Why is the Soulja Boy clothing Line So Overrated?

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Soulja Boy’s clothing line gained attention due to his fame as a rapper and entrepreneur. However, its perceived overrating might stem from mixed reviews, lack of originality, and limited design diversity, leading to discussions on its true value in the fashion industry.

What is Soulja Boy’s clothing line?

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Soulja Boy’s clothing line started in 2010 after the rapper partnered with VFiles Clothing to create his apparel line. The collection consists of various t-shirts and hoodies, denim, and sweatpants.

The rapper also collaborated with retailers to create a generic clothing line that people can use for ads and in-store promotions. You can buy the clothing at numerous retailers, including H&M and Urban Outfitters.

The design of Soulja Boy’s apparel has two main themes: Soulja Boy himself and his famous quotes. He heavily decorates his clothing with images of himself. For instance, some shirts may feature the rapper looking into an overhead camera, while others feature images of Soulja Boy dancing.

The designs on the apparel are an apparent attempt to cash in on the rapper’s growing fame, but they’re also somewhat lame. Soulja Boy may have millions of fans, but his designs don’t seem to have much appeal beyond that.

Is Soulja Boy Overrated as a Clothing Designer?

Soulja Boy’s clothing line is a means to capitalize on the rising popularity of the rapper. He is a known rapper in the country, and his fans are willing to spend money on branded Soulja Boy apparel.

Unfortunately, many fans believe that this indicates Soulja Boy’s talent as a designer. Soulja Boy’s rise as a designer is a bit bizarre as well. He quickly sold out every single performance at Coachella, but it’s difficult to determine how much of that was due to his growing fame.

Perhaps the strangest thing about the clothing line is that Soulja Boy didn’t seem to have a professional clothing design background. He was a rapper who happened to have plenty of money, and he decided to jump on the growing trend of clothing line designs.

Here are a few reasons why the Soulja Boy clothing line is overrated. 

1. Soulja Boy Is a Copying Machine

Since the beginning of social media, there has been considerable debate about what’s considered plagiarism or not. They’re humans like us and make mistakes. They’re also impressionable and are easily influenced by what other people are doing. That is why it’s not that surprising that Soulja Boy’s fans have caught him copying designs from other celebrities or random people on Instagram before.

For example, he’s been wearing his “Ready for Whatever” sweatshirt for the past few years. He has copied the sweatshirt from other people on social media, most notably by the New York Giants Odell Beckham Jr in 2017.

Soulja Boy and Odell both wore the sweatshirt at the 2016 Met Gala, but Odell wore the sweatshirt with a shirt underneath, while Soulja Boy wore it without a shirt.

2. His Designs Are Generic

When designing clothes, there are specific rules that every designer follows. For example, every pattern and design should be unique; no two designs should be identical. Every piece of clothing should have a different feel to it so you can wear and look unique from other people’s clothing.

Unfortunately, Soulja Boy never followed those standards when designing his clothing line. Instead, he copied other designs from other celebrities and strangers on Instagram and slapped his name on them. When you walk into any mall or store, you will find his clothing in the stores.

As much hate that he receives for essentially plagiarizing other designers’ portfolios and putting his logo on them, many people do think he looks good in all things posted on his posts. He could dress better if he spent some money wisely to get himself some decent pieces.

3. His Merchandise Is Overpriced and Low Quality

When it comes to Soulja Boy’s clothing, the same rules for all other clothing also apply to his merchandise. For example, every piece of clothing should be different and of excellent quality.

Unfortunately, the quality of his merchandise is terrible. He manufactures his garments using cheap material that tears easily, has no longevity, and doesn’t match his audience’s taste.

People who buy his merchandise are also primarily people who don’t care about fashion. They accept his clothing because they think it’s funny and cool to have Soulja Boy’s name on it to associate with him.

People don’t buy his merchandise because they want to wear his clothes or name, but because it’s cheap and fantastic to receive free stuff from celebrities.

Although, you’re much more likely to receive free stuff from someone at the grocery store or a friend than to receive free clothing from Soulja Boy.

4. His Clothing Line Isn’t Worth the Hype

Soulja Boy’s clothing line is not worth the hype people gave after he gained fame. The hype started in 2011 when he made his first Instagram post, but it didn’t pick up until he released his album in 2016.

His clothing line has been around since 2010, but no one cared about it before 2016. You could find his clothing in any mall or store, but no one would pay attention to it because it didn’t look cool enough to have people buying it.

People weren’t talking about his clothing line because there wasn’t anything special about it. It’s just generic, old-school t-shirts and sweatshirts with Soulja Boy’s face printed with random quotes. There’s nothing creative or new about his clothing that would make people want to wear them.

5. No One Can Wear His Shirts in Public

Even though Soulja Boy’s clothing line is not worth the hype and his designs are generic, people still think it’s worth wearing in public. According to news reports, when people wear his apparel, they’ll ask other people on the street if they know who Soulja Boy is. They do this even though they don’t know who he is, and they’ve never heard of him before.

It’s not astonishing that no one wants to wear his clothing in public after learning that he copied other people’s designs. He’s like a sneaky, imitation designer that copies other people’s plans and tries to pass them off as his own.

When people wear his clothing, they won’t be happy with their purchases, and they’ll be sorry they bought his merchandise.

6. He’s Boring

Soulja Boy’s clothing line and merchandise are not worth the hype and are boring to wear, the same way Soulja Boy himself is boring to be around. His albums and songs are uninspired and repetitive, he says the same things, and he’s always talking about money and sex.

Many audiences feel that nothing is exciting or unique about him as a person or even about his clothing line. He’s been designing the same things repeatedly since he started as a rapper.

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