What’s Gucci?: Decoding the Streetwear Slang

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What’s Gucci is streetwear fashion slang used to refer to something good. This is a slang term derived from the luxury brand “Gucci,” to say that something is worth it. It’s part of streetwear culture. The term became popular in the 2000s and is recognized in urban and online communities.

The Key Takeaways

  • “What’s Gucci” is one of the many fashion slangs used by fashionistas to say that something is worth it.
  • Another fashion slang commonly used is “Slay.” Slay is a popular term used by fashionistas and streetwear enthusiasts to describe a look that is on point. To slay means to put together an outfit that makes you look and feel your best.
  • The “what’s Gucci” slang is used by brands such as Adidas, Nike, and Puma to market their products.
  • You can use the “What’s Gucci slang to express excitement when used as an exclamation mark.

What is the Meaning of the ‘What’s Gucci’ Slang?

The phrase What’s Gucci? is a slang term often used in streetwear culture. It can be used as a question or an exclamation. When used as a question, it is typically asking if something is good or not. For example, you might ask your friend What’s Gucci with you? to see how they are doing.

It is sometimes used to express excitement or approval when you use it as an exclamation. For example, you might say That new hat is Gucci! to show how much you like it. You can also use the phrase to refer to someone well-dressed or stylish. For example, you might refer to the person on the cover of GQ Magazine as Gucci.

The History of the ‘What’s Gucci’ Slang

In the early 2000s, What’s Gucci? was street slang for what’s good? Or what’s up? The phrase caught on in the hip-hop community and soon spread to other subcultures. By the 2010s, What’s Gucci? had become a mainstream catchphrase.

Today, the phrase is often used as a greeting or approval. What’s Gucci? is also used by brands like Puma and Adidas to market their products as trendy. Celebrities like Justin Bieber have used the phrase when responding to fans on social media channels.

If you see someone with an outfit you love, you might want to ask them if it is Gucci before complimenting them!

10 Terms Every Fashionista Should Know

  • What’s Gucci? – This phrase is used to ask if something is good or not. If you like what you see, you might say Gucci!
  • Fam – This term refers to your close friends or family.
  • Lit – This term describes something exciting or fun.
  • Deadass – This term emphasizes that you are telling the truth and are not joking around.
  • Sauce – This term is used to describe someone who is attractive or has a great sense of style.
  • Fire – This term describes something good or impressive.
  • Stunna shades – These are sunglasses that are too cool for school.
  • Side-hustle – A side hustle is a part-time job or activity done in addition to one’s main job or occupation.
  • Lookin’ down on someone/something – To look down on someone means judging them negatively based on their social class, background, race, etc.- while looking down on something means dismissing it as insignificant because it doesn’t match up with one’s values and standards.
  • Keepin’ it 100 – Keeping it 100 means being honest with yourself and others without reservations.

Other Fashion Slangs Intertwined with ‘What’s Gucci?’

Regarding fashion, a lot of slang gets thrown around. It becomes confusing if you’re not familiar with the lingo. So, what does it mean when someone says, What’s Gucci? Simply put, it’s a way of asking what’s good or what’s up.

It’s a casual greeting used in a variety of situations. For example, what’s Gucci? -is an appropriate response to, how are you?

While what’s Gucci? -can also be asked by one person to another, who has just come back from vacation, most often, it’s used as a synonym for cool or pleasant.

You might enquire from your friends about their day, and they might say nothing much and follow up with it was all Gucci.

Let’s explore other terminologies thrown around in the fashion industry:

1. On Fleek

Most commonly used to describe how fly or on point, someone or something looks. You can use it interchangeably with popular phrases like on point or looking good.

For example, you might say; My outfit is on fleek today, or Did you see her new hair? It’s so on fleek! A phrase mainly used by people in the hip-hop scene and the club scene. The term was made famous by New York rapper French Montana, who has a song titled Off Freestyle: My chain ice, my watch Gucci.

2. Slay

Slay is a popular term used by fashionistas and streetwear enthusiasts to describe a look that is on point. To slay means to put together an outfit that makes you look and feel your best. You can also use the phrase as a verb, as in I’m going to slay this party. Regarding online slang, the phrase slay is attributed to more than just one person.

While slay may have started out meaning something completely different from what it now refers to, people are making it their own. In the wake of powerful women like Beyoncé and Hillary Clinton taking over positions of power across industries (fashion included), people have reclaimed the word slay for themselves and created an identity around it- becoming an agent of change rather than simply following trends blindly.

3. Fly

To be fly is to be fashionable. Being fly means having the latest gear from the hottest brands in streetwear. But it’s not just about what you’re wearing–it’s also about how you wear it. Being fly is all about confidence.

4. Smizing

You’ve probably seen Tyra Banks smizing on America’s Next Top Model and wondered what it meant. Well, smiling is simply smiling with your eyes. This streetwear slang term was popularized by Banks on her show and has since become a mainstay in the fashion industry.

There are several terms out there that you may not know. If someone says they’re shooketh, they’re nervous about something but trying to conceal their emotions and maintain composure.

If someone is cracking up, they’re laughing uncontrollably so hard that they can’t breathe or talk.

5. Swag

Streetwear implies more than just clothing; it’s a lifestyle. Part of that lifestyle is the language that goes along with it. So, when someone asks you, What’s Gucci? They’re not just asking about your clothes. They’re asking about your style, your cool factor, your swag. There are lots of ways to answer:

You could say, I’m fly as hell, or you could say nothing at all. But whatever you choose to reply with, remember: what’s Gucci- isn’t always what you wear!

The Bottom Line

Fashion trends come and go, but streetwear is here to stay. With brands like Supreme and Off-White leading the way, it’s no wonder this style is taking over the world. But what can it mean when someone says what’s Gucci? Let’s decode this popular streetwear slang.

Gucci is the most iconic name in streetwear today, with a cult following and mass appeal. It means expensive or luxurious goods, specifically clothing and accessories such as bags or sneakers. The brand has been around since 1913, when Guccio Gucci founded his leather goods shop in Florence, Italy, at Piazza San Lorenzo (though now they are headquartered in Milan). They produce everything from luxury goods to leather goods that retail for a hefty price tag, explaining why they are so sought after on the streets!

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