What Are Cufflinks? Occasions To Wear Cufflinks

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Cufflinks are jewelry items or a type of button that are used to close the sleeves or fasten the cuffs of shirts. Cufflinks are used only with shirts that have cuffs along with buttonholes on both sides.  It gives a stylish look and enhances the overall look of a person.

What Are Cufflinks

How Do Cufflinks Give A Different Look?

Cufflinks are those adornments that you can use to secure your shirts’ sleeves. It gives your shirt, a snappy look, and improves your general look. Whether it is to tie the cufflinks to provide a different shape to your shirt’s sleeves, or getting an alluring look, sleeve fasteners or cufflinks are decoratives to utilize on the sleeves of your shirt.

You can choose a cufflink according to your preference to get a distinctive look. It is an enormous enriching sleeve fastener to give an alternative look to your shirt.

Cufflinks come in many shadings and shapes as it is according to your inclination. It will give you a unique look and will enhance the general look of your dress.

The regular buttons of the shirts usually don’t attract the attention of the viewers. But when it comes to cufflinks, they are used on special occasions, and it glitters even from a little distance.

Occasions To Wear Cufflinks

When there is a formal situation, or attending a formal event, adding this small accessory to your repertoire will make you stand apart from the crowd. Some of the occasions where these small accessories will come in handy are mentioned below:

Interview For Your Job: Prospective bosses love to see the applicant dress for their success. You can look for the right pair of cufflinks to get a leg up on a competitive day.

Wedding: Weddings are the most common occasion to wear cufflinks. It is an appropriate occasion for the guests to be in their most nuanced look. Sporting with a pair of sleeve fasteners is the best way to accomplish it.

Social Gathering: Galas, networking events, and fundraisers are a few types of social gatherings or settings where you need to dress to impress. Select a style of cufflink that will fit into your personality, and will be the best for the event. A pair of crossbones and skull cufflinks will add fun to bachelor parties with your buddies.

Work: The best way to enhance your brand is by wearing a pair of cufflinks. If your office environment is not suitable to wear a suit and a tie, cufflinks will be appropriate when you with your clients or at business meetings.

Funeral: It a somber time where you don’t need to get attention. You can wear cufflinks at funerals but avoid wearing flashy pairs. 

Wearing the shirts along with the cufflinks will give you a special feeling. 

Types Of Cufflinks

Cufflinks are available in different types. It is a jewelry item for boys and girls to secure the cuffs of their shirts. Cufflinks are alternatives to the buttons that are sewn commonly onto the cuffs of the shirts.

It is the best way to add a personal touch to a dress shirt or a suit. It comes in many new styles to get a unique sense of style. Below are the types of cufflinks that will give you a complete look.

Ball Return Cufflinks: These cufflinks heavy, small opposite to their decorative head. These types of cufflinks are found in both fixed and chain link-closure variations. The face of these varies in designs, and the back end is differentiated as the shape of the ball.

Bullet Back Cufflinks: These cufflinks have a small cylindrical look, set between the two tiny it is the best to wear in the office or at formal events. These are also known as Toggle Closure or Toggle cufflinks.

Button Style Cufflinks: These are also known as Stub or fixed back cufflinks. They are durable as it has no moving parts.

Chain Link Cufflinks: These cufflinks are connected with a chain and allow loose cuffs. These are fastened easily, and many of them are reversible. 

Dual-Action Cufflinks: These kinds of cufflinks look the same as the closure of metal watchbands. These are folded, inserted, and are locked with a system of foldable dual-action.

Knotted Cufflinks: These are quite similar to the chain cufflinks. The two heads are connected with a short cord. You can wear them for informal occasions. They are easy to use and give pops of color.

Whaleback Cufflinks: It looks like a whale tail, which is like bullet backing. It is a straight post with a flat head, and a whale tail flipping entirely flat against the post. The closing mechanism and the large post make it very simple and easy to use. They are also known as Swivel or Whale Tail cufflinks.

Cufflinks And Their Materials

Cufflinks are the ideal versatile addition to men’s wardrobes.  These are such accessories that can turn your attire from drab to fab. They are the perfect gift for men.

The material of cufflinks plays a significant role to pick up the appropriate ones for a particular occasion. Although there is no rule to choose the perfect pair of cufflinks, it is a must to know the basics to wear an ideal pair of cufflinks for a particular occasion.

Choosing the material for your cufflinks is as vital as the overall design and the type of cufflinks. Here are some of the materials for the types of cufflinks.

S. No.Material Of CufflinksUtilities
1.Crystal-It comes in a wide range of shapes, colors, and sizes. -You can wear them on formal occasions and are fascinating for their natural sparkle.
2.Gold-It is the king of metals and is worn on formal occasions and is great to gift someone.
3.Mother of Pearls-These are organic and valuable materials are sourced from shells, and are used for high-quality shirts.
4.Platinum-It is a rare precious and valuable metal. -It looks elegant when you wear them.
5.Titanium-These are made up of titanium alloy.-They are greyish in appearance and are light in weight.
6.Silk-This material is used for cord and knot cufflinks.-These are appropriate for casual occasions.These are convenient and very common.

How To Wear Sleeve Fasteners Or Cufflinks?

You can wear cufflinks with single cuffs as regular-buttoned cuffs of shirts, or as a both-sided opening. You can also wear it as French cuffs with two holes on both sides.

You can fasten cuffs by lining up the cuff opening with the holes on both sides. You can insert the cufflinks and run the post through the holes, and set the link into the closed position. 

Why Are Cufflinks Expensive?

Cufflinks are the only jewelry that a man wears. It is considered as the fine jewels for men in the last century. As compared to bracelets or rings for women, fine-looking cufflinks are produced in gold and gemstones.

However, there are many affordable cufflinks available in the mainstream. Some of them are mentioned below that you can afford easily:

1. Baublesforboys’ Simple, Silver Colored, Oval Cufflinks

2. Bjeweled Vintage Beach Glass Cufflinks

3. Cuff-Daddy’s Silver Knot Cufflinks

4. Cuff Daddy’s Silk Knot Cufflinks

5. GrammaKathys Treasure’s Vintage Black Stone Cufflinks

6. HelenSmith Originals Blue Glass Cufflinks

7. Katscache’s Black and Silver Cufflinks

8. Nostalgishop’s Vintage Cufflinks with Natural Stone, Copper Cufflinks

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. When Can You Wear Cufflinks?

Ans: You can wear cufflinks for weddings, formal events, funerals, or with business attire.

Q2. Are Cufflinks Expensive?

Ans: Cufflinks are expensive as they are produced in gemstones and gold. It reflects both the level of workmanship and the high price.

Q3. What Type Of Accessory Is A Cufflink?

Ans: Cufflinks are the type of buttons that are used to close the sleeves of your shirt. 

Q4. What Is The Right Color For Cufflinks?

Ans: If you are wearing cufflinks for the first time, choose a gold or silver pair. You can match the color of cufflinks to the color of your wristwatch or your belt’s buckle. 

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