Breaking Down the Slang: What Does Kicking Mean In Fashion?

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In fashion slang, “kicking” refers to wearing stylish, eye-catching shoes. It signifies showcasing unique and fashionable footwear as a statement piece. This term is often used in urban fashion cultures to highlight one’s shoe game and personal style.

What is the Meaning of Kicking?

When it comes to fashion, a lot of slang gets thrown around. Suppose you are unfamiliar with the terminology; it can be tough to keep up. One term you may have heard is kicking. But what does kicking mean in fashion?

A recent definition of kicking, according to Google, states that it means moving or traveling. Thus, this could be used in terms of an outfit as well. For example, ‘Hey girl, I like your new kicks!’ The phrase may also imply how someone looks as they are dressed; they look great! As far as a trend goes- if something is being discussed and people want to indicate their approval- they might say, ‘I’m into it,’ ‘I think it’s cool,’ or ‘I dig it.’

Other words include ‘ratchet,’ which is something that’s not good. There are more extreme examples such as ‘hype beast,’ meaning someone who spends a lot of time on social media promoting certain brands, and ‘hype beasting’- when they get all decked out in head-to-toe products from one brand just for the sake of getting likes on Instagram.

The Unexpected Origin of the Slang Kicking

It might surprise you that the origin of the slang kicking had nothing to do with fashion. The term was first popularized in the early 2000s by hip-hop artists who used it to mean cool or awesome. Over time, the word shifted to clothing or style considered fashionable.

So, if you see someone wearing something you think is super stylish, you can say it’s kicking! It’s important to note that this usage is mainly confined to North America and does not apply to all English speakers worldwide.

What is a Kicking Pair of Jeans?

A kicking pair of jeans is a great way to show off your personality and style. Depending on the occasion, they might be dressed up or down and are versatile pieces of clothing every fashion-savvy person should have in their wardrobe.

But what is a kicking pair of jeans? When used as an adjective, it describes something fashionable. As an adverb, it refers to something done with vigor or intensity. The word is derived from the verb kick, which means to strike or push forcefully with one’s foot.

The phrase could also refer to how the jean fabric will kick back when worn after being washed, meaning that it will stretch and conform back into shape again. As for how this relates to fashion, think about how an outfit may need just one more touch before it becomes complete. You’ll be ready for anything with a kicky accessory like these jeans!

What is a Kicking Party?

A kicking party is where people gather to show off their new shoes or clothes. It’s usually done in public, like at a club or on the street, and people take turns showing off their items and getting compliments from others. Sometimes there will be music playing or other entertainment, but the main focus is fashion.

So why is it called a kicking party? Well, one theory is that it’s because of the phrase to make someone’s day. When you see someone with really great style, it can brighten up your day and make you feel good. So, you’re kicking off their day by giving them some positive attention. Others think that kicking stands for taking a look since you’re literally looking at what they’re wearing. However, no matter how it got its name, kicking parties are always fun!

The Usage of the term Kicking in 2022

While kicking may not be as widely used in 2022, it’s still a popular slang term among fashionistas. The term generally refers to someone wearing an outfit considered to be on trend or stylish. It can also describe someone well-dressed in general. For example, that guy has great style, and he’s always kicking.

What Else Is the Term Used For?: When something new comes out and is first released, people might say it just came out, so I don’t know if it will kick yet. That statement doesn’t mean the item won’t be terrific, but it hasn’t been around long enough for anyone to determine whether or not it’s fashionable.

Other Fashionista Lingos Used Today?

A lot of fashion slang gets thrown around, and sometimes it can be hard to keep up. Other popular fashionista lingos include on-point, fire, and goals. These all describe something stylish. If you’re ever unsure about what someone means when they use these terms, just ask! Possibly, they’ll be more than happy to explain.

The Importance of Slang in Fashion

We all know how important fashion is. It means self-expression, a way to show off your personality, and a means to make a statement. But what about when fashion is used as a form of communication?

That’s where slang comes in. From street vernacular that everyone understands, like ‘bae’ to other terms that are less popular but still cool, like drip,- slang has infiltrated the fashion world for years.

One particular word that has grown in popularity is kicking. When you see this term on clothes or items, you might think it just means worn out or beaten up, but that’s not the case at all! Instead, this term refers to someone who is high-end and stylish. The idea is that they have many styles, and their clothes reflect this.

The shoes they wear differ from others because they are more unique or luxurious than those found at a department store – they’re more unusual or rare.

How Kicking is Becoming More Widespread

Wearing nice clothes is one way to show that you have good taste, but it’s not the only way. There are other ways to show that you’re fashionable, such as knowing the latest slang. The term kicking is currently one of fashion’s most famous slang terms. It refers to someone who is dressed well and looks good.

The term can be used to describe both men and women. While the term is commonly used in urban areas, it is becoming more widespread. There are a few reasons for this. First, social media has played a role in spreading the word about kicking. Second, more people are becoming interested in fashion and want to learn about new trends.

The Final Word

So, what does kicking mean in fashion? We hope this guide helped clear any confusion about what kicking means in fashion. As you can see, it’s a universal term that can describe many things. So next time you spot someone rocking a killer outfit, don’t be afraid to tell them they’re Kicking or looking fly as hell!


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