Are Regular Nike Air Force 1 Boots Suitable For Snow In Winter Season?

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Regular Nike Air Force 1 boots are not ideal for heavy snow in winter. They lack proper insulation and traction, making them unsuitable for snowy conditions. It’s recommended to choose winter-specific boots designed for cold and icy weather.

Why Are The Regular Nike Air Force 1 Shoes Unsuitable As Snow Boots During Winter?

 Regular Nike Air Force 1 Shoes

A good snow boot protects you from water and cold. Walking in snow with the regular Nike Airforce 1 shoes will make you feel cold as they have air holes on the upper andsole that water and the cold can sip through. However, you can use a new, improved Nike AirForce 1 shoe called Special Field Air Force 1, (the SF AF1). It has more features specifically designed to fit extreme weather conditions like snow. Also, the SF AF1 has waterproof versions and some that aren’t. Since you are going for the snow Nike Airforce 1 shoes, the waterproof ones will be your ultimate pick.

The article expounds on the most suitable winter shoes and why the normal Nike Airforce 1 isn’t an appropriate pick for the snow. The Normal Nike Airforce can be ideal for other occasions such as casual wear, and other related activities that don’t require a waterproof boot.

Differences Between Nike Air Force Shoes and Winter Shoes

The table below shows the different features between the regular Nike Airforce 1 and other winter shoes.

AspectNike Air Force ShoesWinter Shoes
MaterialLightweight materialsInsulated and waterproof
InsulationMinimal insulationAdequate insulation
TractionBasic gripEnhanced traction
WaterproofingNot waterproofWaterproof or water-resistant
WarmthNot suitable for coldDesigned for warmth
PurposeCasual wearWinter-specific use
Suitable for SnowNoYes
Temperature RangeWarm to moderate coldCold to extremely cold

The Characteristics Of A Good Winter Shoe

Characteristics Of A Good Winter Shoe

1. Comfort

Comfort is the first thing to look for when shopping for good winter shoes. When you wear winter shoes for a long time, especially when outdoors for an extended period, comfort will always come as your priority. A good boot should cushion your foot and the arch of your feet to support a good walking posture. 

Mainly the lacing systems of the sneakers and the boot insole are highly responsible for the comfort level of your boot. An excellent comfortable winter boot has generous padding and arch support.

For the lacing of the shoes, full lacings always provide a quality and comfortable fit. A sound lacing system will help the winter shoe have an excellent grip on your leg and surpass the snow weather.

2. Shoe Warmth

Winter shoes are primarily meant for use in snow. Whether the purpose of the boot is an ordinary walk or a casual run, warmth is the key. How can you know the warmth of a winter boot? Top producers offer an excellent temperature rating on the packet of the shoes you have purchased. 

There are various types of winter boots that have different linings. Some shoes have removable and inbuilt linings that are good for other activities that will suit your needs. Look for those with 400 to 800 grams of good insulation to get you through the snow. The shoe’s insole should have good insulation, so the cold does not sip in through it.

3. Breathability

Many winter shoes have antifungal and antibacterial properties that prevent any damage to the feet, especially foot odor when the boot is left moist. Breathability also depends on the type of boots. Leather boots are waterproof but aren’t much breathable like the combination of leather and nylon. However, some shoes are waterproof and breathable, especially shoes made from Gore-Tex material.

A shoe that has air circulation is essential for winter. Besides excellent air circulation, the ideal winter boot also needs to be waterproof. Investing in good winter boots will save you the tussle of foot odor and bacterial infections, although it might cost more than regular winter boots.

4. Waterproof

There are unique features that prevent the water from sieving through the boots into the leg for waterproofing properties. A boot is water-resistant if it has a cuff and a gaiter. 

Gaiters are extended tubes upwards enclosing around the boot’s top, also known as top closures. Gaiter are purchased separately and are included as part of your Preferred winter boot. The cuff curves on top of the boot to form a collar. The cuff ensures the snow falls outside the shoe instead of inside the boot. 

If your boot has a cuff and gaiter, then forget about any water finding its way to your feet, thus ensuring your comfort.

5. Lightweight 

Mostly, winter shoes are heavy-duty boots. Carrying a heavy boot all day long can be tiring as the feet are not used to it. The shoe’s weight shouldn’t hinder you from performing your day-to-day activities. Today, fewer bulky boots are made of lightweight padding and insulating materials. This innovation is thanks to technology. Such boots are pleasurable to wear for most people who dread the heavy boots that make their lives complicated.

6. Ankle Support

Since the legs are not carrying too much weight, a boot with ankle support is the best suit. The ankle needs help due to too much weight. A winter boot with the best ankle support exhibits the following features:

1. A firm structure

2. The best thing is to look for boots with padded sides for a firm grip.

3. Lacing should go all the way up the leg to make sure the ankle is adequately supported.

Are Regular Nike Air Force 1 Boots Waterproof?

Regular Nike Air Force 1 boots are not inherently waterproof. They are primarily designed as fashion-focused footwear and do not feature the waterproofing technology commonly found in winter or outdoor-specific boots. If you need waterproof boots, it’s advisable to look for styles explicitly labeled as such or consider applying a waterproofing spray to regular Nike Air Force 1 boots for limited protection against moisture.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does Air Force 1 Get Messed Up While In The Rain?

Except for the Gor-Tex Model, Nike Air Force 1 shoes aren’t waterproof and will get wet in the rain. 

Are The Standard Nike Air Force 1 Still Good Shoes To Purchase?

Yes. The regular Nike Air Force 1 shoes are convenient for wearing any clothing apparel. The dress codes depend on what you desire and the style you want to put out. However, if you are heading out during winter, you better go for insulated shoes. 


Winter is the season when having snow boots at your reach is the most important thing. There are suitable shoes when snow drips at your doorstep for the winter season. Unfortunately, the regular Nike Air Force 1 shoes are not recommended for all the reasons throughout the article. However, the article delves into buying good winter shoes and the necessary features. For a good winter shoe, the best one is the one that protects you from the unforgiving cold weather and gives a desirable comfort.


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