How You Use the Planet Fitness Tanning Beds [And Everything Else There is to Know About PF Tanning]

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To use Planet Fitness tanning beds, you need a Black Card membership, which costs around $22.99 per month. This grants unlimited tanning access. Simply check in at the front desk, choose a tanning bed, follow safety guidelines, and enjoy your session, usually limited to 10-20 minutes.

How Does Tanning Work at Planet Fitness?

Planet Fitness is a renowned fitness center known for more than just its workout facilities. It also offers a unique feature – indoor tanning services – helping gym-goers achieve a perfectly bronzed glow all year round. But how does tanning work at Planet Fitness?

1. Membership Level

First and foremost, tanning services at Planet Fitness are accessible to clients with the Black Card membership. This premium membership offers many extra perks, and the unlimited use of tanning beds or booths is one of them.

2. Tanning Equipment

Planet Fitness has high-quality tanning equipment in the form of either stand-up tanning booths or lay-down tanning beds. It’s up to the members to decide which one they’d prefer. They ensure an evenly distributed tan in a short period.

3. Tanning Procedure

Upon your arrival at the gym, you need to check in at the front desk and request the use of the tanning facilities. If available, you can proceed; otherwise, you need to wait for your turn. Simply enter the booth or bed after properly applying tanning lotion and setting up the preferred

4. Time Limits

The time limit set for tanning at Planet Fitness may change depending on state laws, but it’s usually between 9 and 15 minutes. To protect their clients’ skin from potential UV radiation damage, Planet Fitness complies strictly with these time limits.

5. Frequency of Use

The tanning services can be used once every 24 hours. So, Black Card members benefit from the ability to maintain an even tan through frequent, consistent use of tanning booths or beds.

6. Safety Measures

To protect members from excessive UV exposure, Planet Fitness provides protective eyewear. In addition, setting up the timer to the recommended time limit helps avoid overexposure.

7. Preparation and Aftercare

Members should exfoliate their skin prior to tanning and apply a high-quality tanning lotion. After each session, applying a moisturizer helps keep the skin hydrated.

In summary, tanning at Planet Fitness stems from being a Black Card member, properly preparing your skin, using the facilities wisely, and adhering to safety regulations. With the right approach, you can enjoy a sun-kissed glow all year long.

Planet Fitness Tanning Rules

Planet Fitness has specific rules and guidelines for using their tanning beds to ensure safety and hygiene:

  1. Membership Requirement: Tanning bed access is typically available only with a Black Card membership, which offers additional amenities.
  2. Age Restriction: Users must be at least 18 years old to use tanning beds.
  3. Session Limits: Tanning sessions are typically limited to a maximum of 10-20 minutes, depending on the specific bed and state regulations.
  4. Eye Protection: Always wear protective eyewear provided by the facility to shield your eyes from UV rays.
  5. Cleanliness: Before and after each use, clean the tanning bed with the provided disinfectant spray and disposable wipes to maintain hygiene.
  6. Hydration: Properly hydrate your skin with moisturizers before and after tanning to prevent dryness and maintain your tan.
  7. Clothing: Most tanning beds allow you to wear swimwear or undergarments. Avoid tanning in the nude to maintain cleanliness.
  8. Avoid Overexposure: Do not exceed the recommended time limit for tanning sessions to prevent skin damage and burns.
  9. Skin Sensitivity: If you have sensitive skin or a history of sunburn, consult with a dermatologist before tanning.
  10. Medical Conditions: Individuals with certain medical conditions or taking medications that increase sensitivity to UV radiation should consult a healthcare professional before using tanning beds.
  11. Follow Instructions: Always follow the instructions provided by Planet Fitness staff regarding tanning bed operation and safety protocols.
  12. Respect Others: Be mindful of other members’ time and privacy when using the tanning facilities.

The Steps Of Planet Fitness Tanning On The Beds [In Detail]

Since you’re not tanning at a random salon, we’ll get right into the action. We’ll assume that you have the PF Black Card membership and that your specific location has the tanning equipment.

1. Know The Type Of Beds That Your Planet Fitness Location Offers

At your club, you may find both lay-down tanning beds and standing booths. Also, you may get a spray tan booth. Here is a description of what the three hold:

Lay-Down Tanning Beds.

As their name suggests, these beds let you rest your back as you get a tan. So, the process of soaking up the UV rays happens when you’re relaxed and peaceful.

One reason why these beds are not preferred is hygiene-related issues. Sometimes, you may walk into a greasy bed because the last person there didn’t clean. But, at Planet Fitness, the staff ensures that the tanning spaces are grease-free and that your experience is worthwhile.

