Where Can I Find Cheap Authentic Vintage Clothing Online?

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As fast fashion is slowly losing popularity, we have thrift stores and vintage apparel to thank for that. Even though it is not entirely a new concept, it has opened doors for clothing from the past to get on the center stage in the current closets. Even social media influencers and celebrities are reviving vintage as unique, exciting, and affordable. Moreover, the vintage clothes are sustainable and make it easier for people to become more conscious buyers. Market Places like eBay and Etsy come in handy when thinking about vintage clothing.

Are Vintage Clothes Necessary?

Vintage Clothes

Vintage clothes have helped define who we are, including what we project to the world after leaving our houses every day. If you are looking for cheap authentic clothing online, below are a few places to look.


Etsy is among the most popular online stores to look for vintage clothing. The company is based in Brooklyn, and they sell all clothes, including adults, children, accessories, shoes, and bags. 

Etsy is a great online marketplace to shop for vintage and handmade clothes. The product listings range from cute dresses, ruffled blouses to the 60’s coats and vintage denim. Etsy has clothes for everyone at different price ranges. 

Shopping at Etsy is a great way of supporting small businesses and local retailers as most items are from individuals and boutiques, and the shipping is climate-neutral. The shop is also an excellent store for your accessories, jewelry, and bags 


Depop is among the biggest worldwide online shopping communities. The store has nearly 16 million users who buy and sell clothes, accessories, jewelry, and art. Depop is a fashion marketplace where you find anything, no matter your style, and some fantastic vintage pieces are sold here. 

You may spend some time exploring the available vintage profiles and sellers, and you can also use the site’s search engine to filter products based on your preferred size, price, style, among other things. There is a lot you can do and buy on this app. Therefore, you may end up spending a lot of time here looking for vintage clothes as you will be spoilt for choice.


eBay is an online commerce giant and the perfect place to buy clothes, home décor, cleaning supplies, or gifts for your friends. It would be best to look in the right places to find the best vintage fashion on eBay. 

eBay has a huge selection of such clothes being sold from all over the world. The site also makes it easy for shoppers by dedicating a section for vintage clothing. Filter your searches using the comprehensive list of options available, including materials, sizes, and occasions.

Beyond Retro

Beyond Retro have plenty of vintage clothes for any style and aesthetic. The pieces at the store range between the 60s and 90s, and you can be sure to find vintage clothes from various fashion eras. Fortunately, you won’t only find t-shirts and sweaters on this online site; you can also get sportswear, denim, shoes, or plus-size clothes. 

The good thing about shopping at Beyond Retro is that they have a 14-day return policy, and you don’t need to worry about purchasing an item that will not fit you or one that you don’t like.

Patagonia Worn Wear

Patagonia Worn Wear is based in Ventura, CA. the store sells adult and children’s clothing. You will also get outdoor wear and gear from the store. If you love being outdoors and protecting it, you should consider looking at Patagonia Worn Wear. 

The online shop sells used Patagonia clothes and gear to fellow enthusiasts by offering trade-ins. The employees repair the returned items or recycle the more torn ones, then offer Worn Wear credits in exchange.

Moreover, Patagonia worn wear has a Recrafted Collection where they sell clothes made from other worn outfits. The Factory collection has many items that get to the warehouse while flawed. 

Therefore, instead of disposing of your clothes into landfills, you should consider getting them to Patagonia. Moreover, you can get any vintage item you need from the store for a much better price.


Rokit has been selling vintage wear for more than three decades now. Therefore, this is the best place to shop for your vintage wear as they know how to source and hand-pick every one of their retro pieces for environmentally aware consumers. 

Rokit recycles over one million tons of clothes and accessories, a great relief for this struggling planet.

Rokit sells authentic vintage garments from as back as the 30s. You will find anything from pea coats, tanned leather jackets, flared jeans, etc. There are plenty of funky vintage outfits to pick from that will fit all styles. 

Rokit has an in-depth search category to make it easy for users to find the right pieces. Browse through the Y2K segment, vintage lingerie, or you can shop by brand. The store also has a line of original pieces such as graphic crop tops and funky underpants. You will also get some reworked vintage garments from the same line on the site.


If you need to shop for fun, funky and traditional vintage garments, Ragstock Vintage is the site to be. It will be wise to always keep in mind that the Ragstock site also has its new clothing range. Therefore, you will need to clock on the vintage section to get the vintage clothes you are looking for.

Ragstock site is tailored more to people who love the 80s and 90s styles instead of clothes from the previous decade. You can buy classic vintage clothes on Ragstock such as pants, denim, band tees, and tie-dye. 

If you need a special garment, you should look at the party section of the site, where you will find everything, including New Year’s dresses, Halloween-themed costumes, and much more.


Tradesy is based in Los Angeles, CA, and the store sells everything, including adult clothes, accessories, bags, shoes, wedding, and luxury brands. You will also find vintage clothing in the store. If you need designer brands such as Gucci, Louis Vuitton, and roles, Tradesy is the store to visit. 

Tradesy guarantees completely original labels or you get your money back. The store also offers a free return on items and uses Affirm as a payment plan. Therefore, you can splurge on their vintage set whenever you want.

Gold Thrift Vintage

If you are looking for a perfect store to shop for, a flurry of floral Gold Thrift Vintage is a great place. The store is an excellent fashion shop for people who need to add a good pop of color to their wardrobes. 

You can find everything to wear from top to bottom from the store. Gold Thrift Vintage has an impressive range of gorgeous decade-spanning dresses. You can also find an excellent range of retro bags on offer, and since it’s hard to find sustainably-made bags, you will not be disappointed by shopping here. 

Shopping at Gold Thrift Vintage is a smart and stylish move that will keep you looking elegant; if you are not sure of the sort of vintage style you want, head on to Gold Thrift Vintage for the diverse range of products that are also relatively affordable.

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