Why Do The Secret Service Hold Their Jackets? Types Of Secret Services And Their Classified Uniform

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Secret services are one of the prestigious and daring professions, and sometimes we fascinate by their working style and secret missions. As they serve high profile security to presidents of different countries, they keep hidden arms on their black suits or jackets. Their jackets are generally bulletproof and are well alarmed always.   

Secret Service Hold Their Jackets

Types Of Secret Services And Their Classified Uniform

Every country has its secret services such as RAW, Mossad, ISI, MSS, CBI, FBI, and CIA, and so on. Secret service men wear different types of attire, and you can recognize them by their black suits and jackets. 

They also have a huge paycheck and other benefits for their challenging missions. Secret service members always serve their country and their people. This kind of protective service provides security and utmost protection to the president and vice president of the U.S., other officials, and their families. It also gives high-level security to foreign visitors.     

What Does Secret Service Officer Wear As Their Uniform?

1. Conventionally, secret service agents are seen wearing black jackets or suits with sunglasses, and they also have their communication earpiece or Bluetooth headphone. 

2. Their attire is specially customized to conceal the enormous numbers of equipment worn in their secret service.

3. Secret service members also wear a distinguishing lapel pin that identifies them, and it is a symbol of their service agency.

Why Do Secret Service Members Wear A Black Suit?

No, it is not always right that only secret servicemen wear a black suit or jacket. A field officer who protects a high profile politician is also noticed wearing a black suit. They also keep licensed arms with themselves to protect the president or the vice president. 

CIA and FBI- both are the top-rated secret services all over the world. Here are the differences between both secret services:

Central Intelligence Agency (CIA)Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI)
A Basic Definition  The Central Intelligence Agency is a foreign intelligence service of the United States federal government. It deals with national security information from around the world.The Federal Bureau of Investigation runs by the United States Justice Department that serves as a criminal investigative body and works as an internal intelligence agency.
Tag LineYe shall know the truth, and it shall set you free.Fidelity, Bravery, Integrity
Established18 September 194726 July, 1908
Number Of EmployeesStrictly non-disclosed but approximately 30,000 agents and 40,000 staff in 201814,000 agents, 3,500 analysts and 22,000 staff in 2018
HeadquarterLangley, VirginiaJ. Edgar Hoover Building, Washington, D.C.
ExecutiveDirector Gina HaspelDirector Christopher A. Wray, 
One Year Budget$20 billion$10 billion 
PrioritiesThere is no law enforcement function. CIA mainly works on intelligence with limited domestic intelligence information. To protect the U.S. from terrorist attacks.Give protection to the U.S. against foreign intelligence operations.
Head AgencyWorks independentlyOffice of the CEO of National Intelligence and the justice department 

What Else Do Secret Service Agents Wear? 

1. According to secret service agencies, personal service agents usually wear their personalized black suits, sunglasses, and earphone to communicate. But sometimes, they wear jeans and jackets.  

2. Sunglasses are not particular for all agents. They can wear any black sunglasses from any brand they prefer. But, mostly they prefer Ray-Bans, Gucci, Oakley, Maui Jim, etc.

Do The President Or The Vice President Get The Secret Service For Their Life?

Yes! According to the U.S. constitution, all presidents and vice presidents of most countries receive lifetime secret protection from private agencies. 

What Are The Requirements For Secret Serviceman?

There are many restrictions and requirements to apply for a secret service agent. The requirements are mentioned below: 

1. Applicants must be a citizen of that country.

2. The age should be between 21 and 37 years old, though it differs in some regions.

3. Candidates should have a valid driving license.

4. Applicants must have a clear vision and pass the physical tests.

Keep in mind that the exam is a highly compatible exam of the country and the hiring process is tough. Candidates must prepare well to be the secret service officer. 

How Will You Achieve Your Secret Service Agent Uniform?

As we have earlier discussed- it is not easy to crack the examination, but it is not impossible. To achieve secret service uniform: 

1. Candidates must have a bachelor’s degree or equivalent from any university or college in the country. 

2. In the U.S., there is a test called the Treasury Enforcement Agent Exam. It is based on the basic abilities test consisting of reading comprehension, reasoning, mathematical skills, and investigative abilities.

3. This test will measure writing and intellectual skills.

4. Additionally, after the written assessments, there will be the second round of a series of interviews. These interviews are done to assess verbal communication skills and understanding ability.

What Are The Physical Fitness Factors Required For All Secret Service Agents?

Physical fitness is highly required for all secret service agents. All applicants have to go through strenuous training for an extended period. When it comes to serving the nation, they need to be physically fit to protect the country and its high profile people. 

If you want to become a Secret Service agent, you need to be physically fit and work as much as you can on your physical condition. The process can take a bit long but don’t lose hope. You can start your training for your physical fitness. So, if you want to get selected- start your workout immediately. 

Salary Of  Secret Service Agents

As all secret service agents serve their country- they are given a huge salary and other benefits. If some mishap happens, the government takes all the responsibilities of their families.  A RAW agent receives 1.3 Lakhs per month. The salary depends on their ranking. 


Secret service is one of the crucial and risky professions in the world. The secret agents work in their fields with an unsafe and adventurous life. So, they need to protect themselves by keeping arms in their suits. This article is specially written for their suits, jackets and sunglasses, making them more attractive and dashing. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Question 1Why Does The Secret Service Agent Wear Sunglasses?

Answer: As the secret service agents can’t disclose their real name and identification, they use sunglasses to cover their faces. Also, they have to notice everything and everyone, so they wear sunglasses.

Question 2. What Kind Of Suit The Secret Service Man Wear?

Answer: They wear bulletproof jackets for emergency purposes.

Question 3. What Kind Of Sunglasses The Secret Service Men Wear?

Answer: They mainly wear black and reflective sunglasses.  

Question 4. What Is The Name Of The Secret Service Agency Of Russia?

Answer: The name of the secret service agency in Russia is FSB.

Question 5. What Is The Uniform Of RAW?

Answer: The uniform of a RAW agent is their Khaki suit. But, it depends on their ranking also.

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