Does The Quality Of Bonobos Clothing Match The Price? 

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There aren’t many online clothing stores that sell only menswear clothing; either they sell all genders and children or just women. Bonobos is one of the few online clothing that designs and sells men’s clothing and is an upscale, e-commerce-driven apparel subsidiary of Walmart headquartered in New York City. The store offers men’s suits, trousers, denim, shirts, shorts, swimwear, and accessories. Andy Dunn and Brian Spaly who were Stanford Business School students founded Bonobos and launched the exclusively online retail store in 2007. In a nutshell, the quality of Bonobos clothing is worth the price.

The History Of Bonobos 

History Of Bonobos 

Brian Spaly started to design men’s pants while a student and the pants featured a curved waistband, a medium rise, and a tailored thigh that fit better. Following the increase in demand, he decided to grab the opportunity and do business. 

At first, Bonobos was an online brand. Dunn created a website, and he got his university lecturers to fund him. He had four hundred pairs of pants that he picked, packed, and shipped from his apartment in New York City. 

In six months, the firm had grown, established five employees, and generated a revenue of one million dollars. In the coming years, the company had many investors, and in 2009 Spaly joined another venture, running the Chicago-based fashion commerce company Trunk Club. 

As the company expanded, consumers requested the opportunity to ‘try before they buy.’ In 2011, the owners opened a guide shop in New York, and its purpose is to cater a physical space for men to try on Bonobos before E-commerce transactions are placed. 

By 2012, the concept became an integral part of the firm’s service and business model. The guide shop’s purpose is for consumers to try clothes, and the company delivers the clothes at no extra cost.

In early 2014, the company introduced a women’s clothing line called All Year Round (AYR), and women’s pants were its first set of clothes. With time they introduced a seventy-five-piece range of knits, silk blouses, button-downs, blazers, and outerwear.

In 2017, Walmart bought over the company and sold the brand’s products on Even after the purchase, Andy was still part of Bonobos and is Walmart’s senior vice president of digital brands. 

Review Of Bonobos Clothing

Review Of Bonobos Clothing

Bonobos have a variety of men’s clothes such as pants, shorts, jeans, suits, and socks. Here is a review of some of Bonobos men’s clothing. 

Bonobos Pants Review

Pants are the main clothing that the company has to offer. The manufacturers have designed it to fit perfectly, and consumers will get a variety of pants such as khakis, chinos, joggers, and golf pants on the website. 

Consumers get to choose from different styles, and sizes. The pants length is 28-36, and the waist is 28-40, but plus-size men can also get up to size 54. The website has a section for plus sizes where plus size men can purchase from, known as extended sizes. 

The fabric quality is great, long-lasting, and worth the price. On the website, consumers can rate the clothes and pants rating is 4.4/5 stars from four hundred and sixty-five ratings.

Bonobos Stretch Washed Chino Review

Chinos are the perfect pants to wear to the office, a casual wedding, or a dinner date and are a must-have in every man’s wardrobe. The chinos are available in twenty-five colors, and consumers can choose from five different fits, either tailored or straight. 

All chinos include two percent Lycra stretch cotton, designed to give the men their desired fit. The reviews are different for the chinos; some men love the fit while others don’t, but they claim that the material is great and doesn’t shrink after a few washes. 

The chinos are worth the price, and the rating is an average of 4.4/5 stars from one hundred and seventy stars.

Bonobos Off Duty Pant Review

The pants are great for weekend brunches, barbeque, and picnic dates. The pants are similar to chinos but also give the feeling of wearing joggers. The pants come in fourteen colors, and consumers can choose from short, regular, and tall lengths to ensure a proper fit. The pants have a stretch elastic waistband. 

The pants fabric is comfortable; it doesn’t feel itchy and doesn’t shrink after washing. These pants are worth the price. The rating is an average of 4.5/5 stars from two hundred and thirty-six ratings. 

Bonobos Shorts Review

Men love to wear shorts during summer, and Bonobos offers the best shorts. The fabric is good and comfortable, and when there is excessive heat, the shorts don’t ride up. The price is a bit expensive compared to other brands, but the fabric quality is great, and it’s worth the purchase. The rating is an average of 4.5/5 stars from one hundred and ninety-nine ratings.

Bonobos Jeans Review

The jeans fabric is different as some are lightweight, stretchy, and heavy-duty. The sizes available are from 28-54. The prices are worth the fabric, as the quality is good, and the stitching is great. The rating is an average of 4/5 stars from two hundred and ninety-two ratings.

Bonobos Suits Review

A suit is great for office wear, weddings, or interviews, and Bonobos offers ample suits. Some suits are slim-fit; the fabric is light stretch fabric combined with wool. It provides relief from traditional stiff jackets and is available in ten colors. 

Consumers can choose from four different fits, and the coats have an inside pocket. Buying the suite is worth the price because the material is comfortable. The rating is an average of 4.4/5 stars from one hundred and forty ratings.

Bonobos Socks Review

Bonobos socks are not like the regular socks consumers get in the market that are plain, stiff, scratchy, or have holes. The Bonobos socks are available in thirty-five different colors and designs. 

The socks are made from Pima cotton, polyester, and spandex, and they are light, cool, and cushioned. The price is low, and the brand offers thirty percent off if consumers purchase two or more pairs.  

Is Bonobos An Ethical Brand?

Bonobos is an ethical brand listed on rating websites like Knoji that states that Bonobos clothing is made from eco-friendly material and cruelty-free practices. 

Is Bonobos Clothing Worth The Price?

Bonobos is strictly a men’s fashion line, whereas its competitors offer men’s and women’s clothing. Other brands’ prices, such as the Banana Republic, are lower than Bonobos because of the material difference. 

The Banana Republic uses recycled and sustainable fabrics, whereas Bonobos uses one hundred percent Peruvian cotton and polyesters. Bonobos brand’s fabrics use imported materials leading to price increment. Bonobos regularly have sales and promotions, so consumers get a good deal. 

In terms of fitting, Bonobos is better as it offers extra options. These options include extra waist fabric if the consumer adds some weight; the stitching is impeccable, and consumers will not see loose threads in a few washes. 

The brand offers different color options, and consumers can choose from various fits, such as athletic or tailored. 

The brand also has a variety of plus sizes, unlike other brands. Consumers can go to the guide shop and try on the clothes before purchasing. The advantage that Bonobos offers is free delivery and a free return policy. 

Bonobo’s consumers claim that the clothing is well-constructed and fits. Most men feel that the clothes look tailored whereas it is readymade. 

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