at Covet Fashion is by playing the game. Keep doing quests, shop for new pieces, and complete sets as you level up so that you can earn more gold coins faster.

– Try not to worry about how much time it will take before you get better because if you do nothing then there’s no chance of leveling up quickly – just be patient and keep practicing!

How Do You Borrow Clothes In Covet Fashion?

– You can borrow clothes from friends who have the same size as you or buy them in a shop.

If your friend has an item that they’re not wearing and it’s going to be wasted then they might offer to lend it out for free! It’ll save both of you money because if you had just bought it yourself then you would’ve paid full price but now neither of you will

– This is also a great option if there are pieces that were on sale at the time – buying things like this can give more cash dollar points over time so make sure to keep this in mind when browsing through stores online. Just remember: once something goes back up to its original price, take advantage while it’s still on sale because you don’t want to be spending too much money just for the sake of saving a few bucks

– If you’re not sure how to covet fashion works, then we have some great tips that are perfect for newbies! We’ll teach you about the best ways to earn cash dollar points and other things like how long it takes before your clothes show up in your closet.

The most important thing is to follow these simple rules: make sure that there’s enough time left on the item so that when someone buys it they can still get their credit if there is any available; check out a customer service number so you know who to contact with any questions or issues – this will also help save them from getting angry and leaving a negative review; and finally, give your opinion on the item too!

– One of the most common questions that newbies have is how long it takes before they’ll get their clothes. It’s important to remember that there are two different kinds of shipping: regular and express. Regular will take about 20 days (while express only takes 12).

– When you’re not sure what size to order – don’t worry because covet fashion has a sizing guide for both men and women so you can find out which one fits best! All products also come with reviews from real customers who have already bought them in hopes that you’ll know whether this product would be right for you.


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