The other caveat is that the beds are made of glass and may feel uncomfortable. When you press your body against them, you’ll create pressure points between your skin and the tanning glass. That can cause tanning creases, which are things you don’t want on your skin.

To remedy that, ensure that you reposition yourself on the bed.

Standing Tanning Booths

Some people sacrifice the convenience of lying down by choosing a standing booth. It is often preferred because it provides more room and thus allows customers to move around easier.

Also, it makes it effortless to raise and lower your arms, turn your head, and bend your knees.

However, a standing booth gives intense light compared to the lay-down beds. That explains why the people at Planet Fitness will limit your time there. If that wasn’t a rule, the light might even damage your skin because of how concentrated it is.

You’ll like it that the booths are more hygienic than the beds. That’s because you won’t be lying down on the same glass that was covered by lotion. But, the caveat is that your tanning won’t be relaxing because you’ll be standing the entire time.

MenNStuff 101:

Planet Fitness’s light beds and booths combine both UVB and UVA rays to give you the tan you want. Here’s an explanation of those rays and how they affect you:

UVB rays are usually responsible for giving you your tan. However, if you’re not careful, they may cause sunburn by damaging your outermost epidermal layers. On the flip side, UVA rays cause early skin aging. They are harsher than UVB rays and penetrate the deepest parts of the skin. If excessively exposed to UVA rays, you may get skin cancer.

Spray-Tan Booths

Compared to tanning beds and booths, these spray-tan areas are healthier and expose you to little to zero health risks. To add, they provide your skin with an instant glow of bronze color that can last about a week.

But, unlike the beds and standing booths, you don’t enjoy the benefits of a natural suntan. That’s because it doesn’t involve light. Also, the tan job may come out unevenly, and you’ll find your feet, knees, wrists, fingers, and elbows may have cracks and streaks.

2. Do A Skin Analysis To Know Your Type 

Planet Fitness will advise you to go down this road, so, do it. First, you’ll fill out a form asking you basic questions about your skin color, sensitivity, type, and other details like hair and eyes. Then, PF will use the info provided to know your approximate time for tanning and the method best suited for your skin type.

Also, remember to indicate if you’re currently on medication. That way, you’ll avoid any side effects the tan may give you.

Finally, Planet Fitness reserves the right to turn you away, especially if they find you unfit for the sessions. It could be because of your skin type or a medical condition you indicated on the form. So, don’t take it personally when they tell you that you can’t get your tan.

3. Book Your Session At The Front Desk

Once the staff at Planet Fitness process and approve your application, schedule your session. Let it be more than 2-3 days away so that you prepare for it well.

4. Prepare Your Skin For The Tanning Bed

To have the best tanning experience, you need to get yourself ready for the Planet Fitness beds. Here are some of the tips you can follow:

Use Natural Sunlight to Build a Base Skin Tan

Tanning can make you feel irritated, so you need to reduce the effect as much as possible. Using the sunlight will get your skin accustomed to UV rays, which will minimize the risk of skin burns.

So, take a walk to the park or engage in outdoor activities. All the while, have a bottle of sunscreen with you. Then, apply some on your skin to keep the sun’s rays at bay.

Before Your Session Comes Up, Moisturize and Exfoliate that Skin

This pre-tanning routine will help make things easy and better for you. Simply clean your skin and remove any dead cells for a better tan. And after your showers, apply moisturizer to create a barrier on your skin. That way, you’ll cover your skin and prevent further burning or irritation.

As you shower, don’t use any harsh soaps that won’t leave your skin quickly. For context, use cocoa or shea butter because both are natural moisturizers.

Then, exfoliate your lips however much you can. That’s because the tanning bed light will make them dry out, and so you need to prevent that from happening.

On the Material Day, Cover Yourself Up Appropriately

You can’t go into the bed butt-naked, so cover up sensitive areas like the genitals and breasts. To do that, where a covering, like a bathing suit, in those places.

But, if you want to go in nude, apply ample moisturizer in any areas that may get scorched by the UVA and UVB rays. Still, confirm if the Planet Fitness policy allows you to do nude tanning, or else they’ll kick you out.

Finally, cover tattoos and dyed hair to ensure they don’t fade under the special tan light. Then, wear goggles over your eyes to keep them protected. Don’t rely on closing eyes because the light may irritate your eyelids, and once you open them, you could become colorblind. Worse still, you could lose your night vision, become blind, or develop cataracts.

Don’t Wear Any Skin Products A Day Before the Tan, and Only Use Lotion an Hour to the Session

If it’s Monday and your PF tanning is for Tuesday, avoid any beauty products. Of course, we’re talking about the chemicals meant for the skin, like deodorant. That’s because the tan may boil the products and cause extreme irritation on your skin. Basically, they will react vigorously to the UVA and UVB light, and you won’t like it at all.

