Does Planet Fitness And L.A Fitness Drug Test For Employment? 

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Both Planet Fitness and L.A. Fitness typically do not require drug tests for employment. However, policies may vary by location and over time, so it’s advisable to check with the specific gym where you are seeking employment for their current hiring requirements.

Does Planet Fitness And L.A. Fitness Drug Test For Employment? 

In an increasing number of sectors, pre-employment drug testing is becoming a standard procedure. However, the policies regarding drug testing may vary from one organization to another, and it often leaves potential employees wondering whether they will have to undergo such tests before securing their jobs. A common inquiry regards membership-driven fitness centers like Planet Fitness and L.A Fitness.

2. Planet Fitness Drug Testing Policy

As one of the most prominent fitness franchises globally, Planet Fitness prides itself on a clean, safe working environment, which includes ensuring that its staff members are drug-free.

  • Pre-Employment Screening: Currently, there is no official stated policy regarding drug tests for potential employees on Planet Fitness’s website or official resources. This implies that they might not require standard pre-employment drug screening.
  • Random Drug Testing: Though not clearly specified, Planet Fitness reserves the right to conduct random tests in circumstances deemed necessary by the management.
  • Post-Incident Testing: If an incident occurs at work (e.g., an accident), Planet Fitness may require the individuals involved to undergo a drug test.

It’s crucial to understand that these policies can vary location by location based on the owner’s discretion as each franchise might have slightly different rules.

3. L.A Fitness Drug Testing Policy

Known for its widespread network of clubs throughout North America and Canada, L.A. Fitness seeks to maintain a professional and secure environment for all its members and staff.

  • Pre-Employment Screening: Similar to Planet Fitness, L.A. Fitness does not make it explicitly clear whether they conduct regular pre-employment drug tests. Thus it may vary by location or position.
  • Random Drug Testing: Employees may be subjected to random drug screenings during their term of employment if considered necessary by management.
  • Post-Incident Testing: Following an accident or incident at work involving safety concerns or property damage, L.A. Fitness may expect staff members to take a drug test.
Planet FitnessL.A Fitness
Pre-Employment ScreeningPossibly NoPossibly No
Random Drug TestYes (If required by Management)Yes (If required by Management)
Post-Incident TestsYesYes

Facts About The Planet Fitness Corporation

In 1992, Planet Fitness opened its doors for the first time. The brand began in New Hampshire and has grown to over 1,600 locations devoted to keeping Americans active and healthy. There are two types of monthly memberships available at the club. The first costs $10 per month, while the second costs $22 per month and has additional features.

You may work as a member service agent or a fitness trainer at Planet Fitness. A member support professional takes consumer calls, welcomes them, and assists them with their needs. A fitness trainer is in charge of helping members work out and get in shape.

Policy On Drug Testing At Planet Fitness

Planet Fitness has the right to conduct random drug tests on its workers at any time. They use a regular urine drug test. If present, the test will identify THC, cocaine, heroin, meth, benzodiazepines, barbiturates, and any other drug you can think of in an employee’s urine.

If an employee tests positive for any medications, their contract will be terminated permanently. 

What Should You Expect During The Planet Fitness Recruitment Process?

Planet Fitness Recruitment Process

The length of the recruiting procedure mainly determines the employment demands of your local fitness facility. It will undoubtedly be a lot faster and shorter procedure if they want to employ and have a deficit. If they aren’t seeking to hire, though, it might take weeks for them to contact you.

You begin by completing an online application. The hiring team should then contact you and invite you for a single interview. After that, you should hear back about whether or not you received the position within a few days.

After applying, some people may not receive a response. In these situations, their local Planet Fitness probably won’t be hiring anyone at that time. These applicants are frequently placed on waiting lists if a position becomes available.

Is There A Pre-Employment Drug Test At Planet Fitness?

Pre-Employment Drug Test At Planet Fitness

No, that is not the case. Pre-employment drug testing is not conducted at Planet Fitness, and candidates are not required to pass a drug test before being hired.

That is fantastic news for recreational drug users who want to get work experience or enjoy working in gyms and pursue a career as personal trainers. So, apart from preparing the standard interview questions, there’s nothing else you need to do before going in for an interview.

Naturally, you should not attend an interview while under the influence of drugs since this will negatively impact your performance and make you appear unprofessional for the position.

Is There A Random And Pre-promotional Drug Test At Planet Fitness?

Yes, Planet Fitness has the right to conduct random drug tests on any of its staff at any time. That might result from an employee acting strangely or getting engaged in a workplace mishap.

In most workplaces, if you are involved in a work accident, your employer will request a urine sample so that you may be drug tested. That makes sense because workplace mishaps may result in injuries, especially in a gym with all of the accessible equipment.

Always arrive at work sober and with a professional demeanor. Try not to get into any mishaps and complete your tasks on time. You may avoid the whole issue of being asked to take a random drug test by following these few easy steps.

Promotions are rare because the Planet Fitness hierarchy comprises customer service representatives, personal trainers, and club managers. If you’re applying for a managerial position, though, you may expect to be put to the test.

If you fail a pre-promotional drug test, you will not be considered for the job and may potentially lose your existing position. So, if things are going well and management is changing, you might want to take a break if you’re requested to provide a urine sample.

What Type Of Drug Test Does Planet Fitness Use?

Urine drug testing is used by Planet Fitness, as they are by many other businesses. If your manager requests a urine sample due to a workplace mishap, you must urinate in a cup and deliver the sample so that the club can send it to a local drug testing facility for analysis.

Is There A Pre-Employment Drug Test At LA Fitness?

Fortunately for recreational drug users, LA Fitness does not conduct drug tests on candidates. To acquire a job, all you have to do is perform well in your interviews. The most crucial thing is to show up for your interviews sober. Drugs will negatively impact your interview performance and create the appearance that you are uninterested in working there.

The lack of a drug test is fantastic news. If you’re informed you have an interview tomorrow, and you’ve just taken drugs, your body won’t have enough time to eliminate the drugs. Fortunately, this isn’t a concern while applying for a position with LA Fitness.

Is There A Random And Pre-Promotional Drug Test At LA Fitness?

Any work contract will indicate that the employer has the right to test you for drugs. Is this a guarantee that they will carry it out? Certainly not.

Employees at LA Fitness are nearly never drug tested at random. You will be requested to take a drug test if you act strangely or engage in numerous work accidents that damage customers or workers.

You won’t be required to take a drug test before being promoted. Showing up to work sober is the easiest method to avoid undergoing a drug test while working at LA Fitness. That can help you keep your thoughts clean and prevent accidents and other unpleasant events.

What Type Of Drug Testing Does LA Fitness Employ?

LA Fitness seldom conducts drug tests, so this isn’t something you should be concerned about. Those who are required to take a drug test for any reason will be required to provide a urine sample. The sample will be sent to a laboratory for examination, with the findings being returned to LA Fitness.

Is It Possible To Fail A Drug Test By Using Prescription Drugs?

If you utilize prescription medicines, you will not fail your drug test at LA Fitness. Prescription drug users cannot face discrimination because of their medical issues. When applying for a position with LA Fitness, you shouldn’t have this worry.


If you’re wondering if Planet Fitness and LA Fitness do drug testing as part of their hiring process, the answer is no. You may rest confident that you will not be required to give a urine sample for drug testing when you walk in for an interview.

Never rule out random drug testing, especially if your conduct is suspect or you’re involved in a workplace mishap. When you’re at work, always be on your best behavior.


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