Why Is An Armani Suit So Expensive, and How Much Does A Basic One Cost?

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As much as you all love getting dressed up and feeling confident in different outfits, shelling out a lot of money for your outfits can be stressful. The Armani brand is known for its sophisticated yet contemporary designs. The Armani suit has always been a symbol of luxury and sophistication, and it is no surprise that it is one of the most expensive suits. The suits are unique and tailored to fit the wearer, and they are made from the most delicate fabrics and come in a wide range of styles. 

The suits are expensive because they are high-quality, handmade, and long-lasting. 

What Is An Armani Suit?

What Is An Armani Suit

An Armani suit is a suit style that is typically a single-breasted, semi-cutaway suit with a traditional style of fit, traditionally made from Italian materials such as Italian silk, wool, and cashmere. 

Generally, the suit’s jacket has two breast pockets, a waistcoat pocket, and a double-breasted front with a narrow lapel. The suit is a formal men’s clothing item and the most versatile. You can wear it in all kinds of formal and informal situations.

Why Is An Armani Suit So Expensive?

The Armani suit is known for its iconic style, but the price tag is hefty. An Armani suit will set you back an average of 3,500 USD. One of the reasons why the Armani suit is so expensive is because of the brand name- it is what it stands for. 

The suit requires top-shelf materials, simple yet sophisticated designs, and detailed craftsmanship. Furthermore, the Armani brand commands high margins as the brand takes up to fifty percent of the retail price of the suit. 

Other high-end brands have similar price points to the Armani suit but aren’t nearly as renowned as the Italian fashion house.

Where Can You Buy An Armani Suit?

To buy an Armani suit, you’ll have to visit a store that stocks the brand. However, there are plenty of online retailers that stock an Armani suit. 

Although you may be able to find a suit in a store, online shopping allows you to compare different suit styles, fabrics, and prices. Furthermore, you can see the suits’ details, such as the stitching, the buttons, and how the brand constructs it.

You can also try different suit styles and fabrics to find the one that fits you best. Online retailers often provide free shipping, so you don’t have to wait for weeks for your suit to arrive. 

Who Buys An Armani Suit?

Professionals such as lawyers, surgeons, bankers, engineers, etc., are the ones who wear Armani suits. The suit is a signifier of power and wealth, and you can wear it to formal events, such as weddings and funerals. Sartorially inclined celebrities also wear Armani suits. Some Hollywood actors and the music fraternity wear Armani suits too.

The suit is frequently worn at high-end events, such as galas and charitable events. It is one of the reasons why Armani suits are so expensive, as it appeals to a broad customer base. The suit needs to look good on a businessperson as it does on a celebrity.

What Are the Different Levels of Armani Suits?

What Are the Different Levels of Armani Suits

An Armani suit comes in different levels, typically denoted by its fabric. You can get a perfectly tailored Armani suit made of Japanese suiting fabrics, known for their durability and quality, without being too stiff or heavy. 

Armani Wool

The suit comes in various shades and comprises a hundred percent wool.

Armani silk

The suit comes in various shades and consists of a hundred percent Italian silk.

Armani cotton

The suit comprises a hundred percent cotton.

Armani viscose

The suit is made of a hundred percent viscose.

However, each of the suit fabrics has a different price tag attached. The Armani Wool suits cost around 4,000 USD, while the Armani silk suit costs 8,000 USD. The Armani cotton suit costs 1,800 USD, whereas the Armani Viscose suit costs 3,600 USD.

Armani Suit Price List

Jacket: It costs between 5,000 to 7,000 USD, and the price includes a one-button or two-button closure, single-breasted, single-vent, natural shoulder, three-button cuff, and vent to the elbow.

Suits: the suits cost around 8,000 to 11,000 USD, and the price includes a one-button or two-button closure, semi-cutaway, natural shoulder, four-button cuff, vent to elbow, lining to the collar, and waistcoat.

Blazers: An Armani blazer costs between 14,000 to 16,000 USD, and the price includes a two-button closure, semi-cutaway, single-breasted, single-vent, natural shoulder, four-button cuff vent to elbow, lining to the collar, and waistcoat.

Types of Armani Suits

Types of Armani Suits

Single Breast-Pocket Suit

The suit has a single breast pocket, a single vent, and a single-breasted closure.

Single Vent Suit

The suit has a single vent, a single-breasted closure, and a single-breasted suit.

Two-button Suit

The suit has a two-button closure, a double-breasted closure, a natural shoulder, a three-button cuff, a vent to the elbow, a waistcoat, and a lining to the collar.

There is a wide range of Armani suit styles available. The Armani line includes classic, contemporary, and Savile Row designs. 

The classic suits are the oldest Armani suit style, characterized by their double-breasted front, shawl collar, and chalk stripe. The suit style is available in various fabrics, including wool, cotton, and flannel. 

The contemporary suit style features a slim fit, flat front, and single-breasted jackets with a notch lapel. The trousers are slim, straight and have a side pocket.

The Savile Row suit style comprises traditional fabrics and comes in various colors, including blue, brown, grey, black, and navy.

Armani Suit Price Increase: How Much Is A Basic One?

Basic suits come in a wide range of styles, colors, and sizes. There are five shirt fabric options, nine jacket fabric options, and five pant options. You can easily find an Armani suit that fits your style. 

The price of a basic suit starts from 1011 USD. Here are the points to note when shopping for an Armani suit.

  • A jacket must have two buttons, and a jacket sleeve should have a cuff. 
  • The suit should have a shawl collar, the tailor’s tag must be intact, and the suit should have a matching pair of socks and shoes.
  • You should purchase a basic suit if you are going to wear it only once or twice or at least six months and after that replace it with a new one. 

Armani Suit Price Increase: Is It Worth It?

The Armani suit is known for its sophistication and timeless appeal. However, buying a suit from the Armani collection can be costly. Unlike other brands, Armani designed his brand’s suits to last for a long time. The suit’s long tail is why people often ask if the suit is worth the price.

The answer, however, depends on your style and what you intend to wear the suit for. If you wear the suit for only one or two occasions, it is not worth the price. In this case, you can purchase a basic suit from a different brand for less money. 

If, however, you intend to wear the suit for a long time, then it is worth it. The Armani suit is known for its durability and long life. It can easily last for years if given proper care.

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