What Does Boo Mean When a Guy Calls You It?

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Boo is an affectionate word, which reveals the love and cares about someone you love. Most teenagers and young adults use ‘boo’ to express love and care for their loved ones, mostly on social platforms in modern times. If a guy starts calling you ‘boo,’ it indicates that he wants more than a friendship with you. In short, he has a passion for you and cares about you.

What Does Boo Mean When a Guy Calls You It

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Origin Of Boo

Boo is a slang derived from a French word: Beau. The root of the term ‘Beau’ is Beautiful. Beau’s correct pronunciation is ‘bo,’ but it is often mispronounced as ‘boo.’ In the 18th century, people commonly used it in England as a means of a male admirer. Recently the word gained popularity in Africa, America, and Nigeria. In American slang, it indicates a cute girl or girlfriend.

The Meaning Of Boo

According to slang dictionaries, the slang boo indicates affection for a particular person. The person calling boo can be a girl or a boy. Boo stands for beautiful. Besides, it conveys other meanings than just beautiful. 


The nickname ‘boo’ stands for care. When a guy calls you with it, that means ‘I care for you a lot.’


If a guy is attracted to you, he will start calling you ‘boo.’ It means that he has affection for you, but he cannot directly say it.


‘Boo’ is a cute nickname. If a guy calls you ‘boo,’ it’s because he thinks that you are cute.


It is clear that he loves you and wants to attach to you emotionally for the long term. 

What Does Boo Connote In Love?

Boo is a French slang used to show affection, care, and endearment to a significant person in life. If you are already in a relationship and your boyfriend or husband calls you ‘boo,’ that means he cares for you a lot, and he wants to be your long-term partner. If he calls you ‘boo’ while you are talking with another man, it means he wants to get your attention.

When Do Guys Give Nicknames?

A guy will give you a nickname when he thinks of you as an important part of his life. A nickname is an effective way of getting closer to each other. If a guy gives you a nickname like ‘boo’ or ‘bae’, it means you are relatively closer to him. It helps the man to be frank with you. He will feel free enough to share his views on different matters with you.

What Are The Synonyms Of Boo? 

Calling your partner with cute names is an integral part of happy relationships. Most people use ‘boo’ or ‘bae’ as a nickname for their loved ones, mostly when they upload a photo on social platforms. Besides ‘boo’ and ‘bae,’ people use other aliases such as:

1. Baby

2. Babe

3. Baby Boo

4. Honey

5. Hun

6. Cutie

7. Jeer

8. Buzz

9. Catcall

Comparison Of Boo And Bae

From ancient times people have been using cute nicknames for expressing their affection to loved ones. ‘Boo’ and ‘bae’ both are means of expressing love and affection to the partner. Both are the most popular slang and refer to the most important person in life. But there is a very little dissimilarity between them.

Table 01: Differences Between Boo And Bae.

01.People most often use the word ‘boo’ in real life.People use ‘bae’ on their social platforms more often.
02.Boo is an acronym.Bae is an abbreviation.
03.Boo means beautiful.Bae means Before Anyone Else.
04.The origin of ‘boo’ is French slang. The origin of ‘bae’ in English.’

When Do Guys Start Calling Boo?

Nowadays, young adults and teenagers commonly use the slang ‘boo’ to show endearment to their loved ones. Generally, when a guy thinks he is attracted to a girl but cannot express his feelings openly, he starts calling boo.

However, there may be a lot of reasons behind it. It would be best if you considered the context and the body language that he showed. A guy will call you ‘boo’ when-

1. He loves you

2. He feels you more than just friends.

3. He wants to be involved with you emotionally.

4. He thinks of you as his girlfriend.

5. He wants to check your reaction.

6. He is disrespectful.

You need to understand the situation and his behavior to ensure that he really likes you or is just being disrespectful. If he says it in a sarcastic tone, it is sure that he is disrespectful.

What To Do If AGuy Calls You ‘Boo’?

When a guy calls you ‘boo’ he may like you or just showing you disrespect. Before taking any step, you must consider some aspects to clarify what did he mean. Here are some crucial things to think about before you make any decision.

Think About The Timing

The timing and location where he called you ‘boo’ is an important aspect to consider. If he called you ‘boo’ when you were alone with him, then he may be attracted to you. 

Consider His Interaction With Other People

Try to notice how he interacts with other women. Does he call every female friend ‘boo’ or is it only you? If it is only you, then he might consider you his girlfriend or a special one. 

Think About Your Relationship With Him

The relationship you have with him is an important factor to think about. If you guys are dating for a while, then he may consider you his girlfriend.

Notice His Body Language

Sometimes body language can be a strong sign. If a guy shows multiple body languages, then he may be interested or attracted to you. Please don’t depend on one’s body language because it is not a clear sign.

Can A Girl Call A Guy ‘Boo’?

Yes. Girls can call a guy boo. A girl calls boo to someone she likes. When she thinks of a guy closer to her, she will call by a nickname like ‘boo.’ She can use it for her favorite person or someone she likes. It indicates that she has started feeling for him, and she wants to take the relationship further.

Is It Okay to Call A Friend ‘Boo’?

As long as your friends are comfortable with it, you can call them Boo. It is a means of expression for love and care. It depends entirely on the context. A lot of women call each other ‘boo’ as a sign of their friendship. If your friend is of the opposite sex and there is no history or planning to be together, then ‘boo’ would not be appropriate. 

But if you guys are comfortable with it, then you can use it. Many people call their friends bae, sweetie, or honey. 

What If My Boyfriend Calls Other Females ‘Boo’?

Maybe it is just his term for a fondness for all female friends. If you are not okay with it, talk to him directly and tell him why you don’t like it. You can say to him that it is a disrespectful word for any girl. 

Offer him other alternatives. If he is a sensible person, he would understand your feelings. But if he carries on to do the same things repeatedly and again, even if you expressed your feelings, you must move on because it is not an appropriate behavior calling ‘boo’ to any other girl.

Some Frequently Asked Questions

Question 01Do Men Like Being Called ‘Boo’?

Answer: No, not all the men like it. Very few men like to be buttered up by anybody. Guys are different from girls. They want the names of heroic characters and not the childish words.

Question 02 – Is A Boo Different From A Boyfriend?

Answer: It depends on the type of relationship you have with him. You should talk with the guy and clarify if you guys are either friends or are dating.

Question 03 – What Can I Call A Guy Who Calls Me ‘boo’?

Answer: If you guys are dating, you may call him babe, baby, handsome, or bae. 


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