On the day of the tan, use an indoor tanning lotion an hour before you enter the Planet Fitness tanning bed. The keyword is indoor so avoid any outdoor lotions. If you go that way, you may damage the equipment, and the tan may not be as effective as you want it to be.

5. Use The Planet Fitness Tanning Bed

If you’re doing it for the first time, staff at Planet Fitness will locate the countdown timer. Then, they’ll set it to the schedule period and give you specific instructions regarding the session. The do’s and don’ts should help you have a successful and harmless time under the light.

a. While in bed, you’ll need to stretch your body out to give your skin maximum exposure. Avoid putting your arms on the side or legs together because your tan may turn out spotty or uneven.

b. To avoid getting tan lines behind your upper thighs, bend your knees. That saves you from the embarrassment that such lines can cause.

c. Halfway through the session, flip onto your stomach and let the back get adequately tanned. Knowing that the position can become uncomfortable, bend each arm to prop up the chin.

d. For the last minutes of the tanning session, rotate your entire body and make yourself lie on the side. That way, your sides will get the light, and the effect will be more even. Half a minute on each side will be okay to get the results you desire so much.

6. When Done, Take Time Before Your Next Shower

Tan takes time. So, even though the urge might be strong, don’t jump into the shower immediately after you’re done. Instead, let the tan soak and settle nicely into your skin. Showering after may make it duller and leave you with marks.

Since the need to moisturize will be high, use a reliable product to keep your skin supple. Then, after 4 hours, you can let the water run on your skin.

Risks Associated With Tanning At Planet Fitness

As already implied, tanning can be risky. Also, the fact that beds are shared between multiple people makes it more troublesome. See these risks:

1. You Could Get Skin Damage. The UVA and UVB rays do an excellent tan job, but they could also send you to the oncologist. Research has shown that skin damage caused by tanning could lead to skin cancer, which is not something you want for yourself.

2. You Could Be Contaminated. At Planet Fitness, the staff will give you paper towels and a spray to disinfect the area. Still, you can never be 100% sure that they are clean. And when you lie without checking, you could pick up a skin disease that someone left there.

Benefits Associated With Tanning At Planet Fitness

Although tanning has risks, it comes with more benefits, especially when done at PF.

1. You can do it unlimitedly, provided you’ve paid for your membership. But don’t think you’ll be there daily or multiple times a day. There’s a limit because of the associated risks.

2. It helps complement your workout. You can always schedule the tanning after your exercise, and it will help in your recovery.

3. The beds are easy to operate. But, if they are making you nervous, a staff member will always be around to make your experience worthwhile.

4. Sometimes, you won’t need to book an appointment prior. As long as the machine is available, you can use it.

5. Because tanning is unlimited at Planet Fitness, the results will be excellent. Also, you’ll be able to keep the tan throughout the calendar year because you go there multiple times a week.

What Customers Say About Planet Fitness Tanning Beds

There are mixed reactions from other members, so read through and infer your general sentiments:

1. Some customers don’t clean the beds, thus leaving them looking grimy for the next person. So, people frown upon this and expect Planet Fitness to clean them. On their part, the staff says that it’s responsible and courteous for members to do so.

2. Other members say that beds in some locations actually burn them. That’s because the bulbs are neglected, which is an oversight on the part of Planet Fitness.

3. However, most customers appreciate that one can get the tan whenever they want. They enjoy Planet Fitness for including it in all plans and making it affordable for everyone. 

Questions Connected To The Topic

How Long Can You Lay In The Tanning Bed At Planet Fitness?

If you have lighter skin, your first session will last about 6 to 7 minutes. Then, your subsequent session will go over 15 minutes.

But, if you have a darker complexion, you could stay on the bed for up to half an hour.

Is There A Safe Way To Tan In A Tanning Bed?


Ensure you use an indoor tanning lotion and that your body is covered in the right areas.

What Is A Good Tanning Schedule?

Please do it for about three days every week until your tan is well-developed. After that, do it after two weeks for purposes of maintenance. However, avoid overexposing yourself. 

Do You Have To Flip Over In Tanning Bed?

Yes. That way, your back parts will get the tan they need. In the end, you will have even results running throughout your entire skin.


To use the Planet Fitness tanning beds, just lay and spread your body. Then, turn to your back and then to the side before leaving. That routine should give you the best results and leave you looking fabulous.

Remember that tanning can be harmful and so, don’t overexpose your skin. Instead, do it regularly but not too frequently that you damage your beautiful skin.

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