What Color Is Obsidian Nike? Obsidian’s Definition Explained

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Obsidian Nike shoes are typically colored dark blue or navy blue, resembling the deep blue-black color of natural obsidian, a volcanic glass. Obsidian is a naturally occurring igneous rock formed from cooled lava, known for its glossy and dark appearance, often used metaphorically for something dark and opaque.

Obsidian’s Definition

Obsidian is most commonly associated with honesty and clarity. The dark hue is enigmatic and hidden, yet it may also signify power.

The obsidian stone is a protective stone that shields the user from negative energy.

Similarly, the hue is associated with health and vitality. Obsidian has a dark atmosphere, so most people link it with mystery.

Another advantage of this hue is that it might help relieve mental stress and anxiety. You will feel at peace if you go into a room with an obsidian-colored wall since the shade soothes the eyes.

Dark hues are used in bedrooms to fool the mind into believing in darkness. Painting the walls of your bedroom with obsidian performs a terrific job of helping you feel calmer and lowering your stress levels.

What Color is Obsidian Nike?

What Color is Obsidian Nike

Obsidian is a color combination of deep black with touches of navy blue and brown commonly used in art. Pure obsidian seems gloomy, yet it is an extremely dark blue hue. Dark navy blue is a basic description of obsidian.

According to Nike, obsidian is a mix of two primary colors: black and blue on the color wheel. Obsidian is a dark blue hue created by combining these two colors.

Because the black color is lesser, some people mistake obsidian for gray, but it’s vital to note that the Nike designers utilize blue to brighten the black rather than white, or else it’s not obsidian.

Black pearl obsidian is a deeper shade of obsidian than pure obsidian, and you can use it as an automobile paint color.

Nike has different sneakers in the Obsidian line. Nike Air Huarache is navy blue, the Nike Roshe Run in dark blue obsidian, the Nike Airforce 1 low in navy blue, and the Nike Air Jordan 1s Obsidian in the sky-blue shade.

In this article, we will be discussing the Nike Air Jordan 1s Obsidian.

Branding And Design (The Obsidian Nike)

Nike debuted the Air Jordan 1 Retro High OG Obsidian, a pair of sneakers with obsidian-colored leather. The color obsidian, which resembles dark navy blue, was chosen as a complementary element. When coupled with white and light blue, the midnight blue hue adds to the attraction of the sneakers.

Colors like obsidian are essential in design because they bring vitality. The sneakers eventually became a classic as Nike incorporated obsidian for a distinctive touch.

Obsidian is essential for giving color to colorless items and for providing space and a distinct personality.


These sneakers feature some of the most outstanding leather we’ve seen on a Jordan 1 in a long time. The leather on these is reminiscent of the Pine Green Jordan 1s introduced in 2018.

The suppleness of the leather is what jumps out the most. Other pairs (such as “Rookie of the Year Jordan 1”) were soft but felt stiff and artificial in hand.

However, the variance of the materials from one shoe to another is worth noting. They appear to have varied leather grades.

They’re all made of beautiful leather that looks and feels fantastic, but they’re all different.

The construction of all of the pairs is immaculate. The stitching is tight, and the toe box shape is constant throughout.

We anticipate these sneakers to hold up well over time and endure just about everything you throw at them. The durability of all of the Obsidian Nike Jordan 1s has been praised by those who have purchased them.

Most people wear Air Jordan 1s “true to size,” but you may always go down half a size. If you prefer a snug fit that prevents creases at the toe, you can do so. Those with wider feet should wear their regular size.

How the sail contrasts with the navy makes this sneaker look great on the feet.

Compared to the Blue Chill Jordan 1s introduced earlier in 2019, the shoe’s wearability improved by the tiny quantity of “UNC Blue” on the shoe.

The majority of folks have a variety of stuff in their closets that would look great with these shoes. Light-blue denim, a sport-grey sweatshirt, and a navy cap would make a tremendous casual-cool ensemble during the cooler months of the year.

How To Spot Fake Nike Jordan 1 Obsidian

The quickest method to recognize a fake Nike Jordan 1 Obsidian is to check the internal tongue label with many lines of text because the imitation shoes’ quality never matches that of the genuine AJ1 Obsidian pairs. The writing on the imitation shoes is frequently incorrectly positioned and font-weighted.

The top 9 clues for determining if you have a fake or authentic Air Jordan 1 Obsidian are listed below:

1. Check for numerous lines of writing on the tongue’s inside label. The most typical flaw with imitation AJ1 Obsidian shoes is writing, which is positioned incorrectly, and font-weighted lettering.

2. From the back, examine the AJ1 obsidian. The imitation AJ1 Obsidian sneakers, unlike the authentic shoes, do not have an hourglass form.

3. Make sure your shoes’ toe boxes are clean. The perforations in imitation shoes are usually overly broad, and the general form and structure of the toe box are either too large/thick or too small/thin.

4. Check the typography on the Air Jordan logo. Usually, the lettering on imitation Air Jordan 1 Obsidian is too thin and too big.

5. Inspect the Nike Swoosh emblem on the side of your sneakers for the location of the wings in the vintage Air Jordan logo because imitation shoes frequently have their wings put too close to each other. The Swoosh on imitation AJ1 Obsidian pairs is often set near the top of the sneakers.

6. Authenticate the back patch, which connects the two Swooshes (from the exterior and interior sides of the sneakers). The fake shoes’ patch seems overly tall and thin compared to the legitimate shoe patch.

7. Examine the stars on your AJ1 Obsidians’ soles. The stars on the soles of imitation Air Jordan 1 Obsidian shoes are often less distinct and thicker than the stars seen on genuine Air Jordan 1 Obsidian pairs.

8. Check the side of your shoes for cross-stitching. The cross-stitching on the imitation sneakers is usually too near to the Swoosh emblem.

Is real black obsidian expensive?

Real black obsidian is generally not considered expensive compared to precious gemstones like diamonds or emeralds. Its value depends on factors such as size, quality, and any unique characteristics it may possess. Smaller pieces or common varieties of black obsidian can be affordable, while larger, rare, or highly polished pieces may be more costly. Prices vary widely, making it accessible to a range of budgets.

What is the rarest color of obsidian?

The rarest color of obsidian is generally considered to be “rainbow obsidian.” Rainbow obsidian exhibits iridescent or rainbow-like sheens on its surface due to the presence of microscopic mineral impurities or gas bubbles. These colors can include shades of blue, green, purple, and gold, creating a visually stunning and highly sought-after variety of obsidian.


Obsidian is a versatile color that works well with various hues. It represents power and tranquility, which distinguishes a room and makes it desirable. 

Obsidian is Nike’s color in multiple high-quality, good-looking sneakers. Get an obsidian Nike sneaker now and stand out.

BEWARE: Nike believes obsidian is navy blue rather than black. Except for Nike, everyone thinks obsidian is black. It is even depicted as black in the photos.



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