The Hottest Anime Girls of All Time: Our Top 10 List

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What’s hotter than hot? Anime girls? From magical witches to time-traveling teenagers, there are plenty of unique characters who have captured our hearts with their good looks and great personalities. If you love anime girls as much as we do, you’ll want to keep reading. Now, this list isn’t just your average top 10 list; we’ve compiled some facts and stats about some of the most popular anime girls of all time. And let’s be honest: who doesn’t love a good list with astonishing facts? Read on to discover more about these fantastic fictional female characters – you might learn something new along the way.

List of 10 Hottest Anime Girls of All Time

  • #10. Kosaki Onodera
  • #9. Kazari Uiharu
  • #8. Nadego Sengoku
  • #7. Elucia de Lute Ima “Elsie”                                 
  • #6. Nana
  • #5. Taiga
  • #4. Izumi Zagiri
  • #2&3. Nadeshiko Kagamihara and Kanade Tachibana
  • #1. Nazuko Kamado

Who are the Anime Girls?

The anime girls are fictional (cartoon) characters that play various roles in Japanese animation (Anime) movies.

The Anime Girls’ Background (Our Top 10 List)

First, what exactly is anime? It’s challenging to pin down a specific definition, but in its broadest sense, it encompasses cartoons from Japan that are similar to those we’d see here in America. Japanese animation (or anime) is a style rather than a genre in many ways.

Given that the style comes from one of the world’s oldest cultures, much deserves attention. Here are ten anime girls you should check out if you like cute things or hot girls.

Let’s explore the list of the cutest girls in descending order:

#10. Kosaki Onodera


The first time you spot Kosaki Onodera, you will think, who is she, and how can I get her? It turns out that you are right! Kosaki is the most beautiful anime girl to date.

Nowadays, we might classify her as wife material, but she was perfect then. She’s intelligent, kind, and almost always happy. What more could you want? Oh yeah, she’s also beautiful—what a catch!

Unfortunately, there’s nothing much else to say about our first contestant that doesn’t ruin some plot twist later on in Nisekoi. If you haven’t seen it yet, try watching Nisekoi before reading any further because spoilers are inevitable. You can learn a thing or two about the genre by watching the episode.

What makes her so unique? She has an excellent personality and looks fantastic in just about anything she wears—but those things aren’t even close to being enough. An ideal woman isn’t just someone lovely; no one should settle for less than both of those things combined with passion and dedication. Luckily, Kosaki has all three qualities wrapped up into one tight little package.

#9. Kazari Uiharu


Uiharu is a character from A Certain Magical Index. Uiharu is one of my favorite characters because she’s so sweet and innocent, and her relationship with Touma is adorable. You want to see them get together in the show, but that would probably mess up all the development he went through.

Still, it could be an exciting ship if they decide to go there, and her girliness provides some nice contrast to his boyishness. She’s super cute.

#8. Nadego Sengoku


With her long raven hair and innocent green eyes, she is one of our favorite characters to date. She can fight using swords, but she’s also got a major crush on Sesshomaru, so you know that there’s some drama happening in her life.

You can tell that Nadego has some serious strength from seeing Inuyasha in action, but she never lets that out unless someone else needs saving.

Additionally, it doesn’t hurt that Inuyasha adores her! This girl is cute and strong.

#7. Elucia de Lute Ima “Elsie”


Elsie from El Cazador de la Bruja (AKA The Devil Hunter). She’s a witty, dangerous bounty hunter and an absolute bad-ass in pure strength and skill. If you could choose one anime girl to fight along with through thick and thin, it would be Elsie.

Just look at her! How can you not want to cuddle up next to that sexy body? Plus, she’s got some great weapons. Her pistol is always loaded with silver bullets, which means nothing can stand against her when fighting monsters or other evil beings.

Her kick-ass attitude also makes her easy on the eyes! She has no time for anyone who stands in her way, which means she never backs down from a challenge. She has impressive fighting skills, but she’s brilliant as well. She even graduated top of her class at a university for hunters like herself.

#6. Nana


What makes Nana so cute is her innocence and honesty. She’s a pretty cool character, but your love for her will stem from how much she cares about others. She’s also adorable! Who wouldn’t want to be Nana?

The way she cares about others reminds everyone to do more for those around them. Who doesn’t want to grow up with a hairstyle like hers? That part of her design speaks more to her personality than any words.

#5. Taiga


If you get a chance to pick just one anime girl to bring home to meet mom and dad, she would have to be Taiga Aisaka from Toradora. Taiga’s kind-hearted but naive, bubbly yet awkward personality brings an overwhelming amount of joy that can’t be matched by anyone else on television. If you haven’t watched Toradora yet, what are you waiting for? You won’t regret it.

#4. Izumi Zagiri

From anime-watching fans to anime-watching non-fans, Izumi has likely been a favorite at some point or another. Aside from her looks, Zagiri comes across as much more mature than many other teenage characters and carries herself in an incredibly ladylike fashion. She also finds time to volunteer for animal rights causes which serves as just one more level to her likability.

#2&3. Nadeshiko Kagamihara and Kanade Tachibana


Nadeshiko and Kanade share the second spot as the cutest anime girls. These two girls stand out because their cuteness makes them more than just your typical anime girl. Nadeshiko is an overprotective mother who wields a spear to protect her son from unwanted dangers, and Kanade is a high school student who sings lullabies to help her best friend forget about his bad days.

 Both girls are beautiful, and you can’t help but smile when looking at their pictures! However, if you were wondering why these two characters aren’t topping our list, remember that their maturity level sets them apart from other young female protagonists in some ways.

#1. Nazuko Kamado


Our top girl on the cute list is Nazuko Kamado. She is from a popular romantic comedy called School Rumble. She’s known as a dependable big sister type, and she’s always on hand to help out anyone in need. However, she also has one major flaw—her inability to speak her mind when it comes to love.

Instead, she can only say vague and cryptic things about her feelings, which leads others to misunderstand her. She was once romantically interested in Akira Takano, who turned out to be rather rude towards her when they first met.

She also had a crush on Kitamura but found him annoying because he always teased her about everything under his breath at school.

These anime characters have been hand-picked based on their looks and personal preferences; therefore, you can include your choice in the comments section below.